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JapanTa is set of the three Unicode characters below:

X2F23 [1], KanjiRadical

X30BF [2], KatakanaTa

X5915 [3], KanjiLiberal

These characters allow confusion. Their identification and interpretation depend on the context and, perhaps, an additional information the reader may have.


At Linux, the JapanTa characters look so: JapanTaL.png

At Macintosh, these characters look so: JapanTaM.png

At your computer, they look in this way: 夕⼣タ


Characters look similar. Even a native Japanese speaker, watching them, is unlikely to answer:
Which of them is X2F23?
Which of them is X30BF?
Which of them is X5915?

For the printed letter, the correct specification is

"X2F23 or X30BF or X5915 "

Term JapanTa is defined above to substitute this cumbersome construction.

However, if the character appears in a file, at some website, its origin can be revealed, for example, with the PHP program du.t, that calculates the Utf8 encoding of the input string. Example:

php du.t 夕⼣タ

returns the decimal number and the hexadecimal number and the Utf8 encoding of each of the 3 characters.

Even after the identification, the Phonetic and semantic may depend on the context. So, the three cases below are considered.


X2F23 is unicode

It appears first in the table of the Unicode characters.


Case of X30BF seems to be simplest:

JapanTa is just KatakanaTa, it represents sound "ta" and seems to have no other meaning.



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  2. https://util.unicode.org/UnicodeJsps/character.jsp?a=30BF 30BF KATAKANA LETTER TA Katakana Script id: restricted confuse: , ..
  3. https://util.unicode.org/UnicodeJsps/character.jsp?a=5915 5915 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-5915 Han Script id: restricted confuse: , ..


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