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Board at Himetugi campground
Tent at Himetugi campgroung

Himetugi (or Himetsugi or Himetsugu) is mount in Japan, Kanagawa prefecture.

The original Japanese name is 姫次.

Coordinates: 35.510, 139.133

Elevation: 1.433km

Nearby mounts: Hattyosaka, Hirugatake, Sodehirayama, Yakiyama

Himetsugi, Himetsugu, Himetugi

There are at least 3 different versions of translation/transliteration of name of mount 姫次.

The examples are mentioned in the subsections below.


Name Himetugi appears at the boards along the trail from Himetugi to Hurugatake.

Himetugi2.jpeg 04997Hirugatake16.jpg 04996Hirugatake20.jpg 04995hirugatake25.jpg


At Hirugatake: "Himetsugi 3.3km"

Name Himetsugi appears at the arrow board at the top of mount Hirugatake.

Name Himetsugi is also suggested by Wikipedia:
".. Mount Himetsugi (1,433 m or 4,701 ft) .."[1]
"Mount Fuji as seen from Mount Himetsugi in Tanzawa Mountains, Japan." [2]

There are more sites that uses spelling Himetsugi [3].
Perhaps, they follow Wikipedia.



Himetsugu at the map by Google [4]

Name Himetsugu is suggested by Google maps [4].

Name Himetsugu appears also at the Google translation of word 姫次 [5]

Several sites use spelling Himetsugu [6][7].

"I took my dog to a morning quick trail walk to Kita Tanzawa, up to Himetsugu peak."[8]


Mount 姫次 has three English names: Himetsugi, Himetsugu, Himetugi.

These names seem to refer to the same place, the same mount.

The three different English names correspond to the same Japanese word 姫次.

Confusions are typical at the interpretation of Kanji characters.

Often, even a native Japanese speaker, looking at a written kanji, cannot guess, which sound nor which character does it correspond to [9]. Often, even the spelling of a Kanji with Hiragana is not unique.

Use in TORI

Mount Himetugi is mentioned as one of point of the way of the 2021.07.31.Hike; it is qualified as a good place for camping and sleeping.

In TORI, all the three words (Himetsugi, Himetsugu, Himetugi) may appear in names and specifications of pictures.
These names are generated using the Google maps, and the Google translations, and Wikimedia, as well as the direct observations of the boards at sides of the trail. There is no way to determine one of the 3 spellings as "correct" and other two as a "mistake".
In order to avoid infinite loops for robots (which try to "correct" the spelling of the word according to some "more respected" publication), the grammar correction for these words is suppressed.

About the place

Himetugi seems to be dry sunny place; perhaps, it is above the typical altitude of the clouds.

Mount Fuji is seen from Himetugi (Himetsugi) [10].


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