Putin world war

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attacks of Ukraine from territory of RF, 2014 [1][2]
Map of military bases, that prepare terrorists for the Russian invasion into Ukraine [3][4]
D.Kiselev discusses conversion of the USA into "radioactive ache", 2014.03.16. [5]
Anti-Obama rally, Moscow 2015.02.24[6]
"Time to return Alaska" - Pro-Putin meeting in Moscow, 2015.03.18. [7]
Today - Crimea, tomorrow - Rome. Banner of Russian fascists at Kaluga, 2015.05.05 [8]
Map of the Putin world war for 2016.02.15 [9]
Who is next? Protest in Milan 2015.06.10. [10]
Russian mothers! Putin let your sons Take the wrong turn in Syria; it is him to blame not the syrian undertakers. The Syrian revolution - from Kagranbel 12 SEP 15 [11]
Roman Dymkovich reported to bomb civil objects in Syria, 2015 [12]
One minute, Vladimir! - attempt to solve the problem with peaceful negotiation, 2015.02.05
Iceberg and Titanic [13]
Who woke me up?

Putin world war (Путинская мировая война) is historical phenomenon of century 21, that includes events related to the Russian invasion into Georgia (2008) and Russian occupation of the Abkhasia and South Ossetia (2008-2018), the Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014-2018), the Russian invasion into Syria (2015-2018).

The Russian invasion into Turkey (2015), Russian missile shooting into Iran (2015), multiple acts of violation of airspace of various countries by the Russian warplanes, terroristic acts over the Europe (believed to be organised for the profit of the Russian administration), propaganda of the Russian world, propaganda of the the Russian expansion, by the Russian official TV, newspapers and internet sites also can be interpreted as elements of the the Putin world war.

Goals of the Putin world war

Many authors indicate, that the main foal of the Putin world war is destruction of all competitors of the Putins oil and gas monopolies. War in Georgia, in Ukraine, in Syria should prevent supply of fuel to Europe in ways that bypass the Russia and territories, occupied by Russian troops, in order to maximise the taxes, custom fees and bribes, that form the income of Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials. While the Western country buy the oil and gas from the Putin's companies, the Russian officials are interested to sponsor the international terrorism. In particular, bombing of hospitals and living blocks in Aleppo has the pretty economic goal: to provide market for "Gazprom", eliminating the competitors. [14][15].

The additional reason is that the Russian invasion into Georgia (2008-2016) and, especially, the Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014–2016) and Russian invasion into Syria (2015–2016) are beginning of the new world war, that Vladimir Putin needs to begin in order to keep his power in Russia and to avoid persecution for his terroristic activity.


It is expected that NATO can stop the Putin's expansion and prevent the full–scale war. [16][17].

Most of links about the topic are in Russian; some of them are collected in the Russian version of this article, Путинская мировая война. The references in English and other languages are collected here; the links are not yet sorted by subtopics. In paticular, 2015.11.25, the nteractive map of violation of borders of NATO by Rissian warplanes is suggested by the Bild magazine [18].

Ideological justification

For the aggressive foreign policy of Russia, the administration uses the standard nazi pretext about protection of the Russian citizenship outside Russia, to prevent genocide of Russians in the foreign countries.

This justifies any actions, including the military intervention.

In order to oppose this justication, one indicates, that the suppression of Russians in Chechnia and in Dagestan is much stronger, than that in countries that become victims of the Russian aggression in century 21, id est, Georgia and Ukraine. [19].

Sergii Omelchuk traces the evolution of lie that Vladimir Putin use as hustification of the Russian invasion into Ukraine [20].

Cold war

For 2014 September, the cold war is observed.

Many countries apply sanctions against the Russian terrorists and corruptioners; in particular, against those who are believed to be responsible for the Russian invasion into Ukraine and shutting–down the passenger jet MH17 with the buk missile

The Russian administration replied, restricting import of food and other goods into Russia. (See destruction of food).

2016.10.28, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says, that Nato is not seeking confrontation with Russia and does not want another Cold War. [21].

Armed and Dangerous

Putin considers military occupation of many neighbour countries, and believes, that he can do it easy and quickly, "within two days" [22][23][24].

In order to hide the criminal character of the preparation of the world war, Putin's agents destroy the rest of independent media of mass information [25].

Invasion into Georgia

Russian invasion into Georgia refers to August 2008.

The main reason for the invasion seems to be preventing entry of Georgia into NATO.

The pretest of the invasion is defence of the Ossetian population.

According to the reports, in the first two days of the war, the Russian loss count with thousands deaths.

The most of the Russian soldiers seem to be buried in the mass graves in the deep secret; then, the Russian authorities claim that the loss is an order of magnitude smaller. The information about thousands Russians killed in that war have disappeared from the site of the Russian Military Ministry.

As the result of the Russian invasion into Georgia, the two Georgian regions are occupied by the Russian troops, Abkhasia and South Ossetia. All the properties of the Georgian citizen is reported to be plundered by occupants, the damage by the invasion is estimated to be of order of $10^{12}$ USA dollars.

Oct 13, 2015, The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, requests judges for authorisation to open an investigation into the Situation in Georgia [26][27].

Invasion into Ukraine

Russian invasion into Ukraine begins 2014.02.20; this date is specified at the medals of award for the Russian soldiers, participated in the battles in Ukraine.

The Russian troops acted without signs indicating their nationality, pretending to be self-orgainzed rebels. However, these "rebels" counted with machine guns, tanks, cannons, missiles, etc., including the missile system Buk, user to shut–down the MH17 flights.

Russian occupants had been plundered Crimea (See annexation of Crimea) with moderate loss, few Ukrainian defenders had been killed at the beginning of the invasion. However, after to establish the occupational administration, the repressions agains Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, and journalists were more extensive.

Russian invasion to the continental part of Ukraine is not so successful. Until 2015 October, the occupants control only of order of 10% of territory of Ukraine, and suffer heavy loss trying to advance further to West. The Russian officials made decision to hide the losses of their military forces, keeping them in secret. This secrecy may indicates that Publications, that report several thousand deaths for 2014–2015, greatly underestimate the loss of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine.

Formally, Ukraine is not in war with Russia, the flux of people and goods across the Russian–Ukrainian border is not completely blocked. In Ukraine, the Russian–Ukrainian war is qualified as "anti–terroristic operation. The need to recover the control and to close the borders are under discussion since year 2014.

the damage by the Russian invasion into Ukraine is estimated to be of order of $10^{12}$ USA dollars; various authors suggest different estimates that may vary for orders of magnitude.

The decrease of value of the russian national currency, rouble, to half of its initial value may indicate, that Russia suffers damage, comparable to that of Ukraine; in this war, Russia losses, roughly, of order of half of its treasure.

Russian invasion into Ukraine had pretext to defend interests of the Russian population in Ukraine. Similar pretext had been used by Adolg HItler in 1938 for justification of annexation of Austria and Sudetenland. This similarity is one of many other analogies between Putin and Hitler. Many authors expect, that the Russian invasion into Ukraine and, in general, the Putin world war will have for Russia and, in particular, for Vladimir Putin sequences, similar to those the World War II had for Germany and, in particular, for its leader Adolf Hitler.

The analogy happens to be deeper, than it seemed at the beginning, because, as in the case of World War II, Putin and Putinists no not stop at Ukriane. In particular, invasions into Latvia, Moldova, and other countries is observed and discussed, until the invasion into Italy ("Today–Crimea, tomorrow – Roma!") and even invasion into the USA ("It is time to return Alaska!") are suggested by the Russian pro–Putin fascist groups.

In TORI, he Russian projects of global dominance are represented with parody "Plan Barbachina" (План Барбачина, in Russian). That parody describes the Puitn's project of the Russian invasion into China, similar to the German Plan Barbarossa or year 1941, and the similar results are expected at the attempts of its realisation.

In year 2015, the realisation of the Putin world war does not follow the extremist projects about Russian occupation of Riga, Roma and Alaska, but begin with relatively modest military actions in Syria, Turkia and Iran.

2016.03.02, the report is presented about the Russian invasion to the continental part of Ukraine and military crimes who perform this invasion. [28].

2016.03.29, Julian Röpcke indicates that BILD has obtained a document containing the true plans by Russia for the occupied territory of the Donbass. [29].

Invasion into Syria

Russian invasion into Syria is reported since August 2015. According to news, the Russia aviation bomb the civilian targets at the territory of Syria. [30].

2015.10.09. It is reported, that the territory, bombed by Russian warplanes, soon are occupied by ISIS troops [31]

2015.10.11, Sean Rayment and Tim Shipman indicate, that the UK airforces (RAF) are ready to shoot down Russian aircraft over Syria. [32]

2015.10.29, the terroristic warplanes are reported to bomb 12 hospitals within few weeks, killing tens civilians [33]

As the only Russian warplanes participate in the war without signs of identification of country, the attack on hospitals is assumed to be performed by the Russian occupants.

Since beginning of the Russian invasion into Syria, Putin is qualified as "very dangerous" [34]

2015.12.08, Putin and Shoigu discuss the use of nuclear weapon in Syria; Putin hopes, that there will be no need to use it, but he declared that it is ready to be used (Perhaps, in the case if everything goes bad for his occupational troops.) [35][36].

2016.02.15, Russian airstrikes are reported to hit hospitals and a school in Syria, killing tens civilians. [37][38][39].

2016.06.22, Russian bombers are reported to burn the residential areas of Aleppo [40].

2016.09.21, administration of the USA accuses Russian military for bombing of the American medical staff in Syria. [41].

2016.08.29, Julian Reichelt qualifies the actions of the Russian troops in Syria as barbarism (Barbarei) [42].

2016.08.30, Tom Newton Dun indicates that BORIS Johnson has accused Russia of targeting civilian aid workers in Syria on purpose with “double tap” bombing raids to catch them out in the open. [43]

2016.10.02, Reuter indicate, that the Russian missiles destroy hospital in Aleppo [44].

2016.10.11, Tom Porter compares the Russian air strikes on Aleppo with the Nazi bombing of Guernica 1937.04.26. [45].

Attacks of Russian warplanes on the hospitals and schools in Syria are considered as one of reasons, why the Russian warships (including the air-carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (Адмирал Кузнецов) are not welcomed for refuelling in European countries (2016 October). [46][47][48][49][50][51]

2017.06.10, Mikhail Kuznetsov indicates, that the Assad regime’s Air Force with the support of Russia destroys the city of Daraa [52]

2018.02.07, the battle of vagners (Russian ihtamnets, terrorists controlled by the Putin's administration through Yevgeniy Prigozhin, Банда Вагнера) with the USA military forces is reported (In Russian, seek 2018.02.07.Битва). Of order of 200–300 Russian mercenaries are killed in that battle. [53][54]

Invasion into Turkey

2015 October, many times, the Russian warplane are reported to invade airspace of Russia. The Russian authorities explained those cases by the errors of the navigation systems. The Russian national navigation system Glonass (ГЛОНАСС), indeed, had been reported to be extremely inaccurate and fragile, in particular, due to loss of many Glonass satellite at the frequent crashes of the Russian rockets at the launch.

2015.10.08, it is announced, that in future, the Russian military planes, that enter the airspace of Turkia, will be shut–down. The Russian warplane are reported to carry no signs of national identification.

2015.10.09, the first of russian military plane MIG-29 is reported to shut–down above Turkia. The Russian representatives were requested about the explanations.

2015.10.10. the big explosion at Ankara is reported. Many authors believe, that that explosion is Russian answer to the shutting–down the Russian warplane MIG–29 above territory of Turkia. It is reported to enter form side of Syria.

Since 2015 November, the USA jet fighters are reported to be deployed in Turkey. ".. the jets only have air-to-air weapons, and ISIS has no planes. Which means the real adversary is Russia" [55]

November 2015, Turkia begin to shut down the Russian warplane invading the Turkey territory.

2015.11.24, The Russia warplane is reported to shut down above Turkey [56].

The killed pilot seemed to be Sergei Rumiantsev Румянцев Сергей Александрович from the Russian military base vh69806 (Вч 69806). [57].

Then, the identity of the killed pilot had been corrected to Oleg Peshkov (Пешков Олег Анатольевич), allthought the lack of precise information about Russian militaries killed in that accident is detected.

Missile shooting to Iran

2015 October, four Russian missiles are reported to fly from the Caspian sea to the territory of Iran. The Russian site pretends that the missiles were intended to hit targets at the territory of Syria. [58].

These missiles are believed to "land" at the territory of Iran. No clear official explanation are available. Neither from Iranian authorities, nor from Russian administration.

This look as if the missiles had been intercepted by the Iranian air–defence systems.

Other countries

Map by [59]
Russian aggression 2016.09.22 and its interception by the Spanish pilots [60]
Propaganda of Putin world war, Peterburg, 2016.10.15.[61]

The need to Stop Putin in his attempts and to Designate Russia as state sponsor of terrorism become more and more evident since 2014. The aggressive behaviour of Russian militarists is denoted with term "War Games".

2015.10.11, The British military forces are reported to get permission to attack (and to shut–down) the Russian war planes [30].

2015.11.24, the Russian warplane is reported to be shut–down above Turkey (See 2015.11.24.Катастрофа)

2016.03.30, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond indicates that Russia represented a threat to all countries because of its disregard for international norms and he offered his support to Georgia, which fought a 2008 war with Moscow. [62]: "Russia ignores the norms of international conduct and breaks the rules of the international system. That represents a challenge and a threat to all of us."

2016.06.10, David A. Shlapak and Michael Johnson indicate, that, among NATO countries, the most vulnerable with respect to the Russian aggression are country of Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). They indicate, that this fault can be corrected: A force of about seven brigades, including three heavy armored brigades — adequately supported by airpower, land-based fires, and other enablers on the ground and ready to fight at the onset of hostilities — could suffice to prevent the rapid overrun of the Baltic states. The annual costs to these brigades is estimated to be on the order of $\$$2.7 billion ($10^9$ US dollars), that is indicated to be small compared to other expenses of the NATO countries. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000003F-QINU`"'. 2016.06.18, [[Daniel Boffey]] indicates, that the Russian terrorists and killers, arrived to Europe pretending to be football fans, had Kremlin links, and, en fin, it is mentioned by the UK government. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000040-QINU`"' 2016.08.03, Thomas Haarstad indicates that the Russian sport teams are reported to follow general Putin's aggressive trend '"`UNIQ--ref-00000041-QINU`"'. 2016.08.19, Anna Nemtsova indicates that any country and any human group may be next target of the [[putin world war]], next victim of the Putin's [[KGB]]sts, including the ethnic tatars. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000042-QINU`"' 2016.10.04, the Russian bombers are reported to fly around Norway and Ireland toward Spain. Two of them were intercepted by the Spanish pilots near France and Spain, in vicinity of Bilbao. The reports refer to the event 2016.09.22. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000043-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000044-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000045-QINU`"'. 2016.10.07, the Russian warplane is reported to violate airspace of Estonia '"`UNIQ--ref-00000046-QINU`"'. 2016.10.12-2016.10.14, the news appear, that Putin wants to return into Russia from NATO countries all relatives of his administrators, officials and military generals (as if he indeed plans to convert all NATO countries "into radioactive ache", as [[Dmitri Kiselev]] had been suggested in 2014). '"`UNIQ--ref-00000047-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000048-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000049-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-0000004A-QINU`"'. 2016.10.31, Andrew Parker indicates, that Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000004B-QINU`"' 2016.11.03, Gabriel Samuels indicates that Finnish government 'suspects Russia of buying property to house soldiers' in case of future invasion. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000004C-QINU`"' 2017.04.03, Emma Graham-Harrison and Daniel Boffey indicate, that Lithuania fears Russian propaganda is prelude to eventual invasion. The Kremlin’s attempts to rewrite history are seen as threats by Baltic states similar to its justification for [[Annexation of Crimea|annexing Crimea]]. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000004D-QINU`"' 2017.06.16, [[Heidi Blake]], [[Tom Warren]], [[Richard Holmes]], [[Jason Leopold]] and [[Jane Bradley]] indicate that the [[KGB]] terrorists commit many political murders at the territory of UK '"`UNIQ--ref-0000004E-QINU`"'. 2018.02.23, Russian nave Ural is reported to defended at Tunis. The undocumented (and in this sense, illegal) military load is found there, that seems to be shipped in support of the terroristic groups. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000004F-QINU`"' =='"`UNIQ--h-11--QINU`"'Resistance== In 2016, the publications appear about serious attempts of NATO to stop the Russian aggression '"`UNIQ--ref-00000050-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000051-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000052-QINU`"''"`UNIQ--ref-00000053-QINU`"'. Some publications are collected also in article [[Stop Putin]]. The Russian publications from 2016.06.14 indicate the testing of the military forces; data 2016.06.22 is indicated as end of testing period; the same date had been mentioned previously in parody [[План Барбачина]] (in Russian) '"`UNIQ--ref-00000054-QINU`"'. 2016.08.27, David Blair indicates that the UK jet fighters are deployed at Amari air base in Estonia, charged with protecting the airspace of the Nato country and its Baltic neighbours, Latvia and Lithuania. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000055-QINU`"' 2016.11.06, Adam Thomson indicates that Nato commanders want to prepare a substantial land force capable of deterring Russian aggression; $3\times 10^5$ NATO personnel could take up to 6 months to deploy, and this time should be shortened in future. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000056-QINU`"' 2017.02.05, the project of bill appears at the USA congress.gov site, "To contain, reverse, and deter Russian aggression in Ukraine, to assist Ukraine's democratic transition, and for other purposes." '"`UNIQ--ref-00000057-QINU`"'. 2017.04.27. A Russian naval intelligence ship has sunk after a collision with a freighter tore a hole in its hull in the Black Sea off Istanbul '"`UNIQ--ref-00000058-QINU`"'. 2017.05.21, Paweł Soloch reminds that the NATO as collective defence is important because of danger from side of Russia. '"`UNIQ--ref-00000059-QINU`"' 2017.05.18. Julian E. Barnes indicates that the NATO officials are discussing reviving a Cold War-era command to monitor increased Russian submarine activity '"`UNIQ--ref-0000005A-QINU`"' 2017.09.11, Sweden joins forces with US and Nato in show of force. '"`UNIQ--ref-0000005B-QINU`"' =='"`UNIQ--h-12--QINU`"'Gallery== [[File:Pu01puppetmaster.jpg|140px]] [[File:AndrianovThumb29.jpg|240px]] [[File:PuChessKick.jpg|280px]] [[File:KickFirstPutia.jpg|400px]] [[File:ErdoganPervym.jpg|240px]] [[File:TurkeyJets.jpg|200px]] [[File:TribunalPutinMissile.jpg|200px]] [[File:NovoUkraine.jpg|180px]] [[File:RusslandsProvokationen2015.jpg|160px]] [[File:PutiNuk.jpg|300px]] [[File:Madgas.jpg|240px]] [[File:PuWowa.jpg|220px]] [[File:PutinWorldWar30main.jpg|320px]] [[File:HappyPu73449 big.jpg|300px]] [[File:Kluch jjoriki normanski format-fill-580x380.jpg|280px]] [[File:UsyPeskova.jpg|160px]] [[File:Milicon.jpg|400px]] [[File:PuBasharUn.jpg|220px]] [[File:JoinClub.jpg|300px]] [[File:Kindertank.jpg|170px]] [[File:Voyaki1443041189 214501.jpg|280px]] [[File:Minsk2015fragment2.jpg|400px]] [[File:PutIndogs.jpg|280px]] [[File:NuclearMat.jpg|300px]] [[File:KremlinAleppo.jpg|300px]] =='"`UNIQ--h-13--QINU`"'Warning== The materials are added to this article as soon as they reach the Editor. This order has no need to follow the importance of the events and the publications. This article, as other articles in TORI, has scientific goal to collect and systemise the observed events in the most compact and efficient concept. It should not be interpreted as an attempt of the Editor to take somebody's part in the conflict, that seems to become wider and wider since 2008, and, especially, since 2014. This conflict is denoted here as [[Putin world war]], not the [[World War III]], while there are some hopes, that its scale will not reach the scale of the [[World War II]] of years 1939–1945. However, if the [[Putin world war]] reaches the same scale in future, then this article should be renamed to [[World War III]] and significantly upgraded . =='"`UNIQ--h-14--QINU`"'References== '"`UNIQ--references-0000005C-QINU`"' 2014.03.03. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/462812/Putin-is-as-bad-as-Saddam-Hussein-and-the-West-MUST-take-immediate-action-says-leading-MP Owen Bennett. Putin is as bad as Saddam Hussein and the West MUST take immediate action, says leading MP. Brooks Newmark, who is a foreign policy specialist, wants the West to take immediate diplomatic and economic action against Russia in order to show his actions will not go unpunished. Mon, March 3, 2014. 2014.03.07. http://www.rcinet.ca/en/2014/03/07/canada-expels-russian-soldiers-over-ukraine-crisis/ Lynn Desjardins. Canada expels Russian soldiers over Ukraine crisis. Friday 7 March, 2014. 2014.08.01 http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/01/us-ukraine-crisis-putin-russians-idUSKBN0F646620140701 Putin vows to protect ethnic Russians abroad after Ukraine truce expires. MOSCOW Tue Jul 1, 2014 9:26am EDT. 2014.08.31. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/ukraine-crisis-russian-mothers-of-killed-and-captured-soldiers-ask-why-are-our-sons-fighting-in-ukraine-9701805.html SAM MASTERS. Ukraine crisis: Russian mothers of killed and captured soldiers ask 'why are our sons fighting in Ukraine?' Rights groups claim some troops have been buried in unmarked graves to hide their role in the conflict. Sunday 31 August 2014. 2014.09.01. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11069070/I-can-take-Kiev-in-two-weeks-Vladimir-Putin-warns-European-leaders.html Ben Farmer, Nick Squires. Vladimir Putin has boasted to European leaders that his forces could sweep into Kiev in two weeks if he wanted. 9:11PM BST 01 Sep 2014. The Russian president reportedly made the threat to the European Commission president during talks on the Ukraine crisis. Mr Putin told Jose Manuel Barroso: “If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks,” Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper reported, implying this could be the result if the EU stepped up sanctions against Russia. 2014.09.02. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/03/world/europe/ukraine-crisis.html?_r=0 ANDREW ROTHSEPT. Putin Tells European Official That He Could ‘Take Kiev in Two Weeks’ Sept 2, 2014/ 2014.09.03. http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/worldservice/ht/ht_20140903-0500a.mp3 Aleksandr Scherba. Confrontation with Russia. 2014.09.03. http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/09/03/george-f-will-is-putins-next-target-the-baltic-states/ George F. Will: Is Putin’s next target the Baltic States? September 3, 2014 6:51 AM ET. 2014.09.05. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/05/russia-tv-funeral-soldier-killed-ukraine-on-leave Russian TV shows funeral of soldier killed 'on leave' in Ukraine. State TV says [[Anatoly Travkin]] didn't tell his wife or commanders he was heading to Ukraine to fight with pro-Russia rebels. The Guardian, Friday 5 September 2014 12.57 BST 2014.09.10. http://www.newsweek.com/2014/09/19/russian-soldiers-reveal-truth-behind-putins-secret-war-269227.html Anna Nemtsova. Russian Soldiers Reveal the Truth Behind Putin's Secret War. September 10, 2014 11:37 AM EDT. 2014.09.12. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/12/us-ukraine-crisis-russians-special-repor-idUSKBN0H70S920140912 THOMAS GROVE AND MARIA TSVETKOVA. Special Report: Moscow stifles dissent as soldiers return in coffins. MOSCOW 2014 Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:38am EDT. 2014.09.18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11106195/Putin-privately-threatened-to-invade-Poland-Romania-and-the-Baltic-states.html Justin Huggler. Putin 'privately threatened to invade Poland, Romania and the Baltic states'. 6:48PM BST 18 Sep 2014. German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung reports that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told European Commission that Putin made the threat in a recent conversation 2014.09.18 http://www.foreign.senate.gov/press/chair/release/senate-foreign-relations-committee-unanimously-passes-ukraine-freedom-support-act-of-2014 Senate Foreign Relations Committee Unanimously Passes Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014. Thursday, September 18, 2014. <br> http://www.foreign.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/UFSA_SectionBySection4.pdf Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014. .. Section 6 – Codification of Executive Orders Addressing the Ukraine Crisis This section codifies sanctions Executive Orders addressing the crisis in Ukraine. Section 7 – Major Non-NATO Ally Status This section designates Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia as major non-NATO allies. Section 8 – Increased Military Assistance for Ukraine This section authorizes the president to provide defense articles, defense services, and military training to the Ukrainian government for the purpose of countering offensive weapons and reestablishing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including anti-tank and anti-armor weapons; crew served weapons and ammunition; counter- artillery radars to identify and target artillery batteries; fire control, range finder, optical and guidance and control equipment; tactical surveillance drones, and secure command and communications equipment. It authorizes $\$$350 million in fiscal year 2015 to carry out these activities. The president is required to provide a report to Congress detailing the military assistance to be provided to Ukraine. ..

2014.09.19. http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/berichte-des-ukrainischen-praesidenten-putin-soll-europa-massiv-gedroht-haben-1.2134168 Daniel Brössler. Berichte des ukrainischen Präsidenten. Putin soll Europa massiv gedroht haben. 8. September 2014 05:00. Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin hat nach Darstellung des ukrainischen Staatschefs Petro Poroschenko Drohungen geäußert, die sich gegen Mitgliedsländer der Nato und der Europäischen Union richten.// Laut einer Gesprächszusammenfassung des Auswärtigen Dienstes der Europäischen Union, die der Süddeutschen Zeitung vorliegt, berichtete Poroschenko dem EU-Kommissionspräsidenten José Manuel Barroso am vergangenen Freitag während dessen Besuchs in Kiew von den Drohungen. Wörtlich habe Putin zu ihm, Poroschenko, gesagt: "Wenn ich wollte, könnten russische Truppen in zwei Tagen nicht nur in Kiew, sondern auch in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warschau oder Bukarest sein."

2014.09.19. http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/svenskt-luftrum-krankt-av-ryska-attackplan/ Svenskt luftrum kränkt av ryska attackplan. Publicerad 18 sep 2014 20:10. Två ryska attack- och bombflygplan kränkte vid lunchtid i onsdags svenskt luftrum, kan Expressen i kväll avslöja. Utrikesminister Carl Bildt har bekräftat att regeringen har informerats om incidenten. Flera Jas Gripen-plan tog upp jakten. Försvarsmaktens bedömning är, erfar Expressen, att kränkningen inte var oavsiktlig utan ett test av den svenska beredskapen.

2014.09.19. http://online.wsj.com/articles/sweden-complains-to-russia-over-airspace-violation-1411163347 CHARLES DUXBURY And CHRISTINA ZANDER. Sweden Complains to Russia Over Airspace Violation. Sweden Complains to Russia Over Airspace Violation. Sept. 19, 2014 5:49 p.m. ET. STOCKHOLM—Sweden lodged a formal protest with the Russian ambassador here Friday over a violation of Swedish airspace by two Russian war planes in the latest sign of rising tension between Moscow and its Western neighbors. The Swedish Foreign Ministry said the planes flew in and out of Swedish airspace south of the island of Oland in the Baltic Sea Wednesday.

2014.09.19. http://theaviationist.com/2014/09/19/lossie-qra-launched-1st-time/#disqus_thread David Cenciotti. RAF Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, intercepted Russian Tu-95 bombers. Sep 19 2014. This news would sound different if Scotland got independent anyway, on Sept. 19, Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, based at RAF Lossiemouth were scramble for the first time since they relocated from RAF Leuchars to the base in Scotland, to identify, intercept and escort Russian Air Force Tu-95 Bears. ..

2014.09.21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2764101/Dozens-Russian-troops-killed-Ukraine-month-according-secret-documents-despite-Putin-s-claims-country-not-fighting-there.html JACK CRONE. Dozens of Russian troops were killed in Ukraine last month according to secret documents despite Putin's claims his country is not fighting there. 12:16 GMT, 21 September 2014

2014.09.26. http://www.inquisitr.com/1501954/vladimir-putin-has-been-planning-world-war-3-for-the-last-decade-former-adviser-warns/ Vladimir Putin Has Been Planning World War 3 For The Last Decade, Former Adviser Warns. September 26, 2014

201409.26. http://www.inquisitr.com/1504315/vladimir-putin-may-threaten-world-war-3-but-thousands-of-russians-are-marching-for-ukraine/ Vladimir Putin May Threaten World War 3, But Thousands Of Russians Are Marching For Ukraine. September 28, 2014.

2014.09.29. http://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1027139,title,Stanislaw-Ciosek-dla-WPPL-jesli-Putin-jest-szalencem-trzeba-by-go-zbombardowac,wid,16918333,wiadomosc.html Joanna Stanisławska. Stanisław Ciosek dla WP.PL: jeśli Putin jest szaleńcem, trzeba by go zbombardować. dodane 2014-09-29 (09:28)

2014.09.30. http://news.yahoo.com/bianna-golodryga-interviews-garry-kasparov-093317385.html Bianna Golodryga. Garry Kasparov: Putin is 'the most dangerous man' in the world and a bigger threat to the U.S. than the Islamic State. September 30, 2014 5:32 AM

2014.10.01. http://www.tvn24.pl/brzezinski-gdy-putin-zwyciezy-na-ukrainie-zastosuje-te-sama-strategie-przeciw-baltom,463762,s.html Brzeziński: gdy Putin zwycięży na Ukrainie, zastosuje tę samą strategię przeciw Bałtom. 01 września 2014, 7:51. Zbigniew Brzeziński oczekuje konkretnych decyzji NATO w sprawie konfliktu na Ukrainie. - NATO powinno na stałe umieścić swoje wojska w państwach bałtyckich - uważa. Były doradca prezydenta USA Jimmy'ego Cartera w wywiadzie dla telewizji CNN przedstawił swoje oczekiwania odnośnie do szczytu Sojuszu w walijskim Newport, który rozpocznie się w najbliższy czwartek.

2014.10.02. http://online.wsj.com/articles/alarm-over-russia-draws-volunteers-to-defend-estonia-1412266762 CHARLES DUXBURY and LIIS KANGSEPP. Alarm Over Russia Draws Volunteers to Defend Estonia. Oct. 2, 2014 12:19 p.m. ET.

2014.10.03. http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/10/03/thoughts-from-kyiv-3-october-2014-10-reasons-that-a-full-scale-invasion-of-ukraine-is-possible-before-winter/ Mychailo Wynnyckyj. 10 reasons that a full-scale invasion of Ukraine is possible before winter. 2014/10/03.

2014.10.03. http://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/ukraine/bundesregierung-vor-entsendung-von-kampftruppen-38003142.bild.html HANNO KAUTZ, JULIAN REICHELT. Die Bundeswehr steht vor dem Einsatz von Kampftruppen in der Ostukraine! 03.10.2014 - 20:06 Uhr. Nach BILD-Informationen bereiten sich deutsche Fallschirmjäger in Seedorf (Niedersachsen) darauf vor, die Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (OSZE) bei der Überwachung des Waffenstillstands im Krisengebiet abzusichern. Nach internen Plänen des Verteidigungsministeriums sind 200 Soldaten für den Einsatz eingeplant. 150 sollen das Krisengebiet mit Drohnen überwachen. 50 sind für den Schutz vorgesehen. Bewaffnete deutsche Truppen sollten nicht zwischen den Fronten stehen und ukrainische Soldaten und pro-russische Rebellen auseinander halten, sondern vor allem die Sicherheit der OSZE-Mission gewährleisten, vor Übergriffen schützen.

2014.10.03. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/10/03/presidential-proclamation-modify-list-beneficiary-developing-countries-u BARACK OBAMA. Presidential Proclamation -- To Modify the List of Beneficiary Developing Countries Under the Trade Act of 1974. October 03, 2014. .. (1) The designation of Russia as a beneficiary developing country is terminated, effective on October 3, 2014. ..

2014.10.16. http://ec.europa.eu/energy/doc/energystresstests_communication.pdf COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL on the short term resilience of the European gas system. Preparedness for a possible disruption of supplies from the East during the fall and winter of 2014/2015 Brussels, 16.10.2014 COM(2014).

2014.10.18. http://www.inquisitr.com/1547211/russian-submarines-suspected-of-entering-waters-off-stockholm-sweden-responding-to-foreign-threat/ Russian Submarines Suspected Of Entering Waters Off Stockholm, Sweden Responding To ‘Foreign Threat’. October 18, 2014.

2014.10.19. http://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-hunting-russian-submarine-2014-10. NIKLAS POLLARD, REUTERS. Sweden Is Hunting For A Russian Submarine Less Than 31 Miles From Stockholm.

2014.10.18. http://www.radiosvoboda.org/content/article/26643718.html Олександр Лащенко Не вірте Лукашенкові, на території Білорусі перебувають війська Росії – Радіна. 18.10.2014. .. Режим Лукашенка протягом всіх 20 років існував винятково за рахунок підживлень з боку Росії. Росія вклала в Лукашенка щонайменше від 80 до 100 мільярдів доларів. Він відпустить цю людину? Звичайно, що ні. Лукашенко – маріонетка. Це загроза воєнного нападу з боку Білорусі на вас, російські війська можуть зайти з Півночі ..

2014.10.19. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/10/vladimir-putins-coup-112025_Page3.html By BEN JUDAH. Putin’s Coup. How the Russian leader used the Ukraine crisis to consolidate his dictatorship. October 19, 2014 The buildup to war actually began as early as 2008, according to Sikorski. He says Russian intentions were becoming transparent by the time of the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest. “This is where [Putin] gave his extraordinary speech saying Ukraine was an artificial country and the greater part of these lands historically belonged to Russia.” At the summit the Kremlin warned it would respond militarily to moves by Ukraine or Georgia to join the NATO alliance: months later Russian forces seized on a provocation from Tbilisi and invaded Georgia. .. “I have talked to NATO generals,” says Sikorski. “And they see what I see: that he is capable of pushing us to the limit. Of pushing us to the limits before we crack. I believe that Putin has us completely sussed. He thinks he’s facing a bunch of degenerate weaklings. And he thinks we wouldn’t go to war to defend the Baltics. You know, maybe he’s right.”

2014.10.23. https://www.opendemocracy.net/od-russia/alexandr-litoy/for-generation-p-putin-is-russia-cult-of-personality-youth-russia ALEXANDR LITOY. For Generation P, Putin is Russia. 23 October 2014.

2015.10.23. http://nationalsecurity.news/2015-10-23-inching-closer-to-ww3-british-pilots-given-green-light-to-shoot-down-russian-planes-in-syria.html Jon E. Dougherty. Inching closer to WW3: British pilots given ‘green light’ to shoot down Russian planes in Syria. October 23rd, 2015. (NationalSecurity.news) In a little-noticed story posted at the International Business Times last week, the British government substantially raised the stakes in the Syrian civil war: Without much fanfare, London gave its air force pilots the authority to shoot down any Russian warplanes that threaten them.

2014.10.27. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/27/poland-to-move-thousands-of-troops-east-defense-mi/ Monika Scislowska - Associated Press. Poland will move thousands of troops toward its eastern borders in a historic realignment of a military structure built in the Cold War, the country’s defense minister told The Associated Press on Monday. Monday, October 27, 2014

2014.10.28. http://www.smh.com.au/world/poland-to-move-thousands-of-troops-toward-eastern-border-20141028-11cq52.html Monika Scislowska. Poland to move thousands of troops toward eastern border. October 28, 2014 - 3:29PM.

2014.10.29. http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/nato-intercepted-19-russian-military-aircraft-today NATO Intercepted 19 Russian Military Aircraft Today. OCTOBER 29, 2014.

2014.10.29. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-29825890 Nato reports rise in Russia military flights over Europe. 29 October 2014 Last updated at 20:33.

2014.10.30. http://news.sky.com/story/1363491/raf-jets-intercept-russian-military-bombers RAF Jets Intercept Russian Military Bombers NATO says there has been an "unusual" increase in the number of Russian military planes over Europe in the past two years. 21:07, UK. Thursday 30 October 2014.

2014.10.30. http://time.com/3547677/nato-russia-europe-us-airspace/ David Stout. NATO Accuses Russian Military Aircraft of Flagrantly Violating European Airspace. Oct. 30, 2014

2014.10.30. http://barentsobserver.com/en/security/2014/10/russian-bombers-pose-risk-civil-aviation-30-10 Thomas Nilsen. Russian bombers pose risk to civil aviation. The four bombers and four tanker aircraft tracked by F-16s outside Northern Norway were not using on-board transponders or maintained any radio contact with civilian air traffic authorities.

2014.11.01. http://inserbia.info/today/2014/11/pentagon-warns-putin-stop-flights-over-european-airspace/ Pentagon Warns Putin: Stop Flights Over European Airspace. Nov 1, 2014 at 3:08 pm. .. The alliance claimed at least four groups of Russian bombers conducted “significant military maneuvers in European airspace” over the Baltic, Black Seas, and the Atlantic Ocean this week.

2014.11.04. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/04/us-ukraine-crisis-nato-idUSKBN0IO1ME20141104 ADRIAN CROFT. Russian troops moving closer to Ukraine border: NATO chief. BRUSSELS Tue Nov 4, 2014 2:53pm EST

2014.11.05. http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2014/11/05a.aspx November 5, 2014 - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today released the following statement: “Canada is deeply concerned by reports of Russian troops moving closer to the border with Ukraine. “We strongly condemn these provocative actions by Russia, and we believe this is further proof that the Kremlin only seeks to hamper the peace process in Ukraine. “We call on Russia to immediately withdraw its troops not only from border regions but also from Ukraine’s sovereign territory, where they continue to contribute to the violence that has cost over 4,000 lives to date. ..

2014.11.09. http://awdnews.com/top-news/10153-an-intense-phone-ca A fiery phone call between Erdoğan and Putin ended in firing mutual threats. Sunday, 09 November 2014 09:52.

2014.11.10. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/11/10/national/politics-diplomacy/in-beijing-abe-putin-agree-to-prepare-for-putins-visit-here-next-year/#.VGKwwxaD7-m Abe, Putin agree to prepare for Japan visit next year. NOV 10, 2014. .. apan’s sanctions against Russia, in the wake of Moscow’s continued support for pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and its annexation of a large portion of the Crimean Peninsula, include an asset freeze on Russian officials involved in the conflict. .. In his 90-minute meeting with Putin, Abe expressed grave concern over the current tensions in Ukraine, saying a recent election by separatists in the east to assert the region’s independence from Kiev is “complicating the situation,” the official said. .. But they did reaffirm they will continue dialogue to find a mutually acceptable solution in line with a bilateral accord reached during their talks in Russia in April 2013. .. The islands were seized by the former Soviet Union following Japan’s surrender in World War II on Aug. 15, 1945. Japan is seeking recognition of its ownership of the islands — Kunashiri, Etorofu, Shikotan and the Habomai group of islets — while taking the position that it will be flexible about how and when they are returned.

2014.11.12. http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/11/12/russian-warships-sail-near-australian-waters.html Russian warships sail near Australian waters. Updated: 11:21 pm, Wednesday, 12 November 2014 - See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/11/12/russian-warships-sail-near-australian-waters.html#sthash.AlmiAhg2.dpuf

2014.11.13. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-30032466 Canberra monitoring Russian warships 'nearing Australia'. 13 November 2014 Last updated at 00:22

2014.11.18. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-16/russia-seen-as-greatest-threat-in-poll-as-oil-erodes-putin-power.html Gregory Viscusi. Russia Seen as Biggest Threat in Poll Even as Oil Erodes Putin Power. Russia Seen as Biggest Threat in Poll Even as Oil Erodes Putin Power. By Gregory Viscusi Nov 17, 2014 11:37 PM GMT+0900

2014.11.18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAoW4YotHQo Россия - страна проигравших, - Портников. Nov 17, 2014. Виталий Портников назвал Россию страной проигравших, отметив, что РФ не делает выводов из своих геополитических поражений.// «Россия проиграла в холодной войне, ведь нынешняя Россия - это обломок Советского Союза, и она не сделала никаких выводов. Вместо того, чтобы развиваться, строить новую современную страну и стать естественной частью европейской цивилизации, Россия решила уже при Путине сохранить в этом обрубке дух Советского Союза. // В обрубке не бывает духа, в обрубке бывает только сера и гниль. События в Брисбене показали, что Владимира Путина игнорируют, презирают и воспринимают его, как президента цивилизационно проигравшего государства. Можно вводить танки на Донбасс, можно конечно и дальше дойти, но от этого победы не будет», - сказал Портников.

2014.11.28. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/29/upshot/oil-prices-are-tumbling-heres-who-wins-and-who-loses.html Neil Irwin. Oil Prices Are Plunging. Here’s Who Wins and Who Loses. NOV. 28, 2014. .. Oil Prices Have Plummeted.. (100 dollars to 67 dollars).. Loser: Vladimir Putin. Russia’s economy is already facing its sharpest challenges in years, as Western sanctions imposed after Russian aggression toward Ukraine crimp the nation’s ability to be integrated in the global economy. Russia is a major energy producer, and the falling price of oil compounds the challenge facing its president, Vladimir Putin.

2014.12.12. http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=6045442 Maria Jansson. Försvarsministern: Militärflyget söder om Malmö var ryskt. 13 december 17:05 (2014).

2014.12.18. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/12/18/statement-president-ukraine-freedom-support-act Statement by the President on the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. Today, I have signed H.R. 5859, the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, into law. ..

2014.15.24. http://www.mil.gov.ua/news/2015/01/24/onovleno-vtrati-rosijskih-vijsk-ta-teroristichnih-ugrupovan-na-shodi-kraini-protyagom-ostannogo-tizhnya--7096/ Втрати російських військ та терористичних угруповань на сході країни протягом останнього тижня. .. У період з 17-22 січня, в результаті збройних протистоянь українських вйськових з терористичними угрупуваннями та збройними силами Російської Федерації на території Донецької та Луганської області було знешкоджено близько 600 осіб бойовиків та російських військових, 275 осіб — поранено. Остаточна чисельність втрат може бути значно більшою, оскільки деяких поранених противник встиг евакуювати з поля бою. ..

2015.01.16. http://nv.ua/opinion/zhovtenko/kreml-gotovitsya-k-napadeniyu-na-balkany-29800.html Тарас Жовтенко. Кремль готовится к нападению на Балканы? Россия может развязать новый конфликт в Европе, чтобы отвлечь внимание Запада от Украины. 2015.16 января, 15:15

2015.02.01. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/feb/01/putin-stopped-ukraine-military-support-russian-propaganda Timothy Garton Ash. Putin must be stopped. And sometimes only guns can stop guns. Sunday 1 February 2015 17.58 GMT Vladimir Putin is the Slobodan Milošević of the former Soviet Union: as bad, but bigger. .. Like Milošević, Putin is prepared to use every instrument at his disposal, with no holds barred. In his war against the west he has deployed heavy military equipment, energy-supply blackmail, cyber-attack, propaganda by sophisticated, well-funded broadcasters, covert operations and agents of influence in EU capitals – oh yes, and Russian bombers nosing up the English Channel with their transponders off, potentially endangering civilian flights. ..

2015.02.16. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/16/inside-the-beltway-here-come-the-cold-war-part-ii/ Jennifer Harper. Americans place Russia first on the list of U.S. enemies: Here comes the Cold War, Part II. - The Washington Times - Monday, February 16, 2015

2015.02.19. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=128209 Lisa Ferdinando. Dempsey: Russia, Terrorists, Cyber Among Top Threats. COLLEGE STATION, Texas, Feb. 19, 2015. .. Russia "lit a fire of ethnicity and nationalism that actually threatens to burn out of control," he said. "And in so doing, they are threatening our NATO allies." .. The United States is working with its NATO allies, he said, to reassure the alliance and also try to assist Eastern Europe, including non-NATO countries, in "suppressing this effort to rekindle fires that haven’t burned in Europe" in 70 years.

2015.02.28. http://wyborcza.pl/magazyn/1,143553,17496210,Putin_tej_wojny_nie_wygra.html Igor T. Miecik. Putin tej wojny nie wygra. 28.02.2015 01:00.

2015.03.05. http://www.welt.de/kultur/article138087231/Putins-Dreistigkeit-beleidigt-meinen-Verstand.html Herta Müller. "Putins Dreistigkeit beleidigt meinen Verstand". 05.03.15. Die Welt: Wieder ein politischer Mord in Russland, und Putin verkündet, den Fall "zu lösen". Für viele ist mit dem Tod Boris Nemzows endgültig klar, dass Russland auf dem Weg in eine düstere Zeit ist, die an die 30er-Jahre nicht nur in Deutschland erinnert. Hätten Sie gedacht, dass völkischer Nationalismus erneut sein Haupt erhebt?

2015.03.08. http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article138169533/Kommissionschef-Juncker-fordert-eine-EU-Armee.html Kommissionschef Juncker fordert eine EU-Armee Jean-Claude Juncker will Russland zeigen, dass die EU ihre Werte verteidigt: Mit einer eigenen Armee könne Europa glaubwürdig auf Bedrohungen reagieren, glaubt er. Seine Idee erntet viel Zustimmung. Wetter 8. Mrz. 2015, 18:53.

2015.03.10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WA1rP5WGfY The Russian Military Forum: Russia's Hybrid War Campaign: Implications for Ukraine and Beyond. Mar 10, 2015 The CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program is pleased to invite you to a discussion with Dr. Phillip Karber, President of the Potomac Foundation, a defense and foreign policy think-tank. Dr. Karber, who is also a former DOD official and veteran defense analyst, will discuss Russia's "hybrid warfare" campaign in eastern Ukraine. Dr. Karber has traveled repeatedly to eastern Ukraine during the present conflict, and has spoken first-hand with a number of the participants. Dr. Karber will draw on these discussions to elaborate on the techniques of Russian hybrid warfare, evaluate their effectiveness, and explore their implications for both Ukraine and the West. // Moderated by: Paul Schwartz // CSIS Senior Associate, Russia & Eurasia Program Remarks by: Dr. Phillip Karber // President of the Potomac Foundation

2015.03.11 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/11/britain-should-arm-ukraine Alexander Temerko. Britain should arm Ukraine. 11 March 2015 07.30 GMT. .. Either we face up to our responsibility to halt this assault on liberal Europe, or we sleepwalk into a new era of Russian intrigue and encroachment by letting Putin win not just a series of battles on the ground, but a major and widespread propaganda coup as well. The decision cannot wait much longer.

2015.03.15. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31899680 Ukraine conflict: Putin 'was ready for nuclear alert' 15 March 2015 Last updated at 18:57.

2015.03.15. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/41873ed2-cb60-11e4-8ad9-00144feab7de.html#axzz3V8VVMxjp Putin was ready to put nuclear weapons on alert in Crimea crisis. March 15, 2015 10:51 pm.

2015.03.15. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-says-russia-was-preparing-to-use-nuclear-weapons-if-necessary-and-blames-us-for-ukraine-crisis-in-crimea-documentary-10109615.html ADAM WITHNALL. Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons 'if necessary' and blames US for Ukraine crisis. Sunday 15 March 2015

2015.03.15. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/15/us-russia-putin-yanukovich-idUSKBN0MB0GV20150315 Putin says Russia was ready for nuclear confrontation over Crimea. MOSCOW Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:11pm EDT.

2015.03.16. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/564242/Vladimir-Putin-nuclear-threat-world-war-three-crimea WILL STEWART. Putin's nuclear threat: Russian leader nearly started World War Three over the Crimea war. VLADIMIR Putin was prepared to use nuclear weapons at the moment he seized Crimea a year ago, he admitted last night. PUBLISHED: 09:16, Mon, Mar 16, 2015

2015.03.17. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/16/putin-ukraine-conflict-ready-nuclear-alert Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin 'was ready for nuclear alert'. Monday 16 March 2015 01.10 GMT.

2015.03.17. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/vladimir-putin-start-world-war-5351966 Will Stewart. 'Vladimir Putin will start World War 3': Lech Walesa and Wladimir Klitschko issue chilling warning. 18:52, 17 March 2015.

2015.03.17. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/russia-s-vladimir-putin-brandishes-the-nuclear-option-1.2997396 Don Murray. Russia's Vladimir Putin brandishes the nuclear option. Fresh from low-grade rebel war in Ukraine, Putin bolstering his nuclear arsenal. Mar 17, 2015 5:00 AM ET.

2015.03.20. http://m.jyllands-posten.dk/indland/ECE7573125/Ruslands-ambassadør-Danske-skibe-kan-blive-mål-for-russisk-atomangreb/ AF LARS. Danmark bliver advaret mod at gå med i et amerikansk missilforsvar. Udenrigsminister Martin Lidegaard (R): »Det er uacceptabelt«. 20.03.2015 KL. 23:00.

2015.03.20. Canadian Armed Forces showcase operational capabilities in High Arctic. March 20, 2015. OTTAWA—Today in Resolute Bay, military exercise NOREX 2015 begins and will run until March 30, with approximately 200 Canadian Army Regular and Reserve Force soldiers, including Canadian Rangers, participating in the exercise.

2015.03.20. http://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthompson/2015/03/20/the-u-s-has-no-defense-against-a-russian-nuclear-attack-really/ Loren Thompson. The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. 3/20/2015 @ 11:44AM. Just this week, Putin stated in a documentary commemorating Moscow’s annexation of Crimea that he had considered putting the nuclear arsenal on alert to dissuade the West from pushing back, observing that he was ready for “the worst possible turn of events.”

2015.03.19. http://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20150323/MAS_087_xml.pdf Mr. ENGEL (for himself, Mr. ROYCE, Mr. SMITH of Washington, Mr. THORN- BERRY, Mr. SCHIFF, Mr. NUNES, Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. ROGERS of Ken- tucky, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN, and Mr. FITZPATRICK). Calling on the President to provide Ukraine with military assistance to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. March 19, 2015 (6:04 p.m.) .. the House of Representatives strongly urges the President to fully and immediately exercise the authorities provided by Congress to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapon systems to enhance the ability of the people of Ukraine to defend their sovereign territory from the unprovoked and continuing aggression of the Russian Federation.

2015.03.10. http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/uriks/Russland-aggresjonen-Norden-girer-opp-militart-samarbeid--7967054.html Sveinung Berg Bentzrød. Russland-aggresjonen: Norden girer opp militært samarbeid. Felles avskrekking. Slik beskrives teksten fem nordiske land stiller seg bak om utvidet militært samarbeid. Russland vil oppfatte teksten som aggressiv, sier forsvarsekspert. Oppdatert: 10.apr. 2015 09:28

2015.03.30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkQxQTfq5qU General Wesley Clark: Exclusive Briefing from Ukraine’s Front Lines. Streamed live on Mar 30, 2015 A conversation with: General Wesley Clark Former Allied Commander NATO Moderated by: The Hon. Jan Lodal // Distinguished Fellow, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security// Atlantic Council Please join us on Monday, March 30 at the Atlantic Council offices, 1030 15th St NW 12th floor, for a conversation with General Clark, former NATO Allied Commander, who just returned from Ukraine where he met with Ukrainian military commanders and President Petro Poroshenko. Despite the Minsk II ceasefire agreement, Russia continues to supply weapons, equipment and troops to support separatists in Ukraine’s east. In February, the key city of Debaltseve fell to Russian separatists. The port city of Mariupol is the likely next target and tensions spread further to the northeastern city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. As Ukraine prepares for another assault from Russian-backed separatists, what steps should the United States and NATO take to help Ukraine withstand Russian aggression?

2015.04.07. http://www.rferl.mobi/a/putin-crimea-ukraine/26942862.html Putin's 2008 Comments On Crimea, Before A Sharp Change Of Tack. April 07, 2015. (Can Ukraine be next target? - .. No, we respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine..)

2014.04.07. http://www.businessinsider.com/new-russian-offensive-in-ukraine-is-imminent-2015-4 Jeremy Bender. Former NATO commander: A new Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine is 'imminent'. Apr. 7, 2015, 11:56 AM. Retired General Wesley Clark warned at an exclusive briefing with the Atlantic Council that a renewed Russian offensive in Ukraine was "imminent" and would "most probably" take place between Orthodox Easter on April 12 and Russia's celebrations of VE Day on May 8.

2015.04.09. http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/uriks/Russian-aggression-Nordic-states-extend-their-military-cooperation-7975109.html Sveinung Berg Bentzrød. Russian aggression: Nordic states extend their military cooperation. Oppdatert: 09.apr. 2015 22:59

2015.04.10. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/russian-fighter-jet-nearly-collides-with-u-s-spy-jet-over-europe/ Y: Bill Gertz. Russian Fighter Jet Nearly Collides with U.S. Spy Jet Over Europe. April 10, 2015 5:35 pm.

2015.04.10. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/10/nordic-countries-extend-military-alliance-russian-aggression Nordic countries extend military alliance in face of Russian aggression. Agence France-Press in Oslo, Friday 10 April 2015 12.48 BST.

2015.04.15. http://www.downnews.co.uk/ardglass-trawler-almost-pulled-under-by-a-submarine/ Jim Masson. Ardglass Trawler Almost Pulled Under By A Submarine. April 15, 2015 An Ardglass prawn trawler almost sank when it snagged a submarine a few miles from the County Down coast north of the fishing port. .. This does raise the possibility of Russian submarines spying in the area. ..

2015.04.23. https://www.defencetalk.com/pentagon-launches-submarine-tracking-unmanned-ghost-ships-63931/ DefenceTalk. Pentagon Launches Submarine-Tracking Unmanned Ghost Ships. Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

2015.05.02. http://nationalinterest.org/feature/russias-supersonic-tu-160-bomber-back-should-america-worry-12787 Tom Nichols. Russia is going to begin production of the Tu-160, a Soviet-era bomber known as the “Blackjack.” How should America respond? May 2, 2015. Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu announced recently that Russia is going to begin production of the Tu-160, a Soviet-era bomber known as the “Blackjack.” The Tu-160 is a nuclear platform, basically something like the Soviet version of an American B-1 bomber: a big, heavy, swing-wing bomber meant to deliver nuclear weapons at long distances. The Soviets built about thirty-five of them in the 1980s, of which only fifteen remain in service. ..

2015.05.05. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/content/20150504IPR49639/html/Russia-has-transformed-Black-Sea-military-landscape-say-foreign-affairs-MEPs Russia has transformed Black Sea military landscape, say foreign affairs MEPs. Press release - Security and defence − 05-05-2015 - 14:38. If Russia does not apply the Minsk ceasefire deals in full and return Crimea to Ukraine, the EU should step up sanctions and consider the possibility of providing Ukraine with defensive arms, say Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in a resolution voted on Monday. Returning Crimea is vital to the EU’s long-run cooperation with Russia and EU countries must also step up their own defence capabilities, says the text, which looks at Black Sea Basin military changes since Russia illegally annexed Crimea.

2015.05.05. http://fedina.blog.respekt.ihned.cz/c1-63969160-agent-v-kremlu Martin Fedina. Agent v Kremlu. 5. 5. 2015 20:39. .. Je jasné, že výsledkem těchto aktivit (a mnohých dalších) může stěží být jiný výsledek, než slabá země. A nyní se konečně dostáváme k aplikace staré dobré konspirační teorie, která nám jasně odhalí příčiny toho všeho. Vrhněme se na to s pomocí jednoduchých otázek a odpovědí. Kdo má zájem na tom, aby Rusko bylo oslabené a nemohlo projektovat sílu do okolí? No ano, hlavně USA. Jak nejefektivněji dosáhnou USA toho, že se z Ruska stane slabá země? Správně, dosadí na nejvyšší post svého agenta, agenta CIA, který bude plnit rozkazy Washingtonu. Tato jednoduchá neprůstřelná logika nemůže mít tedy jiný výsledek, než že Vladimír Putin je agentem CIA. ..

2015.05.07. http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-83480875/ CAROL J. WILLIAMS. NATO military exercises aim to send message of resolve to Russia. May 7, 2015, 9:00 p.m. NATO countries are staging massive air, land and sea exercises across Russia's northern borders this month in response to warnings from the Kremlin and strategic analysts that President Vladimir Putin's threats to use nuclear weapons are more than bluster. // The exercises in Estonia, Lithuania and Norway involve more than 21,000 troops and state-of-the-art military hardware. Coupled with U.S. training of Ukrainian forces and the recent activation of a 3,000-strong rapid-reaction force to defend Eastern Europe, they appear intended to send a message to Moscow that the alliance is ready to defend its new members in Russia's backyard. .. Given the steady drumbeat of nuclear threats, those in Eastern European countries that are now NATO members are skeptical that the alliance will be able to protect them. "It's clear that we find ourselves in a period of high risk of war in Poland. We live in the shadow of Russian imperialism," said Polish lawmaker and historian Pawel Kowal. "This is the last paroxysm of colonial power. It takes a long time for an empire to fall."

2015.05.10. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/10/us-ukraine-crisis-soldiers-specialreport-idUSKBN0NV06Q20150510 MARIA TSVETKOVA. Special Report: Russian soldiers quit over Ukraine. Sun May 10, 2015 4:22am EDT. .. "After we crossed the border, a lieutenant colonel said we could be sent to jail if we didn't fulfil orders. Some soldiers refused to stay there," said the soldier, who served with the elite Russian Kantemirovskaya tank division. He gave Reuters his full name but spoke on condition of anonymity, saying he feared reprisals. // He said he knew two soldiers who refused to stay. "They were taken somewhere. The lieutenant colonel said criminal cases were opened against them but in reality – we called them afterwards – they were at home. They just quit."

2015.05.13. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/03c5ebde-f95a-11e4-ae65-00144feab7de.html Sam Jones. Estonia ready to deal with Russia’s ‘little green men’. May 13, 2015 2:25 pm. Estonia has a clear plan for dealing with any “little green men” — the undercover Russian special forces operatives who sprung up in the early days of the Ukraine crisis last year — according to the country’s chief of defence: they will be shot. .. If Russian agents or special forces enter Estonian territory, “you should shoot the first one to appear,” Gen Terras said. “If somebody without any military insignia commits terrorist attacks in your country you should shoot him ... you should not allow them to enter.”

2015.05.13. https://www.facebook.com/inthenowrt/videos/vb.276157035868006/474479502702424/?type=2&theater Putin sent troops to #Ukraine, spent billions of rubles on fueling the war and is now lying to the whole world. Russian opposition has released a report called "Putin.War", which contains "secret" findings of Boris #NemtsovReport. More like a digest of media articles, social media posts and subjective opinion. 2015.05.13.

2015.05.14. https://english.kyodonews.jp/news/2015/05/352460.html Japan Cabinet approves bills for greater SDF role. 16:55 14 May 2015. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday approved security bills that would significantly expand the scope of overseas operations by the Self-Defense Forces in what would represent a major change to Japan's post-World War II exclusively defense-oriented security policy. Following Cabinet approval, the government is expected to submit the bills to the Diet on Friday. If passed, the legislation would remove geographical restrictions on where the SDF can operate, and under certain conditions allow it to defend its security ally the United States and other friendly countries for the first time since the war.

2015.05.14. http://www.nybooks.com/blogs/nyrblog/2015/may/14/russia-nato-twenty-feet-from-war/ Ahmed Rashid. Russia: Twenty Feet from War. May 14, 2015, 8:55 a.m.

2015.05.15. http://www.unian.info/politics/1078587-us-house-overrides-obamas-veto-passes-defense-policy-bill-with-lethal-aid-for-ukraine.html U.S. House defies Obama's veto, passes defense policy bill with lethal aid for Ukraine. 15.05.2015 | 21:55.

2015.05.22. http://www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/abrechnung-mit-moskau-yukos-investoren-beantragen-pfaendungen-von-russischem-staatseigentum-1.2490046 Yukos-Investoren beantragen Pfändungen von russischem Staatseigentum. 22. Mai 2015, 06:28 Uhr Die Verurteilung des russischen Staates zur Zahlung von 50 Milliarden Dollar an frühere Aktionäre des zerschlagenen Yukos-Konzerns könnte Moskau endgültig teuer kommen. Die enteigneten Yukos-Investoren haben nach Informationen der Süddeutschen Zeitung erstmals die Pfändung von russischem Staatseigentum eingeleitet...

2015.06.01. https://www.facebook.com/pressafoto/videos/vb.1404268736565032/1413409015651004/?type=1&theater В России нашлась одна мать, которая не взяла деньги и не согласилась молчать о гибели своего сына. 2015.06.01. (One mother rejected the money she was offered got be silent about killing of her son. (In English).

2015.06.16. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/584779/US-Marines-deployed-British-Royal-Navy-warship-Russia-threat-Eastern-Europe NICK GUTTERIDGE. Hundreds of US Marines to be deployed on British warship amid Russia threat AMERICA is set to deploy a crack team of Marines on board a British warship in response to Vladimir Putin's aggressive advances in Eastern Europe. PUBLISHED: 10:53, Tue, Jun 16, 2015 | UPDATED: 12:29, Tue, Jun 16, 2015

2015.06.17. http://uatoday.tv/politics/us-marines-join-british-ships-to-counter-threat-from-putin-441096.html US Marines join British ships to counter threat from Putin. 19:25 JUN. 17, 2015. Hundreds of US Marines are to be deployed on British and other European warships in the Mediterranean as a quick-reaction force if Russia takes action against NATO countries in eastern Europe, Ukrainian newspaper Europeiska Pravda reported on Wednesday, with reference to UK newspaper The Times.

2015.06.19. http://www.nzz.ch/international/europa/russlands-imperialer-irrweg-1.18565248 Hannes Adomeit. Russlands imperialer Irrweg. 19.6.2015, 11:00 Uhr. Unter Putin ist Russlands Militärbudget stark gestiegen. Selbst jetzt, in der Krise, lehnt der Kreml in diesem Bereich Kürzungen ab. Doch dieser Kurs übersteigt die wirtschaftlichen Kräfte Russlands.

2015.06.30. https://balticscholars.stanford.edu/?p=1199 Taavi Minnik: Russian journalist: For the Russian society “withdrawal” will be a painful but necessary experience, but for the incumbent regime it will be fatal. Taavi Minnik On June 30, 2015.

2015.07.01. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=129191 Jim Garamone. Dempsey Releases National Military Strategy. WASHINGTON, July 1, 2015 – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff cannot predict exactly where the next threat to the United States and its interests may come from, but he knows it will happen faster than in the past and the U.S. military must be prepared. .. While the document notes Russia’s contributions in some security areas such as counternarcotics and counterterrorism, it also points to that nation’s willingness to use force to achieve its goals. “It also has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors,” the strategy states. “Russia’s military actions are undermining regional security directly and through proxy forces.” ..

2015.07.01. http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2015/07/01/ukraine-can-defeat-the-separatists/ Adrian Bonenberger. Ukraine Can Defeat The Separatists. 7/01/2015 @ 11:50AM.

2015.07.05. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2ThefJwljo Zhirinovsky Promises Russian Flag Over Baltic States. Jul 5, 2015.

2015.08.12. http://thehill.com/policy/defense/250962-odierno-russia-is-the-most-dangerous-threat-to-us Kristina Wong. Top US general: Russia is most dangerous threat. 08/12/15 02:51 PM EDT. Gen. Ray Odierno, the outgoing Army chief of staff, said Wednesday that Russia is the top military threat to the U.S. "I believe Russia is the most dangerous," he said at a Pentagon briefing. "First, they are more mature than some of our other potential adversaries, and I think they have stated some intents that concern me, in terms of how the Cold War ended. "And they have shown some significant ability in Ukraine to do operations that are fairly sophisticated, and so for me, I think we should pay a lot of attention to that," he added

2015.08.16. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/08/16/425037/Russia-Iraq-Syria-Mikoyan-MiG31-Rosoboronexport Russia delivers six Mikoyan MiG-31 fighter jets to Syria: Report. Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:0PM. According to a Sunday report by Turkey's English-language website BGN News, Moscow shipped the supersonic interceptor aircraft to Damascus under a contract inked between the two sides in 2007.

2015.08.19. http://niezalezna.pl/70083-zobacz-jak-ukraina-odgrodzila-sie-od-rosji-600-km-poteznych-umocnien-zdjecia Zobacz, jak Ukraina odgrodziła się od Rosji. 600 km potężnych umocnień – ZDJĘCIA. Dodano: 19.08.2015 [17:47.

2015.08.20. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/revolt.html Ancient Jewish History: Table of Contents | The Two Kingdoms | The Temple/ .. The scene was now set for the revolt's final catastrophe. Outside Jerusalem, Roman troops prepared to besiege the city; inside the city, the Jews were engaged in a suicidal civil war. In later generations, the rabbis hyperbolically declared that the revolt's failure, and the Temple's destruction, was due not to Roman military superiority but to causeless hatred (sinat khinam) among the Jews (Yoma 9b). While the Romans would have won the war in any case, the Jewish civil war both hastened their victory and immensely increased the casualties. One horrendous example: In expectation of a Roman siege, Jerusalem's Jews had stockpiled a supply of dry food that could have fed the city for many years. But one of the warring Zealot factions burned the entire supply, apparently hoping that destroying this "security blanket" would compel everyone to participate in the revolt. The starvation resulting from this mad act caused suffering as great as any the Romans inflicted. .. (cited by the state for 2015.08.20.)

2015.09.01. https://www.rt.com/news/314010-syria-russia-planes-isis/ 'No Russian jets sent to Syria' - military source on 'expeditionary force' report. Published time: 1 Sep, 2015 15:43

2015.09.03. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/middleeast/article4545816.ece Tom Coghlan, Michael Evans and Sara Elizabeth Williams Kremlin sends men and arms to prop up dying Assad regime. Russian troops take part in a military drill. 12:01AM, September 3 2015

2015.09.04. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11845635/Vladimir-Putin-confirms-Russian-military-involvement-in-Syrias-civil-war.html Roland Oliphant, Moscow and Louisa Loveluck. Vladimir Putin confirms Russian military involvement in Syria's civil war. Russian president talks of desire for "international coalition" to fight terrorism and extremism and does not rule out possibility of direct military intervention in Syria. 8:19PM BST 04 Sep 2015.

2015.09.05. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/09/05/427815/Yemen-Safer-airport-Marib-Emirati-Bahraini-Sanaa- Sat Sep 5, 2015 7:51AM. Bodies of 103 foreign troops recovered from Yemen’s Safer airport. A top Yemeni tribal source says the bodies of 103 foreign troopers have been recovered from a military airport in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib, where they came under a rocket attack by Yemeni army forces and allied Popular Committees.

2015.09.05. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/09/voices-concern-russia-military-buildup-syria-150905172500917.html US secretary of state raises concerns about reports of Moscow's moves to boost military backing of Syrian government. 05 Sep 2015 18:47 GMT. US Secretary of State John Kerry has raised US concerns about reports of "an imminent enhanced Russian military buildup" in Syria, in a phone call to his counterpart in Moscow, the US State Department said. // "The secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operating in Syria," the State Department said on Saturday.

2015.09.09. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/huge-russian-military-planes-land-in-syria/ar-AAe4Iqe Huge Russian military planes land in Syria.

2015.09.09. http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-84382999/ CAROL J. WILLIAMS. Russia says Bulgaria's refusal of flyovers to Syria is a U.S. plot. September 9, 2015, 7:25 a.m.

2015.09.09. http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/09-09-2015/131886-russian_aircraft_syria-0/ Russian aircraft to fly to Syria via Greek and Iranian airspace, 09.09.2015.

2015.09.12. http://www.publika.md/romania-renunta-la-gazul-rusesc-motivul-pentru-care-autoritatile-de-la-bucuresti-au-luat-aceasta-decizie_2397921.html România RENUNŢĂ la gazul rusesc. Motivul pentru care autorităţile de la Bucureşti au luat această decizie. Articol de PUBLIKA.MD, publicat in data de Sâmbătă, 12 Septembrie 2015, ora 16:56. România nu va mai importa gaz din Rusia, din 2016, iar preţurile pentru consumatori se vor micşora cu zece procente. Potrivit autorităţilor de la Bucureşti, motivul pentru care se va renunţa la gazul natural de la Răsărit este reducerea consumului, în urma închiderii unor companii din industria chimică. În urmă cu zece ani, România consuma 18 miliarde de metri cubi de gaz, iar importurile din Rusia reprezentau 25 de procente. În prezent, consumul anual în statul vecin ajunge la 11 miliarde de metri cubi, iar gazul importat din Rusia a avut o pondere de doar 3%.

2015.09.15. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/373bed08-5b8c-11e5-9846-de406ccb37f2.html?siteedition=intl#axzz3m7ZIOmyk Roula Khalaf. Putin keeps the west guessing with little green men in Syria. September 16, 2015 3:51 pm

2016.09.16. http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2015/09/16/429414/Japan-Russia-warplane-intrusion-airspace-violation-Hokkaido- Tokyo protests against airspace violation by 'Russian' jet. Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:4AM

2015.09.18. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/19/us-japan-security-idUSKCN0RI03120150919 LINDA SIEG. Japan enacts bills easing pacifist constitution's limits on military. Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:39pm EDT.


2015.09.21. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/606505/Armageddon-Russian-bombers-arm-nuclear-bomb-UK-airspace MARCO GIANNANGELI. How close we came to Armageddon: Russian bombers began to arm NUKE near UK airspace. PILOTS in one of the two Russian supersonic bombers intercepted near UK skies last week had started the countdown to arm a nuclear bomb, sources revealed last night. PUBLISHED: 06:01, Mon, Sep 21, 2015 | UPDATED: 07:45, Mon, Sep 21, 2015

2015.09.21. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/21/us-mideast-crisis-syria-rebels-insight-idUSKCN0RL0E720150921 SULEIMAN AL-KHALIDI AND TOM PERRY. Rebels see tougher war with Russians in Syria, evoke Afghanistan. Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:44am EDT Related: WORLD, RUSSIA, SYRIA. ..Another rebel said the Russians risked "another Afghanistan where they would be sending troops who would return in coffins"...

2015.09.24. http://www.president.gov.ua/documents/5552015-19443 УКАЗ ПРЕЗИДЕНТА УКРАЇНИ №555/2015 Про рішення Ради національної безпеки і оборони України від 2 вересня 2015 року "Про нову редакцію Воєнної доктрини України". .. 5. Цей Указ набирає чинності з дня його опублікування. Президент України Петро ПОРОШЕНКО. 24 вересня 2015 року. // ВОЄННА ДОКТРИНА УКРАЇНИ // .. 9. Актуальними воєнними загрозами для України є: збройна агресія і порушення територіальної цілісності України (тимчасова окупація Російською Федерацією Автономної Республіки Крим, міста Севастополя та військова агресія Російської Федерації в окремих районах Донецької і Луганської областей), нарощування військової потужності Російської Федерації в безпосередній близькості до державного кордону України, у тому числі потенційна можливість розгортання тактичної ядерної зброї на території Автономної Республіки Крим; .. .. 31. Україна залишає за собою право на використання з метою відбиття збройної агресії всіх можливих форм, способів та наявних засобів збройної боротьби, а також завдання ударів противнику на його території з дотриманням принципів і норм міжнародного права. ..

2015.09.29. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/09/29/presidential-memorandum-delegation-authority-under-sections-506a1-and Delegation of Authority Under Sections 506(a)(1) and 552(c)(2) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF STATE SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority Under Sections 506(a)(1) and 552(c)(2) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of title 3, United States Code, I hereby delegate to the Secretary of State: The authority under section 506(a)(1) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (FAA) to direct the drawdown of up to $\$$20 million in defense articles and services of the Department of Defense and military education and training to provide assistance for the Government of Ukraine, and to make the determinations required under such section to direct such a drawdown; and (2) The authority under section 552(c)(2) of the FAA to direct the drawdown of up to $\$$1.5 million in nonlethal commodities and services from any agency of the United States Government to provide assistance for the Government of Ukraine, and to make the determinations required under such section to direct such a drawdown. You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register. BARACK OBAMA

2015.09.30. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-09-30/russia-risks-being-prosecuted-for-syria-s-war-crimes Josh Rogin. Russia Risks Being Prosecuted for Syria's War Crimes. SEPT 30, 2015 3:22 PM EDT

2015.09.30. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/01/world/middleeast/syrian-rebels-say-russia-targets-them-rather-than-isis.html ANNE BARNARD. Syrian Rebels Say Russia Is Targeting Them Rather Than ISIS. SEPT 30, 2015.

2015.10.05. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/05/turkey-threatens-to-shoot-down-russian-planes-that-stray-from-syria.html Turkey Threatens to Shoot Down Russian Planes that Stray from Syria. 10.05.1511:43 AM ET

2015.10.05. http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/russian-jet-over-turkey-risked-being-shot-down-john-kerry-1227442 Russian Jet Over Turkey Risked Being Shot Down, Says John Kerry. October 05, 2015 21:16 IST

2015.10.07. http://joinfo.com/life/1009308_lets-return-it-all-back-zhirinovsky-demands-from-russia-to-recapture-finland-and-poland.html “Let’s return it all… back!” – Zhirinovsky demands from Russia to recapture Finland and Poland. Vladimir Zhirinovsky demands of Russia to recapture territories as of in imperial times. .. The leader of Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated that Russian annexation of Crimea – is only the first step, and now Russia has to return all the territories that belonged to it before the Revolution of 1917, Joinfo.ua reports.

2015.10.08. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/08/politics/russian-missiles-syria-landed-iran/index.html Barbara Starr and Jeremy Diamond, CNN. First on CNN: U.S. officials say Russian missiles heading for Syria landed in Iran. Updated 20 11 GMT (03 11 HKT) October 8, 2015 | Video Source: CNN. A number of cruise missiles launched from a Russian ship and aimed at targets in Syria have crashed in Iran, two U.S. officials told CNN Thursday. Monitoring by U.S. military and intelligence assets has concluded that at least four missiles crashed as they flew over Iran. One official said there may be casualties, but another official said this is not yet known. It's unclear where in Iran the missiles landed. The Russian ships have been positioned in the south Caspian Sea, meaning the likely flight path for missiles into Syria would cross over both Iran and Iraq. // The Russians have been firing a relatively new cruise missile called "Kaliber," using it for the first time in combat. // Iran's semi-official FARS news agency, however, said that neither Russian nor Iranian authorities have confirmed the U.S. officials' information at this point. // On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin on Russian television that all 26 missiles launched from four missile ships struck their targets, with no civilian facilities hit. Putin then congratulated him on the performance of the weapons. // It was not clear, however, whether Shoigu was referring to the same missiles as the U.S. officials, as the latter may have been describing ones launched after the TV appearance...

2015.10.11. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/raf-given-green-light-shoot-down-hostile-russian-jets-syria-1523488 Romil Patel. RAF given green light to shoot down hostile Russian jets in Syria. October 11, 2015 14:33 BST

2015.10.18. http://www.defensenews.com/videos/defense-news/tv/2015/10/18/defense-news-tv-russia-and-europe/74176350/ Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commanding general of US Army Europe, discusses Russian military capabilities and the needs of US Army Europe.

2015.11.07. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/europe/article4607368.ece Deborah Haynes. Russia ranked at top of danger list to British security. 12:01AM, November 7 2015.

2015.10.20. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/20/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-idUSKCN0SE1YO20151020 MARIAM KAROUNY. Three Russians killed in Syria.. Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:21pm EDT.

2015.10.20. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11944277/First-Russia-casualties-killed-fighting-alongside-government-forces-in-Syria.html Roland Oliphant, Moscow. 'First Russia casualties' killed fighting alongside government forces in Syria. 8:14PM BST 20 Oct 2015. Three Russians were killed when shelling hit their positions near Latakia, according to pro-Syrian government military sources

2015.11.14. http://www.reuters.com Hollande calls attacks an "act of war". PARIS - Gunmen and bombers attacked locations across Paris, killing at least 127 people in a rampage that President Francois Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack. ..

2015.11.14. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/14/republican-presidential-candidates-would-jump-straight-into-war-with-russia-trump-carson Trevor Timm. Republican presidential candidates would jump straight into war with Russia. Saturday 14 November 2015 11.45 GMT. Republicans are now openly campaigning on the fact that they want to shoot down Russian planes over Syria, and seem to be trying to out tough-guy each other for who would be willing to start World War III the quickest. // At least that’s what it sounds like from their comments in the past week, where most of them have stepped up their advocacy of a no-fly zone (and ground troops) in Syria while bragging that they have no problem shooting down Russian fighter jets to enforce it.

2015.11.16. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-plans-a-hybrid-warfare-campaign-aimed-at-destabalising-europe-says-bulgarian-president-a6734981.html Lawrie Holmes. Russia plans a 'hybrid warfare' campaign aimed at destabilising Europe, says Bulgarian President. President Plevneliev fears that cyber attacks stem from Moscow.

2015.11.21 http://proufu.ru/news/novosti/society/verkhovnyy_muftiy_rossii_talgat_tadzhuddin_ya_predlozhil_vladimiru_putinu_postupit_s_izrailem_kak_s_/ Рамиль РАХМАТОВ. Верховный муфтий России Талгат Таджуддин: "Я предложил Владимиру Путину поступить с Израилем, как с Крымом". 17:33 21 Ноября 2015.

2015.11.24. http://www.wsj.com/articles/turkey-shoots-down-a-paper-tiger-1448406008 HOLMAN W. JENKINS, JR. Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger. His neighbors don’t find Mr. Putin quite as impressive as some Americans do. Nov. 24, 2015 6:00 p.m. ET. Vladimir Putin is not the master strategist some make him out to be. He’s a gambler and maneuverer whose bold moves are not testaments to vision or cojones but to the unhealthiness of his domestic political situation. .. Otto Dietrich, Hitler’s press aide, noted the Fuhrer’s own devolution from “domestic reformer” into a “foreign-policy desperado and gambler in international politics,” who “began to hate objections to his views and doubts on their infallibility. . . . He wanted to speak, but not to listen.” ..

2015.11.29. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/11/20-killed-russian-air-strike-syrian-market-151129082103978.html Deadly 'Russian air raid' hits market in Syria's Idlib. At least 44 people killed and scores wounded in air attack on popular marketplace in town of Ariha, activists say. 29 Nov 2015 21:05 GMT.

2015.12.10. http://www.raja.fi/tietoa/tiedotteet/1/0/epailty_helikopterin_luvaton_rajanylitys_itaisella_suomenlahdella_64307 Epäilty helikopterin luvaton rajanylitys Itäisellä Suomenlahdella. 10.12.2015 18.00.

2015.12.12. http://aa.com.tr/en/todays-headlines/syria-russian-airstrikes-kill-41-in-aleppo-including-15-children/489978 Syria: Russian airstrikes kill 41 in Aleppo, including 15 children. 12.12.2015

2015.12.15. http://www.zdf.de/zdfzeit/machtmensch-putin-41341490.html SENDUNG VOM. Gegner oder Partner Europas? 15.12.2015. ZDFzeit: Machtmensch Putin.

2015.12.15. http://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/wladimir-putin/kriegsverbrechen-in-syrien-43805850.bild.html Putins Kriegsverbrechen. Was jeder Politiker JETZT wissen sollte. 15.12.2015 - 23:32 Uhr. „Es ist nur schwer vorstellbar, dass sich die Bedingungen in Syrien – wie sie bereits waren – noch einmal hätten verschlechtern können. Aber sie haben sich verschlechtert.“ – Rae McGrath, Regionalleiter für die Türkei und Nord-Syrien bei der Hilfsorganisation Mercy Corps Viele westliche Politiker sprechen noch immer von einer Allianz gegen den Terror, einem gemeinsamen Kampf gegen ISIS. Dabei verschließen sie die Augen vor den Tatsachen, in der Hoffnung, mithilfe Russlands die Dschihadisten zu besiegen. Doch nicht nur, dass Moskau Syriens Diktator Baschar al-Assad (50) unterstützt und ihm bei seinen Verbrechen den Rücken stärkt, auch die russische Armee selbst ist an Bombardierungen gegen die syrische Zivilbevölkerung beteiligt.

2015.12.17. http://zpravy.idnes.cz/velka-tiskova-konference-vladimira-putina-2015-fnj-/zahranicni.aspx Na Ukrajině máme své lidi, připustil Putin. Navážel se i do Turecka. 17. prosince 2015 9:37, aktualizováno 12:45 Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin hovořil v Moskvě na tradiční velké výroční tiskové konferenci. Připustil, že Rusko má i kvůli nízkým cenám ropy ekonomické problémy. Sestřelení ruského bitevníku nad Tureckem pak označil za nepřátelský akt. Uvedl také, že země má na Ukrajině lidi plnící vojenské úkoly.

2015.12.24. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/12/24/world/asia/russia-arming.html CATRIN EINHORN, HANNAH FAIRFIELD and TIM WALLACE. Russia Rearms for a New Era. DEC. 24, 2015

2016.01.16. http://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/ukraine-konflikt/russia-finances-donbass-44151166.bild.html VON JULIAN RÖPCKE. How Russia finances the Ukrainian rebel territories. 16.01.2016 - 17:56 Uhr

2016.02.04. https://news.vice.com/article/us-defense-secretary-announces-navy-can-blow-up-anything-it-wants-any-time-it-wants Ryan Faith. US Defense Secretary Announces Navy Can Blow Up Anything It Wants, Any Time It Wants. February 4, 2016 | 8:30 am. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter is continuing his campaign to redirect the entirety of the US military-industrial complex before Obama leaves office. // According to people familiar with a Wednesday speech by Carter to sailors in San Diego, the secretary used the occasion to announce that the US tested the Navy's SM-6 as an anti-ship missile just last month.

2016.02.08. http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/syrien-wladimir-putin-bombt-aleppo-sturmreif-a-1076218.html Christoph Sydow. Krieg in Syrien: Putin bombt Aleppo zum zweiten Grosny. Montag, 08.02.2016 – 17:28 Uhr.

2016.02.17. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-35598892 RAF jets intercept Russian bombers heading to UK. .. A spokesman said two Russian Blackjacks were escorted in an "area of interest" but did not enter UK airspace. ..

2016.02.25. http://www.defense.gov/News-Article-View/Article/673338/breedlove-russia-instability-threaten-us-european-security-interests Lisa Ferdinando. Breedlove: Russia, Instability Threaten U.S., European Security Interests. February 25, 2016. The complex security situation in Europe "has only grown more serious and more complicated" in recent months, said Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and commander of U.S. European Command. .. "To counter Russia, Eucom, working with allies and partners, is deterring Russia now and preparing to fight and win if necessary," he said. ..

2016.02.25. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/26/world/middleeast/as-bombs-hit-syrian-hospitals-medical-workers-fear-they-are-the-target.html?_r=0 ANNE BARNARD. As Bombs Hit Syrian Hospitals, Medical Workers Fear They Are the Target. FEB. 25, 2016. .. Dr. Saoud described the attack on his hospital on Feb. 15 as a double-tap strike, meaning that the same location was targeted a short time after the first set of explosions, apparently to target rescue workers. ..

2016.03.06. http://m.jpost.com/Middle-East/Report-Israeli-intel-prompts-Russia-to-freeze-missile-delivery-to-Iran-446973 YASSER OKBI, MAARIV HASHAVUA. Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended the transfer of S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran in light of Tehran’s violation of an earlier pledge not to provide sophisticated Russian-made weaponry to the Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah, according to a report Saturday in the Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida Sun, 06 Mar 2016, 05:04 AM.

2016.03.18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/12197242/Britain-signs-new-defence-pact-to-help-Ukraine-in-Russia-confrontation.html Ben Farmer. Britain signs new defence pact to help Ukraine in Russia confrontation. 12:01AM GMT 18 Mar 2016.

2016.04.08. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-military-robot-ship-idUSKCN0X42I4 Phil Stewart. U.S. military christens self-driving 'Sea Hunter' warship. Fri Apr 8, 2016 12:06pm EDT

2016.04.10. http://www.bild.de/politik/inland/wladimir-putin/hat-geheime-armee-in-deutschland-45297646.bild.html Boris Reitschuste. Putin steuert Geheim-Truppe in Deutschland! 0.04.2016 - 22:30 Uhr

2016.04.14 http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/two-russian-spies-caught-in-istanbul-.aspx?pageID=238&nID=97736&NewsCatID=509 Two ‘Russian spies’ caught in Istanbul. Thursday, April 14 2016. Two Russian “spies” alleged to be involved in the killing of Chechen militant Abdulvakhid Edelgireyev in Turkey were caught in a joint operation that took six months to prepare by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and police on April 8 in Istanbul, a report has claimed. The alleged spies, 52-year-old Iurii Anisimov and 55-year-old Aleksandr Smirnov, were caught while they were doing intelligence work for another plot, daily Habertürk reported. The alleged spies, who refused to talk during interrogations, have been arrested.// According to reports, Edelgireyev was approached by a white car, and was then shot and stabbed by assassins in a car on Nov. 1, 2015, in the Kayaşehir district of Istanbul. // Police operations revealed that the car used was rented 20 days before the assassination by Russian citizen Aleksandr Nasyrov, who arrived in Istanbul on Sep. 11, 2015. .. Investigations revealed that both had reentered Turkey using fake passports. Fake Interpol IDs, a number of photos of Russian state officials, a USB memory stick, five cell phones with numbers and PIN/PUK information glued to them and U.S. dollars with consecutive serial numbers were found on the spies.

2016.05.12. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/royal-air-force-typhoons-intercept-russian-aircraft-near-baltics Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP. Royal Air Force Typhoons intercept Russian aircraft near Baltics. 12 May 2016. .. The jets, which deployed to the region less than three weeks ago, were scrambled from Amari air base in Estonia, to intercept three Russian aircraft approaching the Baltic states. The military transport aircraft identified as AN-26 ‘Curl, AN-12 ‘Cub’ and IL-76 ‘Candid’ were intercepted as they were not transmitting a recognised identification code and were unresponsive.

2016.05.28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPpY7TUjm3E VLADIMIR KARA MURZA | RUSSIANS ARE READY FOR DEMOCRACY | 2016. May 28, 2016. Vladimir Kara-Murza's talk at the 2016 Oslo Freedom Forum.

2016.06.13. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/soccer/2016/06/13/prosecutor-150-russians-came-to-marseille-to-cause-trouble/85817644/ Prosecutor: 150 Russians came to Marseille to cause trouble. 5:49 a.m. EDT June 13, 2016. Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin says 150 specially trained Russian hooligans were behind much of the violence that broke out in Marseille ahead of the England-Russia game on Saturday. ..

2016.10.25. http://de.euronews.com/2016/10/25/anti-terror-einsaetze-in-deutschland In Deutschland sind am Dienstag Polizeieinheiten bei Anti-Terror-Einsätzen gegen mehrere Tschetschenen aus Russland vorgegangen. 25.10.2016.

2017.05.16. http://www.bild.de/politik/inland/wladimir-putin/geheimnis-um-putin-propaganda-netzwerk-gelueftet-51896154.bild.html Filipp Piatov. Wie Putin gezielt Extremisten unterstützt. 16.05.2017 - 18:54 Uhr


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