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[[Vladimir Putin]],
[[Vladimir Putin]],
[[Партия жуликов и воров]]
[[Партия жуликов и воров]],
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[[Category:Vladimir Putin]]
[[Category:Vladimir Putin]]

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Anti-edro meeting at Petersburg 2011.12.18. [1]
Pro-edro meeting [2]

Edro (transliteration from Russian Едро, ЕдРо, Единая Россия) is ruling political party, mafia in Russia of century 21.

Edro is believed to collect terrorists, robbers, knives, impostors and betrayers of all kind [3].

The party is created in approximately year 2000 for support of Vladimir Putin and does not seem to have any other goals.

Scientific frauds

Edro is known for the freaks such as clean water, gravitsapa, Amphoras scandal.

Election fraud

The party become famous in 2011 by the mass fraud at the parliament election in 2011.12.04; the estimates show, that the most of of ballots in favor of that party are fake. That fraud caused the mass protests. The evidences of the fraud at the 2011.12.04.Election indicate to the same point, forming "a very strong case" [4]. One thinks, that at the beginning of century 21, the edros keep the superior power in Russia due to the massive election fraud. This opinion agrees with the results of the statistical analysis [5][6][7] of the "official" published data of the results of the parliamentary election.


Thousands podpisants think, that under ruling of Edro, in century 21 Russia became terroristic state [8][9]


Due to corruption of the Russian of the Russian police and judges, the legal resistance against Edro in Russia is difficult, if at al.

Some edros and their alias are caught in other countries. [10]

Some preventive actions against the most famous Russian edros include the personal sanctions; many edros are prohibited to visit civilised countries.


Some authors think that Edro is handled from the United Kingdom [2].

There are many jokes about edro in the internet [11];

The handling of Edro from the USA is also considered in the parody "Revisor2012" (Revizor1,Revizor2,Revizor3,Revizor4) [12].


Evidences, suggested in the cited publications, should not be considered as invitation to perform reciprocal terroristic activity, killing members of Edro and their families.


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