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Inauguration of Barak Obama, 2012
Inauguration of Vladimir Putin, 2012

Inauguration (Инаугурация) – oficial ceremony declaring somebody as head of a country – king, tzar, emperor, gensek, president.

In civilized countries, the inauguration is public event that confirms the public support of the inaugurant.

The inauguration of Vladimir Putin 2012.05.07 in Moscow after the bloody sunday 2012.05.06 happened in the closed hall in Kremlin, and the people were pushed out from the center of Moscow. Putin had been delivered to his inauguration by the dead, empty city; one compares the view of the empty streets with the result of application of a neutron bomb, as it was often advertised in the soviet propaganda during the USSR. This is interpreted as confirmation that the most of population do not accept Putin as president [1] and do not support him.


bloody sunday, Russia, USA


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