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Radical 43 is set of the following Unicode characters:
X2E91  (Supported at Mac)
X5C24 .

In this set, characters X2F2A and X5C22 seem to be most popular [1][2][3][4].

Site [5] includes into the set Radical 43 also character X2E8E  (JapanPi) and some other characters with numbers belong XFFFF; but this inclusion is not justified with practical application of the notation.

Characters of Radical 43 have similar pronunciation オウ (although not only オウ) and similar meanings, denoting a disabled person, especially with illness or trauma of leg(s), but the term seem to apply to any kind of serious injury.

Radical 43 should not be confussd with square root of 43, \(\sqrt{43}\) [6].
There are confusions also within set Radical 43: some its characters have similar pictures.


Some characters of Radical 43 look similar to characters of JapanPi, hut the right hand side leg of such a "\(\pi\)" is longer and strongly bended; this can be interpreted as an injured leg.

Some characters of Radical 43 have a small vertical stick at the top, that helps to distinguish between various characters of Radical 43.

The support of Japanese characters in computers is underdeveloped.
Up to year 2021, there is no standard default font, that would allow each character to look the same at various computers, but different from other characters. In particular, some characters of Radical 43 look very similar.

While this defect is not yet fixed, to avoid confusions, characters can bs specified by their Hexadecimal numbers. Flory to God, since the end of century 20, the Ascii characters are implemented well and do not confuse each other. In order to simplify pronunciation, each character can be denoted with some meaningful ascii name, that is easier to remember than the hexadecimall number. The names of some characters can be chosen, following their shape (for example, JapanPi or their Hiragana phonetic specification.


Various pronunciations are suggested for characters of Radical 43:

だいのまげあし dainomageashi

まげあし Mageashi

おうにょう Ouniyou

オウ Ou

No commonly accepted rules for choosing the pronunciation seem to be established.


Several characters Kanji seem to have the same meaning, as Radical 43, but different images and different pronunciations.


Based on the descriptions of characters Radical 43 in the internet, the search for the relevant images is performed. Some results are shown below:

PerovTea.jpg BidstrupAvardsHeroFragme.png CORPfK3WUAAiDy-.jpeg P-zw6ViBUJc.jpg WomanBrokenLeg800wm.jpeg Leg-amputee-woman-nude.jpg HandicappedGirlBeach05.jpg Amputee16521708b7d54b120da42f5fa4edbbbf.jpg Mageashi667 1000.jpg Amptuee37ecb51b8af05f6fe0901b29fe1d49ad.jpg Teen24068868.jpg Amputee3 138.jpg LameDogDraw.jpeg LeoTokmakovCatGelsomino.gif DisabledGirlBrokenLeg.jpg DisabledNerdCrutches.jpg ManBrokenLeg240.jpg


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