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Painting of [1]
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Child's look [2]

X2F92 is Unicode character number 12178, KanjiRadical.

X2F92 is element of set Miru of the three Kanjis that have similar pictures, similar pronunciation ("miru") and similar meaning (view, look, watch, see).


X2F92 [3], KanjiRadical

X898B [4], KanjiLiberal

XFA0A [5], KanjiConfudal
are confusive. They have similar images, similar pronunciation (miru) and similar meaning (watch, see, look).

Even a native Japanese speaker, looking at kanjis , , , is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F92?
Which of them is X898B?
Which of them is XFA0A?

Some software automatically (silently, without any warning) replace character 見 to 見. This causes confusions. In particular, at TORI (that accesses the database at mizugadro), it is not possible to create article entitled 見 (short name for XFA0A) in a regular way. Attempts to access it redirect to article (short name for X898B).

At the confusions, the articles should be specified with their hexadecimal names X2F92, X898B, XFA0A rather than with the short names , , .

In order to avoid the confusion, the special term Miru is defined.
It allows to refer to all the three characters at once, whitout to specify, which of them should be taken into account.

Miru appears as short substitute of cumbersome construction

X2F92 or X898B or XFA0A

Among the Miru characters, KanjiRadical X898B seems to be most popular, most usual; at least in the Internet articles, that allow to copypast the kanji as argument to the PHP program du.t and identify the character.

X898B is described both in the Jisho [1] and Nihongomaster [6] while X2F92 is absent there.

Term Miru has also other meanings, not related with the Unicode characters.


X2F92 is qualified as KanjiRadical.

At some computers, its image is different from (but still similar to) that of the the more popular character X898B KanjiLiberal.

However, some articles are dedicated aepacially to X2F92 [7]

At Wikipedia, X2F92 is denoted with term Radical 147 [8]


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  7. U+2F92 (Kangxi Radical See) - The Unicode Character Reference ⾒ Unicode Kangxi Radical See [No image for this symbol] The Unicode Character Reference » Other Symbols » Kangxi Radical See Kangxi Radical See HTML Entity Browser Test: ⾒ Entity Render Tests: HTML Form: Hex Entity: ⾒ (⾒) Decimal Entity: ⾒ (⾒) U+2F92 is the Unicode hex value of the character Kangxi Radical See, which is categorized as "other symbol" in the Unicode 6.0 character table. In addition, U+2F92 is a composite character comprising of one or more other Unicode characters modified or combined. Unicode Character Information Unicode Hex U+2F92 Character Name KANGXI RADICAL SEE General Category Other Symbol [Code: So] Canonical Combining Class 0 Bidirectional Category ON Decomposition Mapping <compat> 898B Mirrored N Unicode Character Encodings Kangxi Radical See HTML Entity ⾒ (decimal entity), ⾒ (hex entity) Windows Key Code Alt 12178 or Alt +2F921 Programming Source Code Encodings Python hex: u"\u2F92", Hex for C++ and Java: "\u2F92" UTF-8 Hexadecimal Encoding 0xE2BE92 // 1 To type a Unicode symbol in Windows, hold down the ALT key and enter the decimal or hexadecimal code provided using the numeric keypad. The decimal alt code (Alt 12178) will only work on computers with support for this Unicode character in the active code page. The hexadecimal alt code (Alt +2F92) will work for all Unicode characters provided Hex input from the numeric keypad is enabled. //
    • If the Kangxi Radical See character does not display correctly in your browser, you may not have a Unicode font on your system that supports this particular symbol.
  8. Radical 147 or radical see (見部) meaning "see" is one of the 20 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals in total) composed of 7 strokes. // In the Kangxi Dictionary, there are 161 characters (out of 49,030) to be found under this radical. // 见, the simplified form of 見, is the 78th indexing component in the Table of Indexing Chinese Character Components predominantly adopted by Simplified Chinese dictionaries published in mainland China, while the traditional form 見 is listed as its associated indexing component. The simplified form of this radical character consists of 4 strokes.