Barbara Smit

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Barbara Smit (Барбара Смит) is personage of utopia Tartaria. Below is the spoiler related to Barbara.

Barbara is big black woman.

Barbara Smit is minister of communication of University of Galia.

Barbara Smit is roommate of Agent Smith, minister of police of University of Galia.

Often their last name "Smit" is misspelt as the common British and American last name "Smith", but this seems to be unavoidable result of transliteration of Russian last name "Смит" To English.

Barbara handles the robots, who set the optical fiber communication lines between the local cameras of video monitoring and the National Library that is also at the University ov Galia. It is not declared officially, but the Galia University de-facto is administrative center of Galia, although the main office of Galia administration and the residence of the coordinator are placed in other city.

The coordinators in Tartaria are extremely limited in their budget; so, Barbara has to do most of job by herself. She employs students of the university for optimization of the networks. Barbara by herself brings and replace the cameras and routers, if they happen to be damaged. She tires not to prepare, but just replace all doubtful components; it is cheaper, than to employ a specialist for fixing of damages or bugs. Used staff is sent to truelags to provide employment of the refugee, who need to get practice and speciality in electronics.

Barbara distributes the portable registrators, bipers, among students and visitors of the University.

As many other women, who survived the Bigpuf, Barbara has difficulties giving light to a baby; she thinks to buy a small baby at the slave market.

Barbara catches the visiting professor Ruvim Pechor, when the Minister of Natural Resources, Vasili Pupkin pulls his out from the radioactive cranberry swamp. Barbara washes the cloth of Ruvim in the hard laundry machine and scratches his body with hard brushes, to wash out unstable isotopes from his skin; then she warms him in the spa. Ruvim still gets some cold, and, after this treatment, had to miss few days at his classes.

Barbara is attacked by Nata Kiskin, although Barbara is much stronger than Nata and defends herself well. Nata Kiskin is ex-wife of Ruvim Pechor. Nata comes to Ruvim from the USA without money, and Ruvim signs the document, that he is responsible for Nata during her staying in Tartaria. Nata commits several crimes, that include: Financial fraud: Nata borrows more money than she can return) Pedofobia: Nata attacks yang girl Gella Ivanov and assaults her with term "малолетняя пиздорванка"; word "Малолетняя" in the context is qualified as inappropriate. Nazism: Nata tries to hit Barbara, and qualifies Barbara with term "Черножопая блять"; the first word in this context is qualified as racism, nazism and is considered as heavy crime. The court under the top judge Li Sitsin sentence Nata to slavery and Ruvim to 2 years of forced labor.

Since that episode, Gella Ivanov loves Barbara. Gella thinks, that she want to get pregnant with a black man, that looks similar to Barbara. She succeeds and makes a baby especially for Barbara; so, Barbara gets the baby for free as a gift from Gella.



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