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Pornography (порнография) is branch of art characterized in that, that, with goal of excitation of the customers (spectators, listeners, readers, etc.) and/or compensation of lack of information in the products, vandalized by the censorship, the sexual activity is shown without its relation to other kinds of activity (although, scenes of other activity can be used as a background).

Extended interpretation

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Often, term Pornography is used in another, more extended meaning, to denote any object of art (or even technical memorization of an event), if it includes descriptions of nudity or sex.
Practically, any detailed and realistic description of the human life can be qualified in such a way.

The "extended definition" us used in countries with high corruption for the selective application of the Law, for abuse of the state suppression mechanisms (police, courts) for attacks on unwanted citizen.

The "extended definition" us used also to make a pretext for censorship.
In this way, the offees slow down spreading of information about their crimes.

The extended interpretation of term pornography has goal to create the censored, perverted, fake, false, wrong concept about the life and the humanity. Such an interpretation implicitly includes the following postulates:

1. Every human can maintain civilized activity (to learn, to work, to relax, to enjoy life), having no sex during long time: weeks, months, even years.

2. Each human may get information about sex only by his/her own experience.

3. The humans do not have pleasure from occasional sex.

4. The good sexual relations are possible only in the following conditions:
4a. Two and only two partners are involved in a sexual action.
4b. These partners have opposite gender; one man and one woman.
4c. These partners are not close relatives (brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son, etc)
4d. The partners have legal age (that depends on the country)
4e. The partners have a document, that states, that they are husband and wife. This document should be issued by the offees, who regulate the sexual activity of the people.
4f. The sexual activity is neither observed by other people, nor recorded.

5. The offees, who invent and implement the restrictions on sexual activity, by themselves, follow these restrictions.

Usually, in publications, these postulates are not presented in the explicit form (as above). This simplifies their selective application: the offees apply them to other people, but not to themselves.

In the USSR, the top of administration (Ягода Генрих Григорьевич, Ежов Николай Иванович, Берия Лаврентий Павлович, etc.) are reported to have sex and objects, related to sex, without any restrictions, including raping of underage children. Citizen, who had complained with respect to such activity of the top Soviet administration, were killed or arrested [2]. The killing of KGB leaders by their colleagues looks like an element of their mutial struggle for the highest power, but has nothing to do with the hypocritical nature of their activities. Of course, the illegal sexual activity of the Soviet veterans, having lost their power, are used as a pretext to justify the execution.

Sex in art

The confusion about terminology that describes sex in art is observed. In odred to avoid the ambiguities, the simple definitions are suggested below.


Let term Balanced art refers to the art, that represent the sex in amount and detalisation, that is required, from the point of vies of the artist, to understand his ideas on role of sex in the human life.

Let term Hypocritical art refers to the art, where all descriptions of sex are censored-out, removed, forbidden.

Then, term Pornography can be defined as branch of art, that consists mainly of details removed, censored out from the balanced art at its conversion to hypocritical art.

In this way, the set of balanced art B appear as union of hypocritical art H and Pornography P.

\( \rm B = H \cup P \)

In this approximation,

\( \rm H \cap P = \emptyset \)

Basing on this simple approximation, various schemes of classification of art and the intermediate cases can be constructed.

The more detailed classification of Pornography can be based on the definition above and include:
specification of number of partners involved, their gender, their age,
amount of clothes on the partners at the beginning and at the end of the action,
principal ability of the action to cause pregnancy of a woman (if at least one man and at least one man are involved),
presence of the spectators, who may interact with the partners,
place of the action, involving animals and/or special toys (apparently, to promote the business of a sexshop), etc.

Neither Pornography alone, nor the Hypocritical art alone form the adequate, realistic view on the Humanity and the Human relation. The publications indicate, that, the censors usually to prohibit the Pornography rather than the Hypocritical art.


The typical error of authors, who talk or write about the pornography is, that they use this term without to provide its definition.

The typical fraud committed with respect to pornography is, that often, this term is extended to the balanced art: "includes elements of pornography" [3].

With such an "justification", almost every artist can be accused of creating pornography.

First, one easy proves, that pornography, by itself, does not form the correct imagination of the human life.

Then, one indicates, that the product of art "includes elements of pornography".

Often, such a pair of statements is considered as a proof, that the artist does something bad. Such a "proof" is just a fraud. In countries with total corruption [4], the judges have fake diploma, obtained with the plagiarism in their thesis, and they cannot understand, what is happening, even if they try to consider the case honestly.

In such a way, the Pornography or, more exactly, "elements of pornography" become an instrument for the political repression, terror against artists.



Image that happened to be
target of censorship in FB [5]


Family at beach[6]

Development of pornography appears as natural reaction of artists on censorship of texts, images, statues, movies, songs, performances, etc.

For monopolization of sex, the offees restrict it for all the people, who do not belong to their clans. The censors cut out the descriptions of sex from the literature. The police get orders to attack artists, who ignore the prohibition.

With such a censorship, the offeee try to keep the information about sex exclusively for their own needs. The "extended definition" of term pornography helps in this activity, as, with such a term, any serious, true description of the human life is unavoidable pornographic. [7]

The censotrship cause need to extract namely places, related with sex, as other sides of life are already presented, available in the free access; there is no need to repeat them.

The offees often try to desintegrate (burn, delete) the clips, pictures, texts, prohibited by the censorship. This causes the special need to reproduce namely the scenes, that are censored-out or could be censored-out, if happened at the working table of a censor. For this need, the pornographic industry is created. Then, the artists and producers, involved in this industry, are interested in keeping of prohibition, censorship: upon the elimination of the restrictions on sex in art, their job will not be so requested. Managers of the pornography business seem to be main sponsors, lobbing bills in favor of censorship, in the same way, as manager of the sex industry seem to be main sponsors, lobbing bills, that restrict the sexual activity.

Scientific interest

Pornography becomes object of the scientific research, because it appears as the most often pretext for censorship. The censorship affects the scientific activity in other areas too. The elimination of censorship is challenging scientific problem, that is important for all areas of the scientific research.

An analysis of both the pornography and the censorship shows, that the usual justification of censorship is inconsistent, self-contradictory; in particular, due to the fact, that many authors use word pornography without defining this term.[8][9][10]

Some attempts to describe the target of censorship (pornography) are observed [11][12]. The descriptions of the term differ from each other and have no relation to the practice of censorship with pretext "elements of pornography".

Attempts to determine difference between pornography and "erotica" also fail [13][14]

The main scientific problem is, how to imagine a thing, that is prohibited to watch. The question is deeper, than it may look, and refers not only to pornography. Some religions prohibit do make images of God [15][16][17]. However, one cannot avoid images of God, if one did not saw God by him/her self. While no image of God is allowed (and God is not so often no show himself to humans), any drawing can be interpret as image of God.

The obvious terminological confusion is main reason for preparation of this article. The definitions of this article are useful for TORI, and, especially, for forecasting of development (or degradation) of humanity in North, Central and East Eurasia (see Предсказания революций, in Russian). An attempt of such artistic (not scientific) forecast is presented in Utopia Tartaria. However, the definitions from this article can be used by colleagues for free, if someone finds the notations suggested here to be useful.


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