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% 4t1.tex is generator of figure http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t/index.php/File:4t1.jpg
% 4t1.tex combines the data by Mainichi,
% http://mainichi.jp/select/weathernews/news/images/20110323k0000m040088000p_size8.jpg
% and the curves of the fit of these data generated by 4t1c.cc
% Before the compilation, the data should be converted to PDF and saved as 20110323.pdf
% Copyleft 2011 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov.
% At the reuse, please, indicate the source; this helps to trace errors, of any. 

\documentclass[12pt]{article}%<br> \paperheight =670pt%<br> \paperwidth =380pt%<br> \usepackage{fullpage}%<br> \topmargin -23mm%<br> \oddsidemargin -26mm%<br> \pagestyle{empty}%<br> \usepackage{hyperref} %<br> \usepackage{graphicx}%<br> \newcommand \sx {\scalebox}%<br> \newcommand \ing {\includegraphics}%<br> \begin{document}%<br> \begin{figure}%<br> \begin{center}%<br> \sx{2}{ \begin{picture}(121,337)%<br> \put(0,337){\sx{.34}{Contamination in 2011 March 14 - March 21: Data by Mainichi}}%<br> \put(0,333){\sx{.34}{\url{http://mainichi.jp/select/weathernews/news/images/20110323k0000m040088000p_size8.jpg}}}%<br> \put(0,329){\sx{.34}{and their fit by Dmitrii Kouznetsov}}%<br> \put(0,0){\ing{20110323}} %The *.jpg mentioned above should be converted to 20110323.pdf%<br> \put(-2,16){\sx{1.12}{\ing{4t1c}}}%<br> \end{picture}}%<br> \end{center}%<br> \end{figure}%<br> \end{document}%<br> % %