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Dippa (ディッパ) は エピログ付きの1幕のドラマ です。 ("Dippa" is a one-act drama with epilogue. The English translation is supplied.)

Omawari141231.jpg Suzuki

Omawari233898.jpg Fujikawa


すずき かんじ は おまわり さん です。 (Kanji Suzuki is a police officer)

ふじかわ にしお は すずき の 署長 です。 (Fujikawa Nishio is the chief of Suzuki)



ふじかわ さん が 彼 の オフィス に います。(Fujikawa is in his office.)

すずき (登場): 署長, 手がかりを見つけた! 3つの 事案 すべてが同じ2人につながります!
Suzuki (Apparece): Chief, I found a clue! All three cases lead to the same two people!

PoloniumTea.jpg 2017.09.25.PuffLeMonde.png

ふじかわ: あなたは何について話していますか? (Fujikawa: What are you talking about?)

3番目。多くの covid19 患者が同じ地下鉄路線 を 使用しました。これは統計的に有意です。

First. Po-210 and Ru-106 in the waters of the Temusa river. // The second. Discovered the poison "Novichoku" at Kodomoyama. // The third. Many covid19 patients used the same subway lines. This is statistically significant.// In all three cases, a strange couple was detected by the observation cameras. They spread the infection.

ふじかわ:彼らは だれ ですか? (Who are they?)


(Naina Bitzer. Female. Born in Kyberia. Resident. // Joseph Bosh. male. Born in Putinberg. Visitor.)



Diplomatic passport of Russia.jpg



ふじかわ:ボシュ と ビッツァー。.. データベース で 確認させてください。..

(Bosch and Bitzer. .. Let me check it in the database.)

すずき:はい。私はすでにそこで見つけました。 (Yes. I already found there.)

ふじかわ: こぇは です。 モニター1、ボシュ.. モニター2、ビッツァー..

(This. Monitor 1, Bosch.. Monitor 2, Bitzer..


Gathered information about them.. In addition, they distribute cocaine. It's not our case, but...

ふじかわ: なんということしょう、 すずき さん。ボシュとビッツァーの両方に外交パスポートがあります。それ らについてあなたができることは何もありません

What the heck, Mr. Suzuki. Both Bosh and Bitzer have diplomatic passports. There is nothing you can do about them.

すずき: 証拠があります。.. (There is evidence. ..)


It doesn't matter. People with diplomatic passports cannot be arrested.

すずき:彼らは私たちの市民を殺しています。彼らは犯罪者です。逮捕状に署名します。明日、彼らは逮捕される でしょう。 3つのケースすべてを一度にしましょう! そしてもう一つのコカインのケース。私たちはそれらを止めることができます。

They are killing our citizens. They are criminals. Sign the arrest warrant. Tomorrow they will be hand-held and arrested. Close all three cases at once! .. And another case of cocaine. We can stop them.


Sorry, I can't do anything with the suspect who has a diplomatic passport. Come up with another version that no one has a diplomatic passport.

すずき: 彼らはテロリストです。.. (They are terrorists. ..)

ふじかわ: 外交官 は ポロニウム、ノビチョク、コビッド19、コカイン を 密輸します。しかし、それは私たちのビジネスではありません。外交パスポートを持つ人は核爆弾を運ぶことができます。これも私たちの仕事ではありません。

Diplomats smuggle polonium, Novichok, Covid 19, and cocaine. But that's not our business. People with diplomatic passports can carry nuclear bombs. This is not our job either.



すずき: わかりますが ..。 ああ..。 (untranslatable dirty slang)


外交パスポートを所持している人は、法律を遵守する必要はありません。彼らはあらゆる犯罪を犯す可能性があり、私たちは干渉してはなりません... もちろん、首相に手紙を書くこともできます。しかし、彼はそれを読むことはほとんどありません。 ぷとれる は 彼の友達です。現在、この悪党の支持なしに誰も重要な選挙に勝つことはできません。 それはアメリカからコレアまで、どこでもこのように起こります! 大臣 は 彼 の 友人 を 攻撃しません。あなたは私と一緒に働いている間、私が言うことをしなければなりません。それがすべてです!仕事に行きなさい!

Those who have a diplomatic passport do not have to comply with the law. They can commit any crime and we must not interfere... Of course, you can also write a letter to the Prime Minister. But he rarely reads it. Putru is his friend. Currently, no one can win an important election without the support of this villain. Of course, the minister does nothing against his friends. You have to do what I say while working with me. that's all! go to work!




ふじかわ にしお と の 対話の後、すずき さん は 警察を去った。すずき さん は 現在、小さな庭で野菜を栽培していま 。彼は外交パスポートを持つテロリストが彼の国の人口全体を殺すことを 恐れています、彼はこれが彼の協力によって起こることを望んでいませんない。

After a dialogue with Nishio Fujikawa, Kanji Suzuki left the police. Suzuki is currently growing vegetables in a small garden. He fears terrorists with diplomatic passports killing the entire population of his country, he does not want this to happen with his cooperation.

すずき さん は、不安定な同位体、毒物、ウイルスがないか製品を注意深くチェックしています。彼は収入のほと んどをそのような診断のための機器の購入に費やしています。鈴木野菜はとても美しくて美味しいです。彼は庭の近くの小さな屋台で食べ物を売っています。彼に会ったら、彼の製品の購入を検討してください。

Suzuki vegetables are very beautiful and delicious. He sells food at a small stall near the garden. If you see him, consider buying his product.

すずき は、不安定な同位体、毒物、ウイルスがないか製品を注意深くチェックしています。彼は収入のほとんどをそのような診断のための機器の購入に費やしています。

Suzuki carefully checks his products for unstable isotopes, poisons and viruses. He spends most of his income on purchasing equipment for such diagnostics.


The Russian consul has sent large sums of money to Suzuki's account. Susuki does not hide this, but does not withdraw money from this account. When asked about this, he calls it "blood money."


The author would like to thank the experts who helped collect the material for this comedy.

Do not confuse helpers and consultants with the protagonist. People, places and names were invented by the author. The country was also invented.

批評家は高く評価されるべきです。 (Critics should be appreciated.)

Comment by a Specialist





(It happened to be initially in English)

The text is inappropriate. It may attract the KGB agents.

You know their methods: they kill enemies with ice ax, with nerve poisson, with unstable isotopes, they shout enemies with guns over all the world.

Hundreds authors over the wold had been killed either personally by Putin, or by the KGB agents, who follow his orders.

They may send Boshirov and Petrov to you.

The KGB agents can drop an airplane on your home.

Please, try not to conflict with them.

This is very important, because the KGB agents are extremely dangerous..

We need to keep peace with them. May be, even support them: then, we have chance to be last their victims and survive other.

You need to remember, that the meat is at the top side of a sandwich. You need to learn, where the fish is hidden in a sushi. You should know, that the KGB's dogs first attack those people, who does not keep his hands behind his back and raise questions about their crimes. You've read the stories about Gulag; so, you should understand, how to survive in a society.

Reply by the Author

This text is exersice, in learning Japanese. Please, do not consider it too serious.


2016.01.30.Week.jpg PoloniumTea.jpg ShouguPutinIvanovKatyn2.jpg Razbojniki.jpg 2019-06-19mh17.jpeg PuWowa.jpg TribunalPutinMissile.jpg BoshirovPetrov724x960.jpg DWq2dnNW0AETo2Y.jpg StupinEgg3qbuUwAAzYka.jpeg StupinPrigozhin.jpg EgFIGjcUcAI1bhA.jpg HelloBarak636522l.jpg MH17visu.jpg BsxvmIOCYAAcS2e.jpg NiktoNeVyzhil.jpg StopptPutin300.jpeg KrutojAss.jpg


https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-45429894 Novichok attack: Putin ultimately responsible - minister. 6 September 2018

https://thebulletin.org/2019/11/what-happened-after-an-explosion-at-a-russian-disease-research-lab-called-vector/ What happened after an explosion at a Russian disease research lab called VECTOR? By Filippa Lentzos, November 27, 2019. .. And who knows, in 20 years’ time, we might even find out what happened at VECTOR from an HBO series, as one local resident near the VECTOR site tweeted, referring to the popular show about the Chernobyl disaster.


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