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(, X5973) is Unicode character number 22899.

(X5973) is qualified as KanjiLiberal

In Japanese, can be pronounced "Onna" and mean "woman".

X2F25, X5973 and XF981

In Unicode, there are 3 characters with similar pictures:
Their encoding can be revealed with PHP program onna.t.
For the execution, file uni.t also should be loaded.
Then, command "php onna.t" gives the following output:

The array has 9 bytes; here is its splitting:
e2 bc a5 e5 a5 b3 ef a6 81
array(3) {
  string(3) "⼥"
  string(3) "女"
  string(3) "女"

Unicode character number 12069 id est, X2F25
Picture: ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE2 XBC XA5 in the hexadecimal representation and
226 188 165 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 22899 id est, X5973
Picture: ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XE5 XA5 XB3 in the hexadecimal representation and
229 165 179 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 63873 id est, XF981
Picture: ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
XEF XA6 X81 in the hexadecimal representation and
239 166 129 in the decimal representation


At the default setting of MediaWiki, for unicode character XF981, article with name 女 cannot be created, an attempt to access it redirects to , id est, here.

The article about character 女 can be accessed through its number, id est, XF981.

The characters mentioned are recognized to cause confusions
(X2F25) [3]
(X5973) [4]
(XF981) [5].


In Japanese, character (X5973) can be pronounces as onna.

have similar pronunciation.


In Chinese and Japanese, character (X5973) may denote "woman", human female (fig.1).

have similar meaning.


At least until year 2021, Chinese Wikipedia recognizes difference between
(& # 1 2 0 6 9 ;) and
(& # 6 3 8 7 3 ;), id est, between
(X2F25) and (X5973)⼥ does not exist;女 leads to article [6].

Cherchez la

Not only Humans, but also some software confuse characters X5973 and XF981, making the default replacements. This refers to various text editors, mediawiki and browsers; they confuse these characters. Such a case can be expressed with sentence: "If something is wrong, Cherchez la " [7][8][9].

There is a bunch off such confuse characters. Table of these characters is copy pasted in article KanjiConfudal.


  1. English: Naked female human body. Русский: Обнаженная женщина. English: Model name: (preferred not to be stated) At time of photograph: Age: 40 Height: 166 cm Weight: 47 kg BMI: 17.1 Ornaments: Ear piercing, ring on left ring finger (not in retouched images), nail polish on toe nails. There is some tilting of the upper trunk towards the left of the body, which may be positional or anatomical. Date 29 September 2011 Source Own work Author Taken at City Studios in Stockholm (, September 29, 2011, with assistance from KYO (The organisation of life models) in Stockholm. Both models have consented to the licence of the image, and its usage in Wikipedia. Image uploaded by Mikael Häggström.
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  3. 2F25 KANGXI RADICAL WOMAN Han Script id: allowed confuse: 女 , 女
  4. 女 5973 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-5973 Han Script id: restricted confuse: 女 , ⼥
  5. F981 CJK COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPH-F981 Han Script id: allowed confuse: 女 , ⼥
  6.女 女性,是指雌性的人類。女性這個名詞可以用來表示生物學上的性別劃分,同時亦可指社會認定或自我認同的性別角色,一般只適用於稱呼人類,其他生物通常說是「雌性」或「母的」。
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