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Самый доходный бизнес в России - это коррупция, ее рынок достиг 300 млрд долларов ежегодно. 9 апреля 2013 г., 09:27

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Corruption in Russia is some kind of "style of life", as Dmitrii Medvedev confesses [1]. Russia goes forward to the top position in the competition for the country of highest level of corruption [2].

Election fraud

The corruption is seen, in particular, at the analysis of the governmental elections.

The parliamentary election 2011.12.04.Election are reported to be completely fake: of order of 1/3 of all ballots seem to be falisified, the most of votes for edro seem to be fake, and the most of protocols are reported to be altered. The similar fraud by the corrupted election committee is expected for the 2012.03.04.Election of the Russian President: rejection of the strongest Putin's competitors at the registration, fake ballots, fake protocols and so on. The corrupted administration cannot provide anymore even the image of the prudent election; it is reported that some candidates are rejected in the registration for errors in collection of signatures of support, while Vladimir Putin illegally had been registered as candidate, while he did not present the signatures of support at all. See the special article Antiputin (In Russian) on the subject.

self-support of corruption

The state of corruption in Russia seems to be self–supported. Vladimir Putin determines the judges, the local governadors and the elective committee Vladimir Churov; the elective committee commits the fraud at the elections, altering the the results in favor of Vladimir Putin and his party edro, and the Putin's judges consider the cases of these frauds and provide the decision in favor of the Putin and his party.

Partizan war agains the corruption

The constitutional change from the total corruption to the Law and Constitution is difficult. The partisan movement in 2010, beginning with the Primorie, aimed the physical elimination (murder) of corruptioners. The war against the rebels from the government was in certain sense successful: the thousands of machines sent to smash the partizans, won; the partizans got the moral support from the most of population, but did not have enough forces to combat the regular army.

Foreign help

Certain hopes may be related with the help of foreign countries. In Russia, it is cheaper to eliminate the police officer, who does not accept the bribe and investigates the crime, instead of hiding the evidences of the crime. Therefore, many corruptioners use terror in order to hide their crimes. The evidence of terroristic activity of Vladimir Putin and his party edro are avilable. In year 2011, it was revealed that Putin is not at the governmental service [3]; this simplifies the diplomatic issue at his arrested by the police of any civilized country, as terror is not considered as the internal affair of Russia. (See also Putin versus Clinton.)


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http://www.newsru.com/finance/09apr2013/corruption.html Самый доходный бизнес в России - это коррупция, ее рынок достиг 300 млрд долларов ежегодно. 9 апреля 2013 г., 09:27


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