Eduard Kruglyakov

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Edward Kruglyakov.jpg

Kruglyakov Eduard (Кругляко́в Эдуа́рд Па́влович, 22 oct. 1934, Krasnodar — 6 nov. 2012, Novosibirsk), Russian physicist, worked in plasma physics; in particular, investigated the gas dynamic traps [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. Kruglyakov worked on the recycling (utilization) of the gas-magnetic traps (made in century 20 with primary goal to achieve the controllable nuclear fusion reaction) [8].

Kruglyakov is known by his critics of the pseudo–scientific Russian governmental programs, (that are believed to be oriented to money laundry as the only goal). In particular, Kruglyakog used to indicate that the "achievements" of the RAEN ace nothing to do with science. Kruglyakov had noted the observations that indicate the degradation of Science in Russia in the beginning of century 21 [9][10][11]. Many publications by Kruglyakov on this topic are cited at the site "РАЗУМ или ВЕРА" [12] (In Russian).


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