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The intrigue continued, as an avalanche in a snowy mount. Minister of Nature, [[Valili Pupkin]] traced the conversations of Ivanov's. He called [[Agent Smit]]:<br>
The intrigue continued, as an avalanche in a snowy mount. Minister of Nature, [[Vasili Pupkin]] traced the conversations of Ivanov's. He called [[Agent Smit]]:<br>
- Гена, привет.
- Гена, привет.
- Privet, Vasili.
- Privet, Vasili.

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Gella interview (Интервью Геллы) is part of utopia Tartaria.


In the morning, Gella had been awaken with call:
- May I talk to Gella Ivanov?
- That's me.
- I am Cristin Magomy, The Clever Times.
- Ага, Клеветаймс.
- Мисс Гелла, Вы можете говорить по-русски.
- I see no reason to talk with you. In any language.
- Why so, miss Gella?
- You mistreated Ruvim Pechor. Then he had been sentenced and sent to decontamination labor. As a slave. But he is brilliant biologist. That happened because of your dirty and false publications.
- That was not me. It is my first month at the Clever Times. Please, consider.
- Hmm..
- We can pay for the interview.
- Can we release Ruvim Pechor with this money?
- We can pay a thousand dollars.
- 200 fans. [1]
- Excuse me, but 200 fans is not a thousand dollars, but ..
- No excuse. I told, 200 funs. Money forward.
- Well, why do you begin in this way?..
- I did not begin this way. First, your gazeta slandered my teacher. He suffers a lot. Now you want an interview. I call such a price that you lag behind.
- I need to consult the chief editor.
- Thank you for your interest. Bye!

Such a dialogue happened between Christin Magomy from editorial of the Clever Times, NY, USA and Gella Ivanov (more detaily, "Gella Ivanov Tika"), daughter of Matvei Ivanov and Tika Ivanov, yang student at the Biologic Department of University of Galia, Tartaria.

While Gella spoke, Matvei woke up. As soon, as Gella hanged up, Matvei commented:
- Bravo, daughter! At last I hear the speech not of a girl, But of a woman! [2]


The content of Matvei did not last long. Soon the call repeated:

- Miss Gella Ivanov?
- Yes.
- I am Zigan Bolzhevikov, top editor of the Clever Times.
- I already talked with Cristin Magomy. Is he your?
- Yes, I know. We may offer 150 funs for the interview..
- Disn't Cristin told, that this costs 200 funs?
- He told, but..
- So what?..
- Can you give an half-hour interview for 200 funs?
- Yes, but money first. And my mama and papa may assist. If they want. And our friends too.
- We agree. Where to transfer money? What is your account?
- Murka Bank. Full name: Gella Ivanov Tika.
- May be you accept cash?
- Yes. Cash is also fine.
- Cristin arrives Kristovina tomorrorow at 10 with some minutes..
- I shall not pick him up.
- He will take a cab.
- Day time, I have classes and job. Mama and Papa also are occupied. I can give you my time between 18 hours and 20 hours, during 30 minutes. Your choice.
- 18 should should be fine.
- I doubt, if a bankomat at Galia gives you 200 funs at once. Consider Kristovina.
- Do not worry, miss Gella. We have monetary of Tartaria in the required amount.
- Then, why your employees pretend to be poor?
- It takes long time to explain.. Today, Cristin will send you the tentative list of questions..
- Uhu. See him. bye.
- Have a good day, miss Gella.

Tika come and commented:
- This may be fine, Gella, but you should be careful.
- Mom, could you invite Agent Smit? Tomorrow, at 18h..
- Why don't you call him by yourself?
- I am.. how to say.. still shy.. He knows, I love his Barbara rather than him.. This makes him sad.. You know the case..
- I'll do, Gella. I hope, Agent has time for us. But they live together. If you love Barbara, you should love Agent too. This is rule: If you love me, love also my partner!
- I know, Mama. I try. I learn.. Do you think, the "Clever Times" indeed bring us 200 funs?
- I think so.. This is called "politics". Huge money are rounding there.

Conversation with Agent Smit was short:
- Agent, we have urgent deal.. Gella becomes a TV star..
- I know.
- Do you have time for us?
- I'll be with you tomorrow at 18.
- Thank you, Agent.
- That is my job.
- Kiss to Barbara. Bye.
- See you, Tika. Bye.

- What for do they need my interview? - Gella asked.
- As usually, to rise a new scandal. - Matvei said. - By the way, it is smart idea, to invite Agent. His testimony be valued, if you say anything doubtful.. Good, that he has time for us. I am pretty sure, the Clever Times have prepared some trick.. I bet, they already sent you the list of questions..
- Yes, pa. But I have no time to work on it.
- You may run a robot to prepare the draft of answers. I've red some "interviews" of such a kind. Most of questions are stupid: either non correct, or so simple, that any database can answer.
- Some tricky questions may be not in the list, - Tika said.
- Hence, there is no reason to read questions before they are asked, - Gella resumed, - no need to help them to set-up a trap.

This was the end of the impromptu family council, as Tika had already prepared breakfast.


The intrigue continued, as an avalanche in a snowy mount. Minister of Nature, Vasili Pupkin traced the conversations of Ivanov's. He called Agent Smit:
- Гена, привет. - Privet, Vasili. – Я вот про что. Ты про Геллу знаешь. Ты, значит, присмотри за ней..
- Vasili, do not worry..
- Гена, она ж в политику лезет. Это ж грязь, грязнее не бывает.. Была ж классная нимфетка.. Я ж её совсем крошкой помню.. Под стол пешком ходила во время вечеринок. Мужики аж дрожали от неё; она выходила из под стола, вся обкончаная.. Хорошая ж деваха.. Блядь классная! Учится, работает, мальчиков всех перетрахала, вундеркиндер, в универе отличница, ебеныть. А эти, Клеветаймс которые, они ж прожженые негодяи. Загубят же деваху, рзвратят нахуй..
- Vasili, слышь.. She is of Matvei and Tika. Наше с тобой дело - сторона. Ты за Геллу не бойся, она сама кого хошь уделает. Если чего противозаконное против неё будет, я сам кипеж подниму, по долгу службы.
- Ген, ну, ты сам смотри, я тебя предупредил. Смотри, чтобы она поосторожнее с газетчиками. Ты ж знаешь их стиль. Всё переврут, и кино склеють, что падаешь, значить, в дерьмо стремительным домкратом..
- No not worry, Vasili. We'll be carefyl.
- Nu, baibai..
– Bye, Vasili. Have a good day.

Agent Smith called Li Sitsin:

– Hello, Li pro.
- Hello, Agent.
- Please, look record from home of Ivanovs this morning.
- Anything serious?
- Pupkin worries.
- I got.
- Have a good day!
- You too.

Next call was from Li Sitsin, top judge of Galia, to Vasili Pupkin, minister of Nature.
- Василий, я слышал, ты в курсе про Геллу.
- Ли, дорогой ну конечно! Боюсь я за деваху. Совратят ведь..
- Василий, слушай сюда. Мы с Агентом постараемся это тихо провернуть. То есть чтобы Координатора не задёргали. И меня тоже. Но у меня к тебе просьба. Не гони волну.
- Ну да, а я что? Я ж только Генку предупредил.
- Смит знает своё дело и он справится. Только ты не лезь, а? А то боюсь хуже сделаешь. Лучше бы ты Basic English выучил, чем сплетни разносить.. Вот перевёл бы твои частушки на аглицкий, и отвлёк бы Клеветаймс от Геллы. У меня план есть, и мне нужны твои частушки. Но по английски.
- Ли, ты всегда говоришь загадками; но я постараюсь..
- Чао.
- See you.

Then Li Sitsin called Po Lin: [3]
- 宝琳娜,我们山谷的芬芳之花..
- 嗨,李,我的智慧。
- 一个高贵的女孩在刀刃上跳舞。
- Gella正在做必要的练习。
- Vasili变得担心。
- 宝琳娜 将帮助他。
-当宝琳娜 角质时,她将需一个李希卿
- 李会准时。
- 我对此很期待。

The Chinese philosophy (as Asian marital arts) imply, that any action, good or evil, should return to the sender. Li Sitsin is not only judge, but also philosopher.

There is no privacy in Tartaria. Vasili Pupkin listened the dialogue of Li Sitsin with Po Lin. He summarized it with 2 words: "Нихуясе абдакадабра". But he understood, that in the unavoidable conflict, Po Lin will be at side of Gella, Smit, Li Sitsin and, of course, at side of Pupkin.

Po Lin

In order to get solve the heavy task by Li Sitsin, Valili Puplin needed some drink. And some food. Because, after a serious drink, it is difficult to get food.

Po Lin usually traced her customers. However, she knew about Gella, about the Clever Times, about Agent Smit and even about Vaslii Pupkin. She believed, that Smith and Sitsin know well their job, and do not allow any foreign journalists to mistreat Gella, but Po Lin had had concerns about Vaslili Pupkin. She knew Pipkin as very impulsive man, and call by Li Sitsin confirmed her worries.

Po Lin got moment, when Pupkin approached the shop, and drop on her hair the special perfume. She was in her shop, when Pupkin entered..


Li Sitsin traced Pupkin through his biper, and chosen the appropriate moment. He delicately knocked the door of Vasili's home (although it was not locked)
– Василий, к тебе можно?
- Ли Сицин, что ли? - Vasili replied, - Ну, заходи скорее! Чего ты там стоишь?
- Li,快来我们! - Po Lin enforced the invitation by Vasili.
- Po Lin, 亲爱的! - Li said.
- Как здорово, что ты пришёл, Ли, - Pupkin said, - Полина только раскочегарилась, а я уже.. Как старый пень.. Смотри, как она раскрылась..
- Boys, love you! – Po Lin said, - Ли, он врёт про пень, его сучок очень хорош.. Come on, Li..

An hour later, Li Sitsin left Po Lin, sleeping in hugs of Pupkin, and returned to his official duties. The dangerous figure in the dangerous game, initiated by the Clever Times, had been neutralized at least for few days.


At 6pm, Journalist of the Clever Times, id est, Cristin Magomy and camera operator Eva Hebb came to Ivanov's. Agent Smit, Matvei Ivanov, Tika Ivanov and, of course Gella Ivanov were already there. After to say "Hello", Cristin begun to talk for the camera:

- Miss Gella Ivanov is student of the Univeristy of Galia. We are glad, that Miss Gella agreed to answer our questions..

Gella interrupted in a brutal manner:
– Money first!

Matvei felt himself uncomfortable. He disapproved the Gella's Rudeness and spontaneity, but he did not want his replicaс to appear on the video record.
Christin put on the table the pack of 20 banknotes of 10 fans each, tied with an elastic band.
Gella removed the band and odrered the fans as a rectangle 2 x 10.
Then, Gella turned to Agent Smit:
– Agent pro, could you verufy them?

Agent made a light jest with scanner (numbers of banknotes were transferred to the database as Gella's income) and confirmed:
– They are fine. Don't worry, Gella.

Gella put two banknotes to her pocket, took 9 banknots with left hand, 9 banknots with right hand, and gave them to Matvei and Tika, with words:
- Mama, Papa, that is for you. Take them, please.

Tika opened the armored box and put both packs of the banknotes (her and those Matvei passed to her) there. The operator filmed the three guns, four boxes of pistons and 3 grenades, that were inside.

Gella said, imitating the voice of a banking robot:
- Mister Christin Magomy. The payment for the service you ordered was successful. You have 30 minutes. I shall try to answer your questions. Go ahead.

- Miss Gella, - Cristin began, your mother put the money in the safe, which contains a machine gun, two pistols and grenades. Is this a combat weapon?

- Yep. We have, softly speaking, the cult of weapon. We had such a Bigpuf here, that we are afraid, that someone tries to repeat..

- Yes, it is clear. Thanks.. Last year, answering a question by a British journalist, you told, how did you appear.
- Well, yes, it was so.
- Do you remember what you said?
- Yes, of course. I'm not old yet, I don't have sclerosis.
- Can you repeat your answer.
- I can.
- Please, what did you say that time?
- I said that I was bought in a store.
- Has your point of view on this issue changed since then?
- No, it hasn't changed. Why would it change?
- Well, new information ...
- Let me guess.. Are you curious to know, where children come from, but you are shy to ask?
- Our readers are interested to know your opinion about this.
- You are welcome. Here is my opinion: The girl is fucked by men. They insert dick into her pussy. During orgasm, semen is released into the uterus. If the girl has reached puberty, there may be an egg there. If there are enough spermatozoa, then the surface of the egg allows one sperm to pass inside, and it fertilizes, and adheres to the wall of the uterus. There is special place for this. There a planceta is formed, through which this egg and the embryo, into which it converts, receive nutrition. The girl becomes pregnant. And after about 9 months since the coitus, she gives light to a baby. Sometimes two or even three.
- But this is not your case?
- Not yet. I have no eggs in my uterus to fertilize. But I'm growing up; in one or two years, I will be able to.
- You said you were bought in a store?
- Well yes. Mom could not get pregnant. Mom and dad went to the store. Slavemarket. Well, an Adoption Center. Actually, it is the same. Mama and papa chosen me. They paid the price and took me away. They had chosen me because I was red hair with green eyes, long legs and smiled when other children cried. Because I was the nicest. Thank you, Mom; thanks, Dad!
- Where were you before?
- As where? - Gella was upset with stupidity of the adult. – I told you, at slavemarket!
- And before the slavemarket?.. May be you do not understand the question, I repeat in Russian: До распродажи, вы были где?
- Как "где", в пизде! I mean, in the womb of a woman who was not a citizen of Tartaria. Probably, she was a slave or a zek. I think, the Tartarian would not sell her daughter. Especially a baby so pretty as I am. But I was very small that time. I don't remember. Mama and Papa told me so. Why is it so interesting? Where I come from, is it more interesting than who I am and what do I do? Where did you come from? Were you made somehow differently, not like me? Do you have a mom and dad?
- Yes, I have a father and a mother.
- Good for you! It is important that every girl has at least one mother and, if possible, at least one father.
- Your views on the family are somewhat unusual for our readers..
- Mom, dad and daughter, this is a family. What's unusual about that?
- You said "at least one mom", as if there could be two moms ...
- Of course, they could be two. Gulchatai Petrova has two moms. Mama Nastia and mama Dasha. They love her so much that sometimes she fails to do her homework. And they don't beat her for that. If they loved Gulia a little less, she would study better.
- Wait, Gella, how can a child have two mothers? Was she adopted?
- No! Guchatai has two biologilal mothers.
- Could you explain this?
- Yes, why not? Dasha's brother fucked Nastya. At Dasha's request. Leslie Landov transplanted the embryo from mama Nastia to mama Dasha, because mama Nastya was not supposed to give light to a baby, as she had serious injuries, since the days of the Bigpuf.. And mama Dasha had problems with her ovaries, she could not get pregnant in other way ..
- And where is this brother of Dasha? Is he father?
- He left them. He said, that they are spoiling Gulya too much, and that he does not want to take part in this outrage.
- That is, he gave up the rights to the child?
- He's a man, what are his rights? The child is the mother's property. Well, in case of Gulia, they are half and half.
- Is the child the property of the mother?
- Well, not necessarily. I am the property of Tika and Matvei. Also half and half. If they quarrel and break up, I don't know what they will do to me. Maybe cut me into two halves. Such a case had been discussed few kiloyear ago. King Salomon had suggested such a solution.
- Gella, are you kidding?
- Yes. But only in this. If they quarrel, the judge will decide. I think they will give me to Matvei, because he has a house, and Tika will buy a new daughter. Or a new son. But they will not quarrel. They love each other.
- Are you sure about that?
- Yes, of course. I know how do they fuck.
- And they tell you this?
- They tell, and show, and allow me to participate. Usually we do it together, if I cannot sleep.. Mr. Cristin, why are you asking such a thing? You can watch the records of how we love each other. It's free.
- How old are you, Gella?
- I am 10. I'll be 11 in July.
- You indicated that you are sexually active .. In America it would be prohibited. This would be qualified as incest, pedophilia and child pornography.
- This is one of reasons, why we are here, and not in America. Pedophilia is prohibited in America, but pedophobia is prohibited in Tartaria.
- Miss Gella, what do you call "pedophobia"?
- Well, this is when a person is rejected because of his or her age. Too young or too old. If Vasily Pupkin, or someone of his age .. He's over a hundred .. If he came to Murkabank and pays a fan, but is refused the service because he is old. Or a small girl or boy is rejected by an adult. The same.
- Do you mean service of.. a sexworker? - Yes. Officially it is called "age discrimination", but it term "pedofobia" is more usual. - Had you had an experience of that kind? - Yes. Once I dragged the professor into bed.. By the way, Ruvim Pechor.. He tried to refuse me, because I am too small. Mom had to call the police. Agent Smit had to explain to Pechor the case.. Ruvim understood and did that he was supposed to. Mama can confirm. - Yes, Mister Magomi, - Tika said - I confirm. It was great pleasure. But I do not understand your curiosity in this subject. These things should be done rather than to discuss..

Cristin hiccupped and coughed, but Gella calmly continued:

- And here's another example. Ruvim's exwife, Nata Kiskin, had attacked me. This would be just a hooliganism, only, but she had explained, that I'm too young for Ruvim. So, that was also pedophobia. Judge Li Sitsin and his three colleagues had qualified this in such a way. Nata had been enslaved, sent to forced labor for this. Unfortunately, Ruvim had been arrested and sentenced too, because he had signed a surety for Nata, upon her arrival. He hadn't seen her for a long time and he forgot how wicked she is. And Nata happened to be criminal; so, Ruvim had been sentenced too. If I'd been more careful, I'd be carrying a gun. That thing you saw in the armored box ... I would have shot Nata as soon as she attacked me. And nobody would blame at me, nor at mom, nor at dad. Because self defense. I am owned by Mom and Dad; I am not a wild animal, I am Property. Property of Tartarians! Any property should be defended, in any way.. Well, that is second example of pedofobia. As you can see, both examples are from my personal life.

- Wait, - Kristin Magomy came to his senses, - you said ... Property?

- Well yes. I told you, mom and dad BOUGHT me. Until they sell me, or until they inaugurate me as Tartarian, I am their property.
- Is the child the property of the parents ??
- Usually, the mother's property. Well, until he or she gets citizenship.
- You are not a citizen of Tartaria?
- Well, how many times should I repeat, that I am mother's and father's. They bought me in half. I am PROPERTY. Not yet Tartarian.
- So you are like a slave?
- You can call it that. I said, I was sold and bought at the slave market.
- Do you know that slavery is prohibited in civilized countries?
- Well, in your country, when your America was just formed, the slavery not prohibited. Your country is already three hundred years old, and ours is only 30. Maybe, in our country, too, after a hundred years, it will be prohibited. If Tartaria does not collapse, as the USSR did. It is difficult to expect that a child who is 3 years old will be able to behave like an adult who is 30 years old. The same with countries. And there is no need to force a three-year-old child to solve problems that he cannot afford. You don't force kindergarten babies to evaluate integrals, do you? Well, so, don't force Tartaria to meet your standards.

- There exist countries formed in the 20th century. There, the slavery was prohibited since the beginning.

- Yes, I red about the West Europe. And the USA. Your priests and other offees have monopolized sex. Offees decide, who can fuck with whom, when, and who can't. I think, they make a lot of money on this. Isn't that a slavery? If I would be forbidden to fuck with Ruvim, it would be worse than slavery. We had the same things before Bigpuf. That was, the offees did whatever they wanted, but workers were not allowed. Now it's better. Not everything, of course, because Ruvim was also raked along with Nata. But he had been sentenced for the fact that he vouched for her, and not at all for slavery.

- But slavery is cruel..

- It's just a vulgar word. Officially it is called "Property". "Slave", it is slang. Do you really not understand?

- But slaves have no rights..

- In this point, term "property" is more accurate than "slave". Just one example. Property has right to self-defence. If necessary, I take the machine gun. I know, how to use it. I have right for this. You, in your country, cannot use machine gun for defence. In case of Nata, I failed, but that was my fault, not that of the law. Agent Smit is here; he has machine gun. To defend me. Because now I am concentrated in the interview, and I cannot spend my attention to selfdefence.. Or Dad and Mom would have guns ready. To defend me.

- Well, your case is fine. But some slaves, sorry, property, can be abused..

- Not so easy. Slaves are supposed to be loved. If the master does not fuck his of her slaves, or feeds with bad food, or any mistreament, then, he or she be deprived of the license. Because it's dangerous. So, it is strictly here. Safety regulations prohibit slave abuse.

- But it was not always so..

- For me, it is as it would be so since the beginning.. You may ask someone older than me..

- Do you know the history of your country?

- Well, it is part of course of Humanity.. First there were free tribes, then they were enslaved by the priests, and several centuries of monarchy, autocracy and slavery. There was an attempt to establish a republic, in 1917, February, but the same year, the bolsheviks took power and again restored the autocracy and slavery, and even worse than it was. Then, an attempt in 1992, but also not last long, and again offees.

- And then?

- And then there was Bigpuf. The laws were not implemented at all, and it makes no sense to raise the question of the legality of slavery. Offees quarreled among themselves. This happens when their appetites are growing, and the population gets poorer. The offees begun to rob each other. They used all kinds of weapon in that war. From Europe, from the USA, you seen only horrible exhaust, puff of unstable isotopes. But the people were dying here, and not only because of the isotopes. Most of people happened to be killed, most of territory is contaminated with isotopes, but also the bioweapon, the chemical weapon, toxic missile fuel and other mierda. Only in this century, some civilization, Tartaria.. Tartarians, residents, refugees and slaves try to clean it up. To clean results of the previous civilization. And we have no big wars since establishment of Tartaria.. This is history, mister Cristin.

- Do you study history at school?
- I'm at the University.
- But, excuse me, by age you are still ..
- We have no age restrictions. I passed the entrance exam for the preparatory department.. Then, it is automatically, like a piece of meat, which fell by the edge into a meat grinder. This wave picks up and carries on ..
- Your analogies, Miss Gella, sound a but scared..
- I try to be honest. I honestly work off the funs you paid ..
- Please tell us about age restrictions ..
- We don't have them. While I pass exams, nobody carries about my age. And if one raise the question of my age in such a context, will have serious problems with Law. That is pedofobia, I already told you.
- Well then, such a delicate question: at what age you can ... well, have sex?
- Again about sex.. I told, no restrictions. Since age minus 9 months. - That is, during pregnancy ..
- Yes of course. If a girl does not have sex during pregnancy, I mean classic, with penetration and ejaculation into the vagina, then, it is difficult for her to give birth later. The muscles, that hold the fetus and then push it out, are the same muscles, that squeeze the cock during orgasm ..
- And what, and during childbirth too?
- Well, during childbirth, penetration is difficult .. But kisses, massage, of course, contribute. Especially if there is at least one constant partner nearby..
- Is this taught in schools?
- Yes, in schools too. This is basic knowledge about life. Check out the movies of the reproductivity lessons.
- What is a reproductivity lesson?
- Well, where the professors teach sex. To make it pleasant for partners. This is important for a good pregnancy. And not only.
- Children are shown .. sex ..?
- They not only show, but practice it. Usually such a lesson is taught by two teachers, a man and a woman. They tell and show. Then they asks, who wants to go to the board. They chooses the most excited volunteers, put them on a special board and do it with them. And then, well, after a few tens of lessons, the children are already with each other.
- In the USA, we would have been imprisoned for this.
- I know. Why are you asking me this? Haven't you found anyone older? You could have found methodological guidelines on reproductive performance and videos of lessons..
- I looked at basic data about you .. You study well ..
- Except for Literature and other arts. I don't understand, why to come up with plots, while information about all the events of Tartaria is available in the libraries, and there are search robots that can select for you movies on any topic, and even make descriptions of any degree of detalisation.
- Have you read classical literature?
- Yes, I have read the essences of the novels of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Historical novels. - But sometimes the essences do not keep well the meaning of the work ..
- Well, yes, if the robot is poorly programmed .. But I'm just learning .. With Aleksandr Rozov it happened so.. I mean Meganesia.Deportation. - You didn't like the novel?
- Well, how can I tell you .. There's nothing there .. There is no plot. The journalist travels around the islands and pretends to be a fool, and specialists explain to him in detail, with examples, how religious dogmas differ from the state laws. And the coordinator in the TV show.. When offees pestered our president, he did not talk about examples from history, but bluntly said: in Tartaria, there is no legal opportunity to adopt the law that you propose. And the scandal died at very beginning. The constitution does not even allow such a law to be submitted to a referendum. These are the foundations of social science. As a multiplication table for arithmetic.
– So, some lows cannot be changed..
- They can, the procedure is established. First a referendum on the abolition of the Constitution, and then the laws that are proposed by religionists and other moralists.. Nobody will abolish the Constitution, because then Tartaria will fall apart. And there will be Bigpuf again. And if someone tries, then .. How to say it .. Have you seen the contents of the armed box?
- Yes.
- Here you go. Every family has such a box.
- And the protests?
- Yes, please, protest as much as you want. And do what you want yourself, as long as you do not violate the rights of others. We have fundamentalist religion communities. They do not allow children to attend reproduction classes, they live in isolation, do not use the Internet. Like your Amish. I think you'd better visit such a community. You'll be easier with them.
- Are you allowed to use robots when writing essays for your classes?
- Yes of course. You can use any cheatsheets.
- And you can write an essay on the novel without reading it?
- The ability to choose a good robot and set the correct settings is more important than the ability to read and remember a novel.
- But it's not really reading ..
- Cristin pro, if you, when you need to solve a problem in mathematics, program it in a high-level language and received an answer - is that considered a solution, achievement?
- But there is still a difference between literature and mathematics ..
- Yes of course. I read that it is forbidden to use cheat sheets in your schools. Even on the exams.
- Do you often use cheat sheets?
- Yes, almost always! You see, I read the answers to your questions on the screen. But the term is not good. There is no cheating.
- This mean, that you read the suggestion instead of to answer by yourself.. - Do you see contradictions, inaccuracies in my answers?
- No. But I see that you are not reading exactly what the robot tells you. And sometimes it's not even that at all ..
- Well, good. You are interested in my opinion, not the opinion of the robot. If I agree with suggestion by database, I just read it. If not, I express my opinion by myself..
- Thank you, miss Gella, for your frankness .. And another question. What can you say about Ruvim Pechor? - He is very sensual, emotional ..
- How is this manifested?
- When I squeezed his dick with vaginal spasm, he excited so much, and become so big, that I felt pain.. Mama and Papa helped me to make him safe.. - I doubt the editor would allow such revelations to be published.
- Then write that Ruvim was very upset after the telephone conversation with his ex-wife. And he went out into the street; in my opinion, without any purpose. And I was afraid that he does something wrong, and we miss the important specialist.. He had formulated many interesting projects, our colleagues are still working on them, and very successfully. So, then I run after him, I wanted to comfort him.. Is this better? Will your Editor allow to publish this?
- Yes, that's better. Spasibo, Miss Gella.
- It took more than half hour, - Gella said, – let the surplus time be a bonus from me. Let your colleagues, in the USA, know, that the Tartarian sluts honestly work out for their funs..
- Thank you, miss Gella. - Have a good evening, mister Cristin.. Have a good evening, madame Hebb..

Kristin and Eva Hebb said ritual "thanks" and "bye" to Gella, Matvei, Tika and Agent; then departed.

Family dinner

– Agent, - Tika said, – I've prepared some dinner.. Could Barbara and you join us?

Agent connected to Barbara:
– Barbi, we finished. Could you come to Ivanov's?
– Yes, I am close.
– Barbi, I love you, – cried Gella, – And Agent too. Come on!..

Soon the family (Tika, Matvei and Gella) and the security (Agent and Barbara) were sitting around the table and expressed admiration about Tika's culinary talents. Other topics were discussed too. Especially, the Clever Times.

- That Magomy and Hebb are still flowers. The fruits will be some later, – Agent proposed.
- They are heading Kristovina, – Barbara told, – I trace them. I hope, they depart today.
- I try to guess, when the scandal will rise up, – Matvei said.
- Do you think, there will be a scandal? - wondered Tika.
- I am sure, Matvei replied. - Over vice, they would not pay 200 funs for a half hour interview. The full text and movie will be definitely banned in the USA, and in the Europe too. So, the Clever Times sill cut the action for short clips and glue some accusative compilation of it. Hundreds letter of protests, with demand to finish this nest of evil.
- Should we prepare to react? - Barbara asked.
– Not at all, - Agent replied. - Any our reaction will enworse the noise. Well, if you like, you may offer them, not namely the Clever Times, but any American or European companies, some more interview. Gella set up the good price scale, 400 funs an hour. It is much more, than any sexworker earns, even in the USA and Europe. Also, they have free videorecords from our libraries. They may confirm, that all that Gella had said, is just true. May be, except the sensitivity of Ruvim Pechor, there they have to believe Gella's words. Soon, the American offees realize, that they cannot move the customs of Tartaria even for a micron to the direction they want. The effect may be only opposite. As soon, as the offees realize this, the scandal will slow down. This is my opinion.
– We may get a wave of sex-tourists from the USA and Europe. - Barbara said. It is not good ground for the yang generation. Usually, the visitors did not attend classes of repruductivity; so, they may be very brutal.
– Barbi, had you assisted the classes of reproductivity? – Gella asked.
– I did not, but I do not use service of sexworkers, - Barbara replied. – Not yet, while Gena is smart. – You'll rather give this service than use it, – Agent replied, but I to not know, what shall we do with the visitors. Nata Kiskin made a precedent, and the noise around rices with time. We made error, we had to deport her immediately, before she had been caught by the Clever Times. It is my fault. Now, the problem is growing from year to year. Both, maniacs and puritans will rage to Tartaria, in order to fight each other here. It may be a disaster. But I hope it to slow down.
- The obvious proposition, – Matvei suggested, – there will only two professions left: yang sexworkers, to serve the foreigners, and police, to stop disorder around this.
- This is a way to loss the independence, Gella said. Many equatorial counties had passed trough this. At some step, this should contradict the Constitution. I am not a specialist, I cannot say, in which way, but there should be such a contradiction.
– Perhaps, Li Sitsin can suggest something, – Agent said. – This problem should be solved at the level of courts. Declare some kind of activity as contradicting the Constitution. I see no other way.
– How about the iron curtain? – Barbara suggested.
– No way, - Agent replied, - the iron curtain is prohibited at the level of Constitution. I think, we should not think about it before to know, what do the Clever Times with the Gella's interview. For us, the best would be short publication with some soft sentences by Gella. And warning about guns in every home. "Do not test our order for the strength, over-vice, you'll be dead".
– May be, Li Sitsin finds a way to explain to the Clever Times, that this way is also best for them? – Gella asked.
– Then they will not recoup the costs, tickets and your fee. - Matvei explained. – May be, some intermediate option: the scandal reportage, the Clever Times gets new subscribers, good funds from the advertisers and sponsors, and then the noise slows down. I mean, the world forhet about us.
– May I call Li Sitsin? – Gella asked.
– Of course, you may, – Tika said, – Why do you ask?
– Because I am your property. As we revealed during the interview... Li Sitsin? That's Gella Ivanov, if you remember me.. Da. Ya tut, kazetsia, drov nalomala.. Mnogo, na 200 fanov.. My obsuzdaem, chego teper budet.. Nu, v smysle kashu zavarila.. I do not know, how to say this in English.. I mean, soon you may have a lot of work.. Have you seen my debut?.. Aha.. Sorry for bothering you.. Again problems around me.. Sorry.. Bye.. Li Sitsin did not suggest anything.
– It is because you have not yet graduated. – Tika guessed. - May be, he has some plan.
- May be, I was not supposed to talk with the Clever Times? – Gella asked.
- Do not worry, Gella, – Agent replied, - Everyone has right to share any information.
If someone tried to stop you in your revelations, I would have to intervene so that you can share that you have to say. This is my job.
- Mom, I love Agent, – Gella said. – And I love Barbara too..
- It is vain to say, that Ruvim is sensitive, Gella. – Barbara commented. – You are sensitive.

Barbara put Gella on her lap and stroked her head. Matvei wanted to ask Gella, whom she loves more, Barbara or Tika, but he remembered, that the instruction on education and exploitation, which was sold to them together with Gella, forbids such questions.

Clever Times

while Eva Hebb and Cristin Magomy were in the plane, the technical editors had analyzed the records of the interview, translated by Eva to the Editorial: Zigan bolshevikov had prohibited the direct broadcasting from Tartatia.

The videomaterials were were impressive; Eva Hebb did well. The 3d-images made with many cameras, appeared as a kind of lego; many very different movies could be assembled of it: from accusation of Tartaria as nest of evil to propagabda of the Tartarian lifestyle, from warning not to interfere to the Tartarian deals to an unambiguous appeal to crash this nest of evil.

The Editor department of Transoceanic news felt himself a little bit lost. However, he used to deal with contradictory materials, but answers by the nymphomaniac wunderkind from Galia happened to be well above the mean level by this parameter. Never the less, he ordered the staff to search for ambiguities and errors in answers by Gella, as basic points of the movie and the article ordered by the sponsors. Standard procedure of any "brown press" editorial: before to invent the key points of difammation, the compromising evidence (kompromat) had to be searched in the documentary materials.

Most of statements by Gella seemed to be just wrong. The first idea was to hang on the sentence that Gella is bough in the shop. However, this would not work because the "Iterview", since the beginning is available at the Library of Galia, as well as in the Federal Library of Tartaria. References about regulation of slavery in Tartatia also had been confirmed. Difficult to raise the scandal, it any colleague, who has access to the network of Tartaria can reveal the fraud.

Agent Smit


  1. At the moment of conversation, one Tartarian fun costs of order of $120. In such a way, Gella asks more than twice that Cristin suggests.
  2. https://archive.org/stream/BorisGodunov/BorisGodunovDramaVerse_Pushkin_128pgs59006527_djvu.txt In the original: .. Tsarevich, stay ! At last I hear the speech not of a boy, But of a man. ..
  3. Conversation between Li Sitsin and Po Lin happens at one of Tartarian slangish dialects, that may look similar to Chinese. For these reason, it is represented with Kanji.


Cristin Magomy, Gella Ivanov, Li Sitsin, Matvei Ivanov, Rivim Pechor, Tartaria, Tika Ivanov, Utopia, Vasili Pupkin