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X2F49 is Unicode character number 12105, KanjiRadical.
uses 3 bytes: %e2%bd%89 ; 226 189 137 in the decimal representation.

can be pronounced as Gatsu, がつ and mean month.

can be pronounced as Tsuki つき and mean Moon.

X2F49 [1] is easy to confuse with character X6708 [2] that has similar image, similar pronunciations and similar meanings.


The main meanings of ⽉ are Month and Moon.


Graphical representations of X2F49 and its synonym X6708 depend on the software. Here are examples:

⽉,月 at your computer

40px at Macintosh


Evan a native Japanese speaker is easy to confuse X2F49 and X6708 .

Due to such a confusion, both these characters are excluded from Tarja


In Tarja, none of characters , is allowed, because at some computers these kanjis look the same.

Character X6708 can be translated into Tarja in the following ways:

1. X2F49, if the author does not know, should this character refer to month or to Moon.

2. Tsuki or つき, if the author means Moon.

3. Gatsu or がつ, if the author means month.


  1. 2F49 KANGXI RADICAL MOON Han Script id: allowed confuse:
  2. 6708 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-6708 Han Script id: restricted confuse:


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