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北西 北東
西 RoVe100.png
南西 南東


X2EC4 is Unicode character number 11972, KanjiRadical

X2EC4 can be pronounced nishi and mean West [1][2]

X2EC4 is easy to confuse with character X897F 西 that has similar picture, similar pronunciation and similar meaning.


X2EC4 is easy to confuse with other characters. The following caracters look similar:

X2EC4 [3]

X897F 西 [4]

With some operational systems, at the default font, characters and 西 look the same.


In general, character X2EC4 looks as Greek letter \(\pi\), merged with its bottom part to the square.


⻄日本電信電話株式会社 [5]

⻄宮市立図書館 [6]


X2F91 [7]

X897E [8]

X897F 西 [9]

Among the synonyms, the last one seems to be most usual.


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