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Mizugadro is name of server, the full name is http://mizugadro.mydns.jp

This server had been arranged after the attack on site tori.ils.uec.jp in 2013, in order to keep, maintain and update the TORI. [1].

Ethimology of the name

Name Mizugadro refers to the story about the Mizugadro number; [2].

That number is suhhested as an example of non-scientific concept, that assumes, that since some big integer number, the internal contradiction of the axioms of arithmetic become ecident.

Concept of existence of the Mizugadro number is an example of the tolerance of TORI: as soon as someone suggests a way to verify the hypothesis (if it is "true") and and a way to refute it (it it is false), this concept becomes scientific and can be considered seriously.

The current status of the concept is "non-scientific". This means, that the hypoithesis cannot be consireded with the TORI axioms. In this sense, the term Mizugadro was free; so, it used to name the server.



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