Kamchatka Missile Base

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KamchatkaMap34007024.jpg Kamchatka by Dailymail [1]

KamchatkaMissileBase.jpg  Airstrip 56.310, 160.804 and the military base

KamchatkaTwoCisterns.jpg  "vertical cisterns" at 56.30908, 160.84089 (left) I0395rp.jpg    "vertical cisterns" at 56.30908, 160.84089 [2]

Kamchatka Missile Base is military object at Kamchatka (near village "Kluchi"), believed to be equipped with strategic missiles and weapon of mass destruction.

Kamchatka Missile Base is suspected to contribute into wide contamination of Kamchatka and nearby part of the Pacific ocean, that become especially grave in 2020 September, causing the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster.


The airstrip is located at 56.310, 160.804

The pair of strange cylinders is at 56.30908, 160.84089

The apparent storage of military vehicles is at 56.3060, 160.8244

Vertical cisterns

From satellite, the binary object is seen at the point with coordinates 56.30907, 160.84089

The shape reminds the scaled-up soviet binary containers, used to deliver the chemical weapon (sarin) at the Russian invasion into Syria, 2015-2020.

However, from the external view, it is difficult to guess, what can be inside the cysterns:
1. Drinking water? Dirty water?
2. Gasoline? Diesel fuel?
3. Jet fuel?
4. Missile fuel (Heptyl, samin, etc.) [3][4]?
5. Components for synthesis of sarin (chemical weapon)?
6. Salts of some unstable isotopes?

The apparent sabotage of investigation of origin of the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster should be considered as an argument in favor if options 4,5,6.

The leak (or intentional drop) of dangerous substances from the Kamchatka Missile Base could go to the river Kamchatka and then be drifted to the Khalaktyrsky beach near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where first the disaster had been reported.

Historic context

During the USSR, the main goal of the Kamchatka Missile Base is declared to be receiving the falling strategic missiles at their testing. [5].

in 1960s, most of budget of the USSR had been spent for the luxury of the top Soviet administration and huge amount of various missiles. The resulting inflation, devaluation of ruble and long ques at markets caused protests and strikes of the Soviet workers. They are brutally suppressed by the Soviet army (see Новочеркасский расстрел, in Russian).

After collapse of the USSR, the purposes of the Kamchatka Missile Base (except the obvious goal of the money laundering [6]) are not clear. For this reason, collection and analysis of information about this object may have sense.

2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster

The apparent sabotage of the Russian Rosprirodnadzor and Roskomnadzor is observed since October 2020.

It seems, the staff of the Rosprirodnadzor failed to measure the concentrations of the most dangerous substances at Kamchatka peninsula. The absence of any control could trigger the avalanche of release of dangerous chemicals by the military administration of Kamchatka. Then the dangerous concentrations of contaminants (well above maximal allowed values) had been reported in many rivers, lakes and bays of Kamchatka; they cannot be attributed to a single accidental release of a contaminant.

In the report [7] by Rosprirodnadzor, concentrations of the most dangerous contaminants (chemical weapon, toxic missile fuel, unstable isotopes) are not estimated even by orders of magnitudes. This indicates, that namely these contaminants could give the most important contribution into the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster.

Similar sabotage is observed during the USSR at the 1985.08.10.Ядерная катастрофа Чажмы and the 1986.04.26.Chernobyl disaster: the dosymetric groups and health organization either did not measured the density of ionizing radiation, or measured, but kept the results in secret from the compatriots; apparently, with goal to kill as many people as possible with the unstable isotopes, radiation sickness and cancer. Publications about this phenomenon are collected in article Уроки Чернобыля (In Russian). The main lesson of the Chernobyl is, that at any disaster, the total sabotage takes place from side of the Soviet veterans. The offi hide results of monitoring, in order to expose more people to the danger and to promote "business" of the marauders.

Roskomnadzor attacks the unwanted servers, in order to make difficult obtaining information about crimes of the offi. Apparently, in hiding of information, Roskomnadzor collaborate with Rosprirodnadzor.

No information about concentration of dangerous substances is available for river Kamchatka. This observation can be interpreted in favor of hypothesis, that contamination by the Kamchatka Missile Base significantly contributes to the 2020.10.01.Kamchatka disaster.


Publications about the Kamchatka Missile Base and their interpretation show good agreement with the general concept, that corruption in Russia of century 21 got the large scale and become the common, usual phenomenon, that determines the entire life of the top Russian officials. [8]


Publications about the Kamchatka Missile Base are collected and analyzed in TORI with scientific goals.

Extermination of the Russian corruptioners in not element og set of these goals.

In particular, evidences, collected in the cited literature, should not be interpreted as an appeal to the extrajudicial execution of the Russian officials.


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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kura_Missile_Test_Range Kura Missile Test Range (Russian: Ракетный полигон Кура́), originally known as Kama, is a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile impact area located in northern Kamchatka Krai in the Russian Far East. It is the destination for ballistic missiles which are test fired from other centers, and was chosen due to its remoteness and distance. It is 130 kilometers (81 mi) northeast of the settlement of Klyuchi and the military townlet is called Klyuchi-1, after the nearest settlement.[1][2]


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Уроки Чернобыля