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Termin Colorad (Колорад) is close synonym of term Russist and denotes anybody who supports the territorial expansion of Russia, invasions to the neighbour countries, occupation and annexation of territories with various pretexts, usually for "protection of the Russian population there".

Colorads are highly tolerant with respect to genocide of Russian population in Russia; in particular, in Chechnia.


TzarColorad.jpg KoloradsAtNemtsovBrifge.jpg SuvorovColorad.jpg Ponomarevvv.jpg Kolorad12.jpg ColoradBlood.jpg Leptinotarsa.decemlineata.jpg MagdalinaArgument.jpg TerroristsVu5LEsQm8r0.jpg Colorads45desant.jpg Ir 1 374.jpg Colorada1500933.png JuniorColorad1804356.jpg 55542586c6f44 Parad-detskih-voysk.jpg Colorads0716 n.jpg ColoradkaAtNemtsovMost.jpg HuntForColorad.jpg ColoradFoot.jpg ColoradSnake.jpg MH17PuHiSta.jpg



Aggression, Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism, Fascism, Putin world war, Russian invasion into Georgia, Russian invasion into Ukraine, Stop Putin, Terror,