Logunov Theory of Gratity

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Logunov Theory of Gratity called also Relativistic Theory of Gravity (Релятивистская Теория Гравитации) is modification of the General Theory of Relativity, characterized in that, that, in order to prohibit existence of Blackholes, the term with gravitational field is excluded fro the energy-momentum tensor.

The price Is loss of the principle of equivalence of gravitational field and acceleration of the frame of references.

In the Logunov Theory of Gratity, the gravitational waved do not undergo to the gravitational field.

The gedanken experiment to detect it would could be propagation of beam of gravitational waves, coaxial with the laser beam, in vicinity of heavy body. The light should be attracted to the body, id est, change its direction, while the gravitational wave still propagate straightforward; so, the means are supposed to separate from each other.



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