TORI:General disclaimer

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The scientific concepts suggested in TORI, may be just wrong.

There is certain difference between science and engineering.

If the engineer builds-up 10 bridges, and one of them falls down, this is his serious fault, that is assumed to be end of his professional career.

If the scientist makes 10 theories, and 9 of them happen to be just wrong, but one has great success – this should sufficient for the success of the scientific career of the researcher.

In particular, TORI provide tools, algorithms, but not software.

Any tool is supposed to be tested and calibrated by the user before any serious use. Each tool is supplied with tests, that could help to reveal the faults, if there are any. However, if someone wants to make a software on the base of any algorithm of code from TORI, this activity is welcomed. (Indication, attribution of the prototype is highly recommended.)

The researcher should try to reduce number of errors. The Editor should appreciate indications of errors in TORI, in order to correct them.