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TORI means Tools for Outstanding Research and Investigation.

This site is for collection and systematisation of such tools.

The tool can be considered as a concept; preferably - scientific concept.

The formal criteria, that characterise any scientific concept, are formulated as TORI axioms.

Some non–scientific texts and images also may appear in TORI as illustrations.

The main working language of TORI is English, although the article may be in any language.

The Editor had lost the battle against spammers, so, the automatic registration of users is suppressed. The most of articles are loaded ant edited by the Editor, although some of them are loaded with very primitive robots.

The articles can be discussed by email, dmitriiKouznetsov(AT)

Some articles, loaded to TORI from samizdat, can be discussed also there. The list is available at ; the most popular are mentioned at the top.

The questions, critics and contributions should be appreciated. For the questions about the article, the language of the article is preferred, although English (as international language) is allowed in any case.