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Porkfish is artificial species, kind of amphibia animal, described in utopia Tartaria.

This article represents the spoier, short description of the porkfish. The Autor hopes, during century 21, these spoilers will be combined in some sequential text. (in the similar ways, as descriptions of various superfunctions are combined into a book Superfunctions.




Researcher Ruvim Pechor (Рувим Печор) is invited to work at the biologic department of the University of Galia, that is located at Kristovina, the central Farm (state) of Tartaria.

Kristovina participates in the international cooperation of farms of Tartaria, generating mainly intellectual goods.

University of Galia is supposed to perform mainly applied research.

One of these research is creation of species, that can accumulate unstable isotopes, cleaning the territory of Tartiaria, heavily contaminated since the юж Bigpuf. The horrible civil war by the foresign observers appear as a big "puff" of contaminants; this gave name of that catastrophe. The Bigpuf finishes at very beginning of century 22, with declaration of Constirution of Tartaira. Since that, decontamination of the region remains one of priority tasks of the Junta of coordinators, top council that handles Tartaria.

Porkfish happened to be one of first animals suitable for the application.

The Pokfish is the first successful attempt to combine genes of plants, mushrooms and animals into a singe specie, suitable for self–reproduction.

The Pokfish is, actually, very primitive organism. The central nerve system is almost absent; the eyes can only detect the Cehernenkov radiation; this help the specie to reach region with highest contamination.

No natural evolution of the specie is assumed; to, the asexual reproduction is chosen. The new yang porkfishes grow directly in the Abdominal cavity; the reproduction begins as soon as the specie grows up to size of few cm.

Many new mechanisms were supposed to be tested in the porkfish: the optical wave-guides at base of the nerve system; getting oxygen from water as well as from air, advanced sensors for acoustical and electromagnetic waves, etc. Most of them are not realised in the fist version.

When the scientific part of the project has been almost finished, the head of the project, Ruvim Pechor, is arrested, and, perhaps, the advanced details of the porkfish will be never realised.

Porkfishes happen to be especially efficient in search (and blocking) of the hidden shelters, used by the war criminal as refuge since the Bigpuf. Such a shelters are equipped with the nuclear reactors. The porkfishes find the exhaust of warm water (by temperature and by unstable isotopes), enter the system of cooling and block it. Then, the criminals from the shelter have to drop the heat by radiators, that simplifies the detection: the melting of snow make them dark at the spring. The property of the war criminals is qualified as "not–declared"; so, it is subject for the unconditional confiscation. Such confiscations supplies Tartaria with gold, silver, platina, circonium, wolfram, uranium, berillium, thorium and other highly expensive materials.


The idea of the porkvish was to accumulate Caesium and Strontium in the bones and lepis, squama. So, the shape of fish had been chosen.

Masha Gebistov, who had performed the most of work in the simulation and adjusting of genotype, failed to create the nerve system, typical for fishes; so, ideologically the specie is closer to a Jellyfish than to fishes. The bones are generated to accumulate Strontium and give small contribution in the movement of the fish. The squama of the Porkfish is not inappropriate as food, so, the wild animals do not hunt the porkfish, although it is slow and stupid, and it does not take much efforts to catch it.

The mechanism of accumulation of Caesium and Strontium in squama happen to be so efficient, that the meat (musles) of the porkfish contains almost no unstable isotopes and can be used as food by humans. However, it is prohibited to cook the porkcish together with bones or squama; the special ultra–sound separators are used to extract the meat at the first stage of the culinary.

The meat of of the porkfish tastes similar to pork, making the illusion, that the pork genes are used to assemble the creature. Actually, the origin of the genes that create the porkfish meat, were taken from human, as the Gallia Medpun of the University had supplied the laboratory with enormous about of biological samples of human kind, not those of pork. Due to heavy radioactive contamination during the Bigpuf, the most of human babies are burn dead; their bodies are used as source of samples, as examples to create the new DNA sequences.

Some genes from pig were also used to form the universal respiration system and even more universal digestion system. In slanlg, the porkfish is often denoted as pigfish, that causes confusions with species Congiopodidae.

Pigfishes are used to decontaminate swamps and lakes of Tartaria. Bones and, especially, the squama of the porkfish are used too extract Caesium and Strontium in special distilling machines, samorats.

The ability of porkfish to eat any garbage is expressed with slogan in Russian:

Рыбной свинье всё впрок!



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