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マルイのシューズ Shoe store

X30DE is Unicode character number 12510, KatakanaMa [1].


The encoding of can be revealed with command

php ud.t 30DE


php du.t

or from the table of the next section.


The Katakana table (that includes X30DE as element) is extracted from table SomeU:

This table shows the Unicode characters from X30A0 to X3FF.


X30DE looks similar to each of the three other characters, flipped and rotated (reflected from the backslash line):

and the same boldfaced:

Characters used:
X2F1B [2], KanjiRadical
X30E0 [3], KatakanaMu
X53B6 [4], KanjiLiberal


KatakanaMa X30DE has Hiragana partner X307E , HiraganaMa [5].

Both are supposed to have the same pronunciation, "ma".


Character , by itself, has no special meaning (except to indicate number 12510 in the Unicode table); so, it should be illustrated with examples.

マルイのシューズ Shoe store, boots for humans with round feet.

マヤ文明 [6]


  1. 30DE KATAKANA LETTER MA Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: none
  2. 2F1B KANGXI RADICAL PRIVATE Han Script id: allowed confuse:
  3. 30E0 KATAKANA LETTER MU Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: none
  4. 53B6 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-53B6 Han Script id: restricted confuse:
  5. 307E HIRAGANA LETTER MA Hiragana Script id: restricted confuse: none
  6.マヤ文明 マヤ文明(マヤぶんめい)は、メキシコの南東部、グアテマラ、ベリーズなどいわゆるマヤ地域を中心として栄えた文明。メソアメリカ文明に数えられる。また、高度に発達したマヤ文字をもつ文明でもあった。