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Explicit plot of BesselY0 (red), BesselJ1 (green) and BesselJ0 (blue).

Generator of curves

// Files conto.cin, ado.cin, besselj0.cin, besselj1.cin, bessely0.cin should be loaded to the working directory in order to compile the C++ code below:

#include <stdlib.h>
#define DB double
#define DO(x,y) for(x=0;x<y;x++)
using namespace std;
#include <complex>
typedef complex<double> z_type;
#define Re(x) x.real()
#define Im(x) x.imag()
#define I z_type(0.,1.)
#include "conto.cin"
#include "besselj0.cin"
#include "besselj1.cin"
#include "bessely0.cin"
main(){ int j,k,m,n; DB x,y, p,q, t; z_type z,c,d;
FILE *o;o=fopen("bessely0j0j1.eps","w");ado(o,162,27);
fprintf(o,"1 16 translate\n 10 10 scale\n"); 
fprintf(o,"2 setlinecap\n"); 
DO(m,17) {M(m,-1)L(m,1)}
fprintf(o,"0 0 0 RGB .01 W S\n"); 
fprintf(o,"1 setlinejoin 1 setlinecap .03 W\n"); 
M(0,1) DO(m,161){ x=.1*m; y=Re(BesselJ0(x)); L(x,y) } fprintf(o,"0 0 1 RGB S\n"); 
M(0,0) DO(m,161){ x=.1*m; y=Re(BesselJ1(x)); L(x,y) } fprintf(o,"0 .8 0 RGB S\n"); 
DO(m,320){ x=.1+.05*m; y=Re(BesselY0(x)); if(m==0)M(x,y) else L(x,y) } fprintf(o,"1 0 0 RGB S\n"); 
fprintf(o,"showpage\n%c%cTrailer",'%','%'); fclose(o);
    system("epstopdf bessely0j0j1.eps");
    system(    "open bessely0j0j1.pdf");            
    getchar(); system("killall Preview");//for mac

Latex generator of labels

File bessely0j0j1.pdf should be generated with code above in order to compile the Latex document below.

% \documentclass[12pt]{article} %<br> \paperheight 260px %%<br> \paperwidth 1634px %%<br> \textwidth 1290px %%<br> \textheight 1200px %%<br> \topmargin -100px %%<br> \oddsidemargin -80px %%<br> \usepackage{graphics} %%<br> \usepackage{rotating} %%<br> \usepackage{color}%%<br> \newcommand \sx {\scalebox} %%<br> \newcommand \rot {\begin{rotate}} %<br> \newcommand \ero {\end{rotate}} %<br> \newcommand \ing {\includegraphics} %<br> \newcommand \rmi {\mathrm{i}} %<br> \begin{document} %<br> \begin{picture}(1840,270) %<br> %\put(12,12){\sx{10}{\includegraphics{besselj0j1plot}}} %<br> \put(12,12){\sx{10}{\includegraphics{bessely0j0j1}}} %<br> \put( 0,260){\sx{2.4}{$1$}} %<br> \put( 0,162){\sx{2.4}{$0$}} %<br> \put(-15,62){\sx{2.4}{$-\!1$}} %<br> \put( 15,46){\sx{2.5}{$0$}} %<br> \put(115,46){\sx{2.5}{$1$}} %<br> \put(215,46){\sx{2.5}{$2$}} %<br> \put(315,46){\sx{2.5}{$3$}} %<br> \put(415,46){\sx{2.5}{$4$}} %<br> \put(515,46){\sx{2.5}{$5$}} %<br> \put(615,46){\sx{2.5}{$6$}} %<br> \put(715,46){\sx{2.5}{$7$}} %<br> \put(815,46){\sx{2.5}{$8$}} %<br> \put(915,46){\sx{2.5}{$9$}} %<br> \put(1010,46){\sx{2.5}{$10$}} %<br> \put(1110,46){\sx{2.5}{$11$}} %<br> \put(1210,46){\sx{2.5}{$12$}} %<br> \put(1310,46){\sx{2.5}{$13$}} %<br> \put(1410,46){\sx{2.5}{$14$}} %<br> \put(1510,46){\sx{2.5}{$15$}} %<br> \put(1612,46){\sx{2.5}{$x$}} %<br> %\put(330,212){\sx{3}{$Y_0(x)$}} %<br> %\put(330,106){\sx{3}{$J_0(x)$}} %<br> \put(25,244){\sx{2.6}{$J_0(x)$}} %<br> \put(25,206){\sx{2.6}{$J_1(x)$}} %<br> \put(38,25){\sx{2.6}{$Y_0(x)$}} %<br> \end{picture} %<br> \end{document} %

% Copyleft 2012 by Dmitrii Kouznetsov

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