Fisherman and Developer

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P8-miyake-a-20181227-870x580.jpg レアクトル は むすかし です.. [1]

WaterWheel042.gif $~ ~ ~$ Waterwheel [2]

Fisherman and Developer (Рыбак и Девелопер) is fairy tale for/from utopia Tartaria.

Long, long ago, there was old Fisherman. His name was Ojiisan. His wife was called Obaasan.

They used to live very near one very big and very Pacific Ocean.

Ojiisan used to catch fish, clamors, Laminaria and other seafood from the Ocean.

Obaasan handled the rise field near their home.

Once, Ojiisan walked near very Pacific Ocean, and saw the golden Developer there.

The Developer said with human voice:

– For you, there there should be attractor:
The Nuclear super-Reactor..
and you will have light, even at night!
And you'll grow the corn, and your home will be warm..

Ojiisan frightened, rejected:

We are simple folks, oh Developer.. How can we handle the Nuclear Reactor at the Pacific Ocean? Better, we'll live as we lived during many years..

Ojiisan returned his home, and told to Obaasan about the Developer:

– I did not accept his offers: We we simple folks How can we handle the Nuclear Reactor at the Pacific Ocean? Better, we'll live as we lived during many years.

Obaasan scolded Ojiisan, criticized:

- You failed to catch our luck with the Developer..
At least, we could power the electric pump for the rice field;
our water wheel has completely decayed..
Go to the Pacific Ocean, and catch up with the developer, let them supply us with at least one reactor.

Ojiisan ran to the Ocean; Ojiisan caught up Developer:

– Obaasan mine curses.. She asks to put at least one reactor, otherwise there is nothing to feed the pump to get water from the river up to the rice field; our water wheel completely decayed ..

- Do not be sad, Ojiisan, - Developer said, – there will be reactor for you.

The Developer put the Nuclear Reactor, right next to the Pacific Ocean. The Reactor provided the electricity, so Obaasan powered the electric water pump, and there was always as much water in the rice field as Obaasana wished.

But then Obaasan scolded:

- In one reactor, how much self-interest do we get? You could ask at least two, we would cell electricity, We would build uo new home for us, and make the paved road, so, I wold carry our rice to the market with an electric lorry! Go to the Developer, and ask one more reactor for us!

Ojiisan gone to the Pacific Pcean.. some wave are at the water.. Ojiisaan finds the Developer.

- What do you want, Oldman - developer asks.

Again I am in troubles.. Again my wide puffed up, does not let me in peace.. She wants one more reactor, to cell electricity, to build the new home for us, and to make the paved road, to carry our rice to the market with an electric lorry!

- Do not worry, oldmaan, - Developer says.


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