Back in the USSR

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Victims of holodomor, USSR [1]
Queue in the USSR food market [2]
Зюганов принимает детей в пионеры 2010.05.19. [4]

Back in the USSR (Назад в СССР) is historical concept of restauration of the main features of the USSR at the degradation of Russia in century 21.

Ethimology of the term

During the last period of duration of the USSR, the song Back in the USSR by Beatles is popular [5].

Perhaps, the musicians, giving the name to their song, did not see the typical realities of the USSR.

Various meanings of the term

The restauration may mean the recovery of many postulates of sovietism in the official paradigm and propaganda in the official TV, newspapers and sites.

The restoration of the USSR may mean the aggressive, fascistic foreign policy of military invasions to the neighbour countries and annexation of new territories, as the USSR did.

The restauration may mean the return from the feudal economical system to the slavery; the most important event expected is the recovery of the iron curtain, id est, violation of the right of citizen to leave from the country, as well as recovery of the system of concentration camps Gulag for the utilisation of forced labor of slaves.

If the movement Back in the USSR advances well, it may lead to the mass terror (Red terror), holodomor, and other phenomena of genocide, typical for the USSR.


Levada center claims, that at the investigation of the public opinion, the majority of population of Russia shows certain nostalgia with respect to USSR. According to the results presented, the amount of this nostalgia since 1992 to 2016 reduces slowly since, roughly, 70% to, roughly, 60%. For 2016, still, roughly, half of population think, that it was possible to avoid disintegration of the USSR. [6]/

Recovery of the USSR

In century 21, there are many indications that the Russian society recovers the Soviet style of life and management; so-called pahanat, dictatorship of the fuhrer (вертикаль власти фюрера) is constructed, similar to the absolute power of the Soviet genseks.

Events of the Putin world war, Russian invasion into Georgia (2008–2016), Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014–2016) look similar to the series of the Soviet invasions of century 20. However, up to year 2016, amount of victims of the Putin world war (2008–2016) seems to be orders of magnitude smaller, than that of the World War II (1939–1945).

2016, the news abut recovery of the slavery are discussed; the prisoners are suggested to be used in industry. [7].


In the movie "Back to the USSR", the protagonist - Anton - a successful businessman moves in time from Russia of year 2010 to the USSR of year 1975. Anton demonstrates abilities to adopt to the Soviet conditions and accepts them – under conditions, that he will belong to the class of soviet nomenclature, not a slave, as other soviet people. Anton even agrees to join the KPSS, as it is supposed to help him to become capitalist at the crash of the USSR expected. [8]. The movie demonstrates, that the Russian people are ready to return to the USSR.

Degradation of Russia to the USSR and then even to early time is represented in the movie "Denonsation" [9].

Collapse of Russia in the Soviet scenario and the resulting barbaric country is described in utopia Tartaria.


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