Murder of Rimma Kallistratova

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Murder of Rimma Kallistratova (Убийство Риммы Каллистратовой) is the scientific hypothesis, formulated as an attempt to represent reports about death of Rimma Kallistratova (Каллистратова Римма Фёдоровна, 1929.10.12, Samarkand - 2016.12.10, Moscow) as a scientific concept.


According to reports, 2016.10.28, Rimma gets a fatal injury, namely, the multiple rib fractures on the right. The same day, Rima is delivered to the Botkin hospital. The Death Certificate (below) indicates, that the lethal trauma (multiple rib fractures) happens at the Botkin hospital. Doctors, treating Rimma, can not determine the cause of the pathological condition Rima until her death and autopsy 2016.11.10, which, according to the documents, conducted 2016.12.14, that is 16 days after receipt of Rimma fatal injury. The death certificate is filled by hand and requires decoding. This transcript and, in particular, identifying the words "multiple rib fractures on the right" () made only after cremation. This makes it difficult to investigate the circumstances of the death.

Within a month after the death, Rima relatives can not find answers to key questions about her death. This can be explained, if we assume that there was a deliberate murder, and the organised crime in the Russian administration try to hide the case. This explanation is consistent with the general concept of what corruption in Russia of the 21st century is a common, everyday occurrence that characterises the life of the Russian officials.

Death Certificate

This section translation of the transcript of the death certificate. The image of the document is loaded above at the right hand side of the page. It seems that at least January 2016, this transcript and translation is not only the most complete and reliable, but the only one available on the Internet in the public domain.

department of N10
125234, Moscow,
2nd Botkinsky travel,
5 The. entrance N3
tel. 429 243 3431.

Date of issue 14 November 2016

SERIES 45C 231399.

Final, preliminary, substitute of preliminary, substitute of final (underline).

Series N "" 20.

1. Full name of the deceased person (s) Каллистратова Римма Фёдоровна (Kallistratova Rimma Fedorovna)

2. Gender: Male 1, female 2

3. Date of birth: day 16 month 10 1929.10.16

4. Date of death: 2016.11.10, 20:35

5. Place of residence (registration) of the deceased (s): republic, territory, region: Russian.

District No 8 city Moscow town

Street Frunzenskayq Naberezhnaya 44, building 2, apt. 93.

6. Terrain: city 1, rural 2.

7. Place of death: Republic, district, area, region, street;
S.P.Botkin City Hospital

8. Terrain: city 1, rural 2.

9. Death occurred: At the scene, in the ambulance 2, hospital 3, home 4, elsewhere 5.

10. For children who died at the age of 168 hours to 1 month: full-term (37-41 weeks) 1, premature (less than 37 weeks) 2, post-term (42 weeks or more) 3.

11. For children who died at the age of 168 hours to 1 year
Body weight of the child at pozhdenii 1 gram, how in a row was a child in the mother (counting the dead and not including stillborn) 2, the date of birth of Mother 3, maternal age (years) 4,
Family name of the mother 5, name 6, otchestvo 7.

12. * Marital status: was (a) a registered marriage 1 was out of registered marriage 2, unknown 3.

13. * Education: professional: High 1, incomplete higher 2, secondary 3, the initial 4;
total: average (total) 5, the main 6, primary 7, has no education 8, unknown 9.

14. * Employment: was (a) employed in the economy: the heads and specialists of high qualification 1,
Other experts 2, skilled workers 3, unskilled workers 4, engaged in military service 5;
There was not (a) engaged in (a) in the economy, retired 6, students and pupils 7, working in private households 8, 9 unemployed, 10 other.

15. The death has occurred of the disease 1; accident not related to the job 2, associated with job 3, murder 4, suicide 5; in the course of action: 6 military, terrorism 7; Kind of death is not established 8.

\(~\) * In the case of death of children, the age of which is specified in paragraphs 10-11, paragraphs 12-14 are filled with respect to their mothers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Cutting line - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

16. In the event of accidental death, homicide, suicide, war and terrorist acts,
when an unknown kind of death - specify the date of injury (poisoning): 28 month 10 year 2016, the time - as well as the place and pbstoyatelstva in which the injury occurred (poisoning) in the Botkin hospital.

17. Causes of death are set: a doctor, only to establish the death of 1, 2 by the attending physician, medical assistant (midwife), 3, 4, pathologist, forensic expert 5.

18. I am a doctor (paramedic, midwife) 'Iosodaev Vadim'

the position of medical examiner

certify that on the basis of: 1 examination of the corpse, medical records 2 preceding nablzhdeniya patient (th), the opening 4, I have determined the sequence of pathological processes (states) that led to the death, and established the cause of death.

19. Cause of death:

I. a) 'double pneumonia'
(Disease or condition directly leading to death)

b) Multiple rib fractures on the right
(A pathological condition which led to the appearance of the above reasons)

c) (primary cause of death is indicated first)

d) Undetermined circumstances
(External cause for injuries and poisonings)

II. Other important states, contributed to the death, but not related to the disease or pathological condition that led to it, including the use of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic and other toxic substances, their content in the blood, as well as the operation (name, date).
Mitral stenosis.

20. In case of death due to accident: the death was - for 30 days, 1 of them within 2 to 7 days.

21. In the event of the death of the pregnant woman (regardless of the length and location) 1, in the process of delivery (abortion) 2, within 42 days after the end of pregnancy (abortion) 3; except for 43-365 days after the end of pregnancy, childbirth 4.

22. Surname, name, patronymic physician (medical assistants, midwives), filled the medical certificate of death

Iosodaev Vadim

Signature: ***

22. Head mnditsinskoy area
private medical practitioner (sobadchesky, unknown term) Oleg Zorichev (Zorichev Oleg Viacheslavovich Зоричев Олег Вячеславович).

23. The certificate is filled by a person responsible for the correctness of the medical evidence.
"" - -r. (Signature) (full name of doctor)

Jan 7, 2017 Statement 1

Statement about family relations of Rimma Kallistratova (Каллистратова Римма Фёдоровна), Margarita Kallistratova (Каллистратова Маргарита Александровна) and Galina Shirokova (Широкова Калина Юрьевна). Prepared by Margarita Kallistratova in Russian; the English translation is below:

Rimma Fedorovna (Каллистратова Римма Фёдоровна, 1929-2016) and Margarita Alexandrovna (Margarita Kallistratova, Каллистратова Маргарита Александровна, 1931 born) are cousins. Father of Rimma, Fedor Kallistratov (Каллистратов Фёдор Васильевич, 1903- 1983) is brother of Sofia Kallistratova (Каллистратова Софья Васильевна, 1907-1989), mother of Margarita Alexandrovna. Margarita grew up without a father, and in Rimma's mother died early, and they have long lived together as sisters. Before the World War II, Margarita months stays at family of Rimma. July 8th, 1941 Margarita and Rimma together (without parents) went to the evacuation of the children of employees of the museum Vladimir Lenin, where Rimma's mother, Elena V. Kerfi (1908- 1942) was in charge of the library. January 1942, Elena Kerfi dies. Since that time, before joining the Institute, Rimma and Margarita live in the family of Sofia Kallistratova, who treated both as her daughters. Margarita and Rimma were close, loving each other people.

Rimma had no children, and she treated all three children of Margarita as her nephews, and Fedor considered them his grandchildren. All three children of Margarita, and then the six of her grandchildren regularly visited Rimma. One of the grandchildren, Kuznetsov Dmitry, studied at the University of Justice, where the Rimma worked on a budgetary basis, rightly Rimma's grandson.

Rimma worked at the University of Justice until the day of his death, November 10, 2016, as head of the department. She became a professor, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Russia. Margarita, also a professor, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, works to date in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

1983, 2 weeks after the death of Fedor Kallistratov, Rimma wrote a will on all their property to a daughter of Margatita, Galina Shirokova (Chirokova Galina Yurevna, Широкова Галина Юрьевна), which at that time was 12 years old, and whose father died in 1980. In 2009 Rimma once wrote a testament to the same name, Galina Shirokova (Chirokova Galina Yurevna, Широкова Галина Юрьевна).

A few days after the funeral of Rimma, which was November 15, 2016, Galina and Margarita went to a notary public I.P. Bazdareva (the notary office at Komsomol prospect, 34) with a request to register a testament Rimma. The notary refused to register, referring to the fact that the apartment RF there is a will later on another person, and that the last will first be registered.

Galina and Margarita asked the neighbour or RF, Ulita Tomskaya (Томская Улита Ивановна), whether she has wills from Rimma.

Ulita Tomskaya (according to Galina Shirokova) said the following: in 2013, Rimma wrote the inheritance will for the name of Ulita for the apartment. In the hands of Ulita, the Wills instance is not present, the notary Bazdareva gave this copy to the witness the signing of the will; and Ulita does not know this whiteness, nor had seen the whiteness before. The notary said that with the witness, the document "will be more safe."

After that, Galina and Margarita went to another notary, Gromyko JV (At Staromonetny 35, Building 2), which has registered a testament Falina, and sent a request to the notary Bazdarevoy. From there the answer comes, that a new will to the apartment Rimma had been written in 2013 (Without the rest of the property), and a copy of the will in the name of Ulita Tomskaya.

Note that Rimma never said to Margatira that there is the new will. Moreover, in 2014 - 15 years, Rimma in the presence of witnesses (which can confirm this) has repeatedly said that all of its property, including apartment and garden area, bequeathed to Galina Shirokova. in addition, in the spring of 2015, Rimma said to margarita, that several times Ulita requires from her the will for the apartment. This is not consistent with the fact that a new will is dated 2013 year.

Jan 7, 2017. Statement 2

Statement 2 about Ulita Tomskaya (Томская Улита Ивановна), neighbour of Rimma Kallistratova, and her relationship with Rimma.

Ulita Tomskaya (Томская Улита Ивановна born in 1938) lives in an apartment No 92 located close (the "door to door") to the Rimma's apartment (No 93), in the same compartment, separated from the landing door which has separate lock.

Since 2006, Ulita walks with the dog of Rimma for fee (200 rubbles per a single walk). Then Ulita became a surcharge to buy products for Rimma and her dog. Rimma fully trusted Ulita, gave her the keys of her apartment, and then the power of attorney to the pension account in Sberbank (RF pension - 38 thousand rubles.).

Approximately since 2008, Ulita began to pay Rimma's bills for utilities, to accompany her to the clinic, and then accompany Rimma to the University Justice in the days of salary (in a taxi or on the official car), and take a salary RF (About 50 thousand rubles). In recent years, Ulita disposes of all money of Rimma.

Ulita did not perform work at home of RImma; Rimma user to cook and to clean her apartment by herself. For the cleaning capital, Margarita invited hired worker several times (and payed the cleaning fee). Report on spending money by Ulita had not been given, although the Rimma in the presence of Margarita told that she need this report.

Every summer in July and August, Rimma spent her holidays in the garden area in the Shatura region with Margarita and and Rimma's dog. Ulita gave to Margarita certain amount of money from Rimma, for summer residence payment, fees for land and renovations on the site. In 2014, it became clear that 40-45% of the amount paid by Rimma Fedorovna. accounting for justice at the University vacation (RF pension for the summer months) also remained at Ulita. In 2015 and 2016. Ulita gave to Margarita money for the cost of summer holiday, almost the entire amount received by Rimma for the holidays, leaving for herself the pension of Rimma. Rimma has not a single ruble savings, had no jewels. In recent years, money is of little interest for Rimma. If someone bought some food for her and her dog food - she was happy.

If someone came to visit the RF, Ulita always comes to Rimma's apartment. The door to the apartment of Rimma remained half-open the whole day. It was almost impossible to enter Rimma's apartments without Ulita's will.

Keeping the high professional qualification, Rimma in recent years has been defenseless in everyday terms, she was easy to be influenced by people. Sometimes, the traveling salesmen come and try to pin some rubbish. Ulita pays the expenses, explaining go Rimma that these payments are senseless.

Jan 6, 2017 statement 3

by Margarita Kallistratova (with help of Galina Shirokova) about the circumstances of hospitalisation of Rimma Kallistratova.

My cousin, Kallistratova Rima Feodorovna, born in 1929 died 10 November 2016 in intensive care 52 of the Municipal Clinical Hospital. S.P.Botkin. I have doubts about the naturalness of the circumstances that led her to the hospital, and ultimately served the cause of her death, so please make an examination of documents ...

The last time I saw Rimma in good health and minds October 12, 2016 g, on the day of her birth, in her apartment. On Saturday, October 29, 2016, in the afternoon, my daughter, Galina Shirokova, had been called by the neighbour of Rimma, Ulita TOmskaya. Ulita said that the day before, on Friday, October 28, "Rima Feodorovna put to the Botkin hospital in intensive care." However, she said the following:

<< In the Monday, October 24, 2016, I was in a taxi accompanied by RF in accounting at the University ( "University of justice"), in order to get salary of Rimma. At the room at the University of accounting, after receiving the salary, Rimma lost consciousness, fell, hit her sideways on the table and broke a rib. Then she regained consciousness and with Ulita Toskaya gone home for the official car of the University.

On Tuesday, October 25 Rimma and I went on an official car to the University for a meeting of the Academic Council, but at the meeting felt unwell and soon returned home by car.

On Wednesday, October 26 RF call an ambulance (UI was not home at the time). Doctor ambulance removed the electrocardiogram, said that everything is all right, and left.

On Friday, October 28 RF It became ill, and UI I took her to the Botkin Hospital, where she was put in the intensive care unit No 52. >>

Who drove Rimma to the Botkin Hospital - Ambulance or the UI itself, and in what condition - we do not know. After the call by Ulita, Galina immediately went to the Botkin Hospital, where she was told that the state of Rimma - Heavy, but a physician can talk until the next day, on Sunday. from 13 to 14 hours.

On Sunday morning, Galina and Margarita went to the hospital. Doctor Resuscitation 52, Natalia Grigorievna, said the following:

<< In RF was fluid accumulation in the right lung, pumped 1.5 liters of fluid, but the light wrinkled, breathing itself can not, is on ventilator, introduced in medication sleep, blood clotting is extremely low (INR = 10), a serious condition. >>

Galina had been admitted to the intensive care ward to look at Rimma.

Since that, either Galina or Margarita or Sergei Kouznetsov went every day to the hospital. They were taken sanitary materials (wipes, diapers), water, talking with doctors, including the head of the resuscitation 52, went to the House of resuscitation look at Rimma. Ulita refused to go to the hospital, citing the fact that in Moscow on tour came Yakut theater, and she, as a member of the Yakut Diaspora must distribute the tickets, and does not have time to go to the hospital.

The doctor on duty told Galina that they brought Rimma of sleep medication that she had brain works normally, easily able to stretch, breathe on their own but it still can not, and is on artificial ventilation. The doctor suggested to bring to Rimma some home liquid food, and said that she will insert a tube into the trachea for breathing and nutrition (tube is now introduced through the mouth). According to Galina, Margarita and Sergei, when visiting the Rimma's room, she opened her eyes, when she was called out, but his eyes were sightless, unable to speak, breathing heavy and frequent.

November 7, together with Sergei, Ulita also come to the hospital.

In the Thursday, November 10 evening Galina Yurevna had been called from the hospital and said that in 20 h 25 min Rimma Fedorovna died. Organization of funeral (funeral, cremation) is engaged in Galina. The medical certificate of death of RImma had been given out at the hospital the morning of November 15th; The funeral agent gave it to Sergei Kuznetsov during the funeral.

Only 2016.11.15, Galina and Margarita could read the testimony of the death issued 11/14/2016; the analysis of that document had been performed only after the funeral. It raises many questions.The following are extracts from some items of evidence:

Medical certificate of death

Item 1. Last name, first name of the deceased Kallistratova Rimma Fedorovna

Item 4: Date of death 2016.10.11, 20:35 Punkt15. The death has occurred of the disease .... kind of death is not established


Item 19. Causes of death


a) the disease or condition directly leading to death: bilateral pneumonia

b) the condition that gave rise to the said reasons: multiple rib fractures on the right.

Approximate time period between the beginning of the pathological process and death: multiple rib fractures - 13 days

c) The initial cause of death: - (dash).

d) when the external cause of injury and poisoning: unadjusted circumstances.

II. Other important circumstances that contributed to the death, but not related to the disease or pathological circumstances that led to it): mitral stenosis.

Thus, under unknown circumstances, RF were multiple rib fractures, the fractures have occurred on October 28, not October 24, when according to UI Tomsk, "RF I fell in accounting at the University ")

November 18, 2016, Galina went to the accounting department of the University of justice, and the accountant told her that she really 24 October 2016 gave out Rimma's salary, but that Rimma did not not fall nor hit on the table. In Rimma's Dizzy, men (a few people were in the room accounting) standing nearby picked Rimma under the hand and gently put on the chair. Then the dizziness passed, and Rimma went to her department.

In the Monday, November 21 Galina and Margarita went together to the accounting department at the University of justice to get a grant to pay for the funeral. In the room were two accounting accountant: Smirnova Natalia Ivanovna and .............. Lyudmila L. (tel 8 (8 495-932-4660 tel.). -499-131-4280). One of them (or both - can not remember exactly) confirmed what was said Galina Yurevna November 18: "October 24 at RF dizzy, but it did not fall, because it was picked up and seated on a chair. "

After one or two days Maxim called Margarita (tel. 8-985- 254-0841). He is the University staff, pupils of Rimma. Maxim has confirmed that 24 October 2016 he was in the accounting room when Rimma received her salary, and Rimma did not fall, and was not not hit, and that on 25 October she came to the meeting of the Academic Council.

So, it contradicts to the statement by Ulita that Rimma broke a rib after falling at the University October 24, 2016; it is a lie. It is necessary to find out where and how to RF received "multiple rib fractures" that led to her death, and what UI I lied.

Note that Ulita Tomskaya was a testament to the apartment RF (Frunze Embankment, 44, Building 2, Apartment 93). So she had a motive to promote the death of Rima Feodorovna. We note also that the origin of the wills are questionable. The reasoning of the doubt is given in the accompanying certificates NoNo 1 and 2.

The suspicions above can be confirmed or refuted by the answers to the following questions:

1. Could the multiple rib fractures, indicated in the medical certificate of death of Rimma be a result of loss of consciousness and fall to the floor?

2. Why Ulita Tomskaya, delivering Rimma with fatal injuries in hospital on October 28, 2016, only in the second day had informed her family (Galina Chirokova) on the accident?

3. Why pathologists have not established the kind of death RF?

4. Why do upon receipt of Rimma's fatal injury (multiple fractures of the ribs) is not a criminal case?

5. Is the possibility of questioning under protocol Ulita TOmskaya and get her answers to the questions on which its assertions contradict other evidence?

Key questions

This section repeates and expanded the key questions by Margarita Kallistratova.

1. Could the multiple rib fractures, indicated in the medical certificate of death of Rimma Kallistratova, be a result of loss of consciousness and fall to the floor?

2. Why Ulita TOmskaya, delivering Rimma Kallistratova with fatal injuries in hospital on October 28, 2016, until the second half of the next day did not informed her family about the catastrophe?

3. Why pathologists have not established the kind of death RF?

4. Why the Rimma's fatal injury (multiple fractures of the ribs), happened, perhaps, in the hospital, is not qualified as a criminal case? Why the criminal investigation had not been initiated by the doctors of the Botkin Hospital?

5. Is the possibility of questioning under protocol I Ilita Tomskaya and get her answers to the questions on which its assertions contradict other evidences?

6. Who and when Rima drove to the Botkin hospital 2016.10.28? Who accompanied the Rima to the Botkin Hospital? What kind of car was used in this case? What is the trajectory of the car?

7. Were and when Rimma was fatal injured (multiple fractures of the ribs): before her transportation to the Botkin hospital, during this transportation or after her delivery to the Hospital?

8. Who is the doctor in charge of Rimma during her stay at the Botkin hospital? Why is this doctor did not find out the main cause of the patient's pathological condition (multiple rib fractures on the right) until her death? How did the doctor treated Rimma without to get the correct diagnosis? What is written in the medical history book of Rima?

9. Why pathologist not referred the case to the prosecutor's office to find signs of a violent death (multiple rib fractures)?

10. Why Rimma colleagues and students, as well as other lawyers are not interested in the question above?


  1. Римма Федоровна Каллистратова Год рождения - 1929 профессор доктор юридических наук Город: Москва Координаты: Российский государственный университет правосудия. Кафедра гражданского, арбитражного и административного процессуального права • член Ученого совета Российской академии правосудия • профессор кафедры оперативно: Родилась в г. Самарканде Узбекской ССР. В 1951 г. окончила Московский юридический институт; в 1954 г. – аспирантуру Всесоюзного Института Юридических Наук. Начинала свою трудовую деятельность младшим научным сотрудником сектора гражданского права этого института, затем работала в отделе гражданского, гражданско-процессуального и брачно-семейного законодательства во ВНИИ советского законодательства, а позже возглавила в нем отдел правовой работы в народном хозяйстве. С 1992 по 2000 гг. возглавляла отдел гражданского права и процесса в Российской правовой академии Министерства юстиции Российской Федерации. С 2000 г. является руководителем отдела гражданского, арбитражного и административного процесса и профессором одноименной кафедры Российской академии правосудия. Автор более 160 научных работ. Участвовала в законодательной работе : входила в состав рабочих групп, готовивших ГПК 1964 г, проект основ гражданско-процессуального законодательства, все акты, касавшиеся совершенствования законодательства о Госарбитраже СССР, об арбитражных судах РФ, проектов ГПК и АПК 2002 года. 23.09.2016.Городская_клиническая_больница_имени_С._П._Боткина (Official site of the Botkin clinic. 2016.01.12, the page does not load).,37.55354,15,normal


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