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(X597D) is Unicode character number 22909.


Drawing of by Japandict [1]


The Utf8 encoding of can be revealed by the PHP program dump.t with command

php dump.t 好

The output is

The array has 3 bytes; here is its splitting:
e5 a5 bd 
array(1) {
  string(3) "好"

Unicode character number 22909 id est, [[X597D]]
Picture: 好 ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE5 xA5 xBD in the hexadecimal representation and
229 165 189 in the decimal representation


by Evart [2]

Term has many meanings. In particular, in Chinese and Japanese languages, it may mean "good", "well", "happy".


In Japanese, can be pronounced as "ko", "ii".

Japandict suggests several pronounciations [1]:
Onyomi コウ
Kunyomi この·むす·くよ·いい·い
Nanori こたかとしよし



is composed of two Kanji radicals:
narrowed (X2F25) and narrowed (X2F26).


Meaning of term depends on the context. Several examples are suggested by Kanjipedia [3].

Term appears in description of car navigator [4] in combination 〔おみ〕ボタン, indicating "preference", that has nothing to do with a woman , nor with a child , nor with a happiness, but refers to attempts to find at least one workable combination of parameters in the labirint of menus.


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