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Advices for Trump is reply to the letter by Donald J. Trump from Thu, 6 Oct 2016 12:01:33 -0400 (EDT).

It may be useful as source of references, as well as for delivery of this opinion to Trump.

As the letter is supposed to be used outside of TORI, links to the articles in TORI remain in the full form.

Reply to Trump

Dear Donald J. Trump. I got your message from Thu, 6 Oct 2016 12:01:33 -0400 (EDT). I am not the USA citizen, and I am not in the USA. So, I am a little bit surprised that you ask me for the advice, how is it better to become the USA president. However, I shall try to answer your request.

I think, one of the most serious errors of your proposals for the USA is related with Russia. You have many advisers; so I think, it is sufficient, if I mention only this in my message.

Neither the Russian fuhrer ("president") Vladimir Putin, nor members of the Russian "parliament" (so-called "duma") represent the people of Russia. They got their position due to election fraud. So, in his case, I use the German word "Fuhrer" instead of international term "president".

My estimates indicate, that only of order of one percent of electors had voted for Putin and his party "United Russia"; other 50-70 percents are due to the fake ballots, injected and counted by the corrupted election committees. The exact number of fake votes is not so important: do they alter the result for one percent or for 99 percent, in any of these caces they should go to the jail, not to parliament. Their behaviour falls into definition of term "fascism". Any relations with Russian fascists by any politician drop his rating. Many authors condemn you in these relations, and they seem to have reason for this. I think, it is your serious error, to give them reasons for this.

The people of Russia are friendly to people of the USA, and the people in the USA are friendly with people of Russia. But the Russian fuhrer and his government try to destroy this friendship. They seem to be against any civilisation, and the USA is not exception. Unfortunately, the Russian people cannot resist the bandits in the government. The most honest and powerful part of my people had been exterminated by bolsheviks in the past century, during the USSR. Vladimir Putin continues this tradition with series of political murders. I suggests only few examples in articles
I think, any relation or negotiation with the serial murderer, fascist, terrorist, agent of KGB,.. should be suspended, cancelled. I think, it is important for any politician of your rank and higher. Any money you get from collaboration with Putin's regime is "blood money", and everyone, who does this, becomes to smell terrorism, fascism, murdering, crime, death.

Many Russians indicate, that some assistance from the Western countries and, in particular, from the USA, is very important for Russia. In some sense, it is so.

The USA can not establish the democracy in any foreign country. Twelve years ago, I had expressed this opinion meaning Iraq,
and now I could repeat the same about Russia. But the USA, and other civilised countries are not supposed to help the aggressor, even if in the short time perspective the collaboration with the murderer, with the terrorist seems to bring some benefits.

Vladimir Kara–Mudsa Jr. had explained this in this talk; I doubt if I can express this better: Russians Are Ready for Democracy. Vladimir Kara-Murza. 2016 Oslo Freedom Forum May 24, 2016. The Russian government doesn’t love activist Vladimir Kara-Murza, but he loves Russia. That’s why he is devoting his life to the fight for democracy in Russia, even though it might get him killed. Hear him deliver a powerful call for change from the stage at the 2016 Oslo Freedom Forum. .. .. Of our friends in the West we ask only one thing. Stay true to your values. We are not asking for your support. It is our task to change Russia, and we will to it ourselves. The only thing we ask from you is that you stop supporting Mr.Putin by treating him as respectable and worthy partner on the world stage. And above all, by allowing his cronies to use your countries as havens for their looted wealth. And please stop falling for the lie that Russians are somehow uniquely unsuited, incapable, not ready for democracy. We are suited. We are capable. We are ready. And we will get there, just like you. ..

I think, the practical program of the successful USA candidate should include the following:

1. All the accounts or Putins's of-shores should be suspended in the USA banks and confiscated by the resolutions of the USA courts. The USA code qualifies the high non-declared income as sponsorship of terrorism. At least part of these money could be spent for the compensations to the Putin's victims and their relatives.

2. All Russian administrators, including the law-makers, who approved the Herod Law
the Russian invasion into Georgia, Russian invasion into Ukraine, Russian invasion into Syria should be qualified as terrorists and arrested and interrogated upon arrival at the territory of the USA.

3. All Russian state founds, stored in the USA banks, should be confiscated, as Russia is qualified state sponsor of terrorism. American banks should not, in their turn, participate in sponsoring of terrorism.

4. Russian warplanes fly with damaged (or switched out) transponders.
The Russian warplanes without transponders terrorise the civil aviation, as the passenger liners are not allowed to fly with high accelerations, as the warplanes can; in addition, the staff of warplanes have parachutes. I think, the USA should suggest the international law, that prohibits flights (excluding ultralights) without transponders. I think, the absence of transponder should be qualified as sufficient reason to shut-down the warplane, even if it has not yet violated the airspace of other country.

5. Some Russian troops participate in war, having no identification on bodies of their war vehicles (watercrafts, aircrafts, ..) nor on their clothes. I think, they should be qualified as terrorists, and attacked by the military forces of any civilised country by default.

I suspect, the points 1–5 above are important to show, that the signature of the USA president at the international document, I mean, the Budapest memorandum has certain value and significance.

I think, including of the points 1–5 into proposals of any candidate could greatly increase his chances at the debate and the election. Recently, I observe from you certain moves to the direction specified above, but I do not think that your moves in this are sufficiently strong and robust.

Few notes about economics and internal politics of the USA. As I understand, President of any country should help his nation to follow the LAW. Not to dig into specific economical cases. If the Law is good, and it all the nation follow this Law, this should bring the economics (and the nation) to prosperity. I think, the USA is not exception. Especially, I think, the international documents, signed by the USA are important. I know one crying example of this - Budapest memorandum. It seems, neither Hillary, nor you suggest a way to enforce fulfilling of its statement in the near future. I think, it is serious failure.

Feel free to communicate me if any of my proposals cause any doubts or questions.

P.S. I am researcher, not politician; I am not against Hillary Clinton; I keep my right to give the similar advice to her or to anybody of her team upon their request.

Sincerely, Dmitrii Kouznetsov, 2016.10.07.




2016.11.09, Trump is reported to win the election and to become the 45th President of the USA. Well, I am not American, but Congratulations to Trump!. The advices above seem to have reached the goal.

Then, after the announcing of the results, many authors declare that they had supported Trump. (Even non-Americans.) [1][2][3][4]

Certain hopes, related to victory of Trump, are expressed in year 2016. Some edros expect, that Trump stops the sanctions against Russian terrorists and corruptioners, allows them the money laundering in the USA, denounces the Budapest memorandum (signed in 1996 by Bill Clinton), recognises all the territories, occupied by the Russian troops, as territory of Russia and approves the destroying of city Aleppo by Russian bombers and other actions of the Putin world war, withdraws the USA troops from the Europe countries (allowing the Russian ihtamnets to occupy them), etcetera.. Since 2016.11.09, certain euphoria about the USA is observed in the pro-Putin propaganda. One street at Riazan (2-ya Bezbozhnaya) is suggested to rename after Donald Trump [5].

2016.12.15, William M. Arkin, Ken Dilanian and Cynthia McFadden indicate, that the USA Officials indicate, that Putin had been personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack. [6]

Expected results of winning of Trump

"Пора вернуть Аляску" (Time to return Alaska) – fascist meeting in Russia, 2015 [7]
This is for your from that mister

On the base of publications mentioned in the previous subsection, the expectations of the Russian fascists with respect to Trump can be formulated as follows:

  1. Trump denounces the Budapest memorandum and declares documents, signed by the previous USA Presidents, as garbage papers.
  2. Trump declares that the USA has no need to respect their duties related to partnership with other NATO countries, nor to follow the rules specified in the basic NATO documents. Trump withdraws the USA troops from Europe, in order to simplify occupation of new countries by the Russian ihtamnets as continuation of the Putin world war.
  3. Trump stops the export of oil and gas from the USA, in order to force the European countries to deal with Putin's Gasprom.
  4. Trump legalises the off–shores and allow the Russian KGB agents to use the American banks to sponsor the world wide terroristic activity. (See Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism).
  5. Trump stimulates the money laundering, in particular, with the pretext of the Global warming, and transfer some benefits to the edros, who had provided him the financial support at the electional race.
  6. Trump recognises the territories, occupied by the Russian troops during the putin world war, as parts of the Russian Federation.
  7. Trump approves the Russian invasion into Syria and, in particular, the destruction of city Aleppo by Russian warplanes, as necessary and legal action.
  8. Trump prepares the transfer of Alaska to jurisdiction of Russian federation.[7]

Several authors express very pessimistic expectations with respect to the Trump victory. [8][9][10][11][12]

Opinions, that the expectations listed above are just vain, are also detected. [13]

Observed results of winning of Trump

"LOVE THROUGH HATE", Vladimir Putin caressing a very pregnant Donald Trump. Projection on a New York Apple store, 2017.02.14. [14]
Russian colorads criticise Trump and Dmitrii Kiselev, 2017.02.15 [15]

Since end of year 2016, the tendencies are observed, opposite to those mentioned in the previous section: Trump does not plan to support the money laundering with pretext of the global warming, does not plan to support nor tolerate the Putin world war and expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine.

In addition, Trump promotes some actions, that seem to contradict the Constitution of the USA. Many people in world and, in particular, in the USA, are reported to dislike such a behaviour.

In 2017, Trump becomes a target both in the USA and in Russia. Americans criticise Trump for support of terrorist Putin. The Russian pro-Putin fascist groups (colorads) dislike Trump for insufficient support of fuhrer Putin.

2016.11.11, Trump declares, that he plans to stop the money laundering related to the global warming, at least in the USA. [16]

2017.02.14, Sean Spicer indicates, that Trump expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine [17]

2017.02.14, Leonard Pitts jr. reminds the friendship between Trump and Putin and indicates, that the style of government by Trump does not correspond to expectations of his electors. [18].

2017.02.14. Mark P. Painter states: "It's time to impeach Trump" [19]

2017.02.15, Avery Hartmans indicates, that in the Tinder-style dating app indicates that nearly 80% of Hater's more than 200,000 current users say they "hate" Trump. One important reasons for this hate seem to be friendship between Trump and Putin [14].

2017.02.17, Irina Reznik, Stepan Kravchenko and Ilya Arkhipov state, that Kremlin Tells Media to Cut Back on Fawning Trump Coverage. [20]

2017.02.18, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence brought a message of support for Europe from Donald Trump: "Today, on behalf of President Trump, I bring you this assurance: the United States of America strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance," [21][22]

2017.02.24, Greg Miller and Adam Entous (Washington Post) inform, that Trump tries to limit distribution of publications about his relations with KGB agents. [23]

2019.12.04, evidences of beginning of the impeachment procedure are observed.

2019.12.09, activity of Trump is qualified as "a clear and present danger" tor the American free election.[24]

2019.12.18, Trump is impeached. [25]

Support of Trump

2020.01.14, Gary Yuri Tabach expresses his support of Donald Trump in Russian. [26]


1. Overview of publications (especially those appeared after sending of the letter to Trump) should not be interpreted as attempt to affect the policy of the USA, nor to press on D.Trump. It is only analysis of historical events.

TORI is about existing things, not about things, that should exist.

2. 2017.92.27. Louise Boyle indicates, that Trump is reported to organise the murder of journalist Seth Rich 2016.07.10, [27]. If the hypothesis of involvement of Trump in that crime is correct, then, the advices above are vain. No "good and efficient policy" can justify the murder of a journalist. The only advice for this case is to read book "Crime and punishment" by F.Dostoyevsky. It is translated into English.[28].




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2019.12.18. The articles of impeachment are now being read on the House floor. .. The vote on the rule for the debate has passed The House has voted and passed the rule for the debate on the articles of impeachment today. The debate is expected to begin in just moments. The six hours allotted for the debate will be divided equally by Democrats and Republicans. The rule was approved with a vote of 228-197.

2019.12.18. Impeachment vote live: House begins debate on the floor ahead of vote – 12/18/2019


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