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Logo of Apache

Apache is source of software with homepage at http://www.apache.org [1]

It works!

Also, Apache is popular computer game, that pretends to open access to the local site for the view with the web browsers. The goal of the player is to find the directory, that is displayed in the browser as localhost or While the player did not find and modify file index.html in the hidden directory, the error message

It works!

is displayed. Some colleagues qualify the search in therms of fighting php [2][3][4][5].

If the player finds the directory, then, as a prise, the apache allows to display some meaningful information with browsers.


In some cases, the hidden directory is /Library/Webserver/Documents

Some hints can be displayed with command apache, that suggests many options, except, however, the path of the hidden directory.

The special software called ColdFusion is designed to help the user to find the lost directory, which is treated as root directory by the apache server [6].

Also, command ps -ax returns the list, that can be used to guess, which apache directory is used as default.


Except the computed game ("find the root"), Apache enables more serious activity. In particular, Apache software is used to support this site, TORI, at http://mizugadro.mydns.jp/t


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http://www.wikihow.com/Open-a-Bottle-Without-a-Bottle-Opener The key method to open a bottle.


Computer game, It works!, Localhost,

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