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Russia, view from the up. Photo by Andrew Lubchenko [1]
Russia, view from side. Photo by Timofey Radya [2]

Russia (Россия) - Big country at the North and East of Eurasia. For the beginning of century 21, Russia is characterized with growth of the criminal activity and raise of corruption through all levels of administration including the government.

The fraud at the election of the parliament and that at the election of President is considered to make impossible the constitutional ways of rotation of the administration; do, the total crash of the administrative system is expected.


Russia was create in 1993 as the intermediate product of decay of the USSR. During the Soviet period (1917-1993), the documents is the national archieves are reported to be highly corrupted (robbed, falsified, distorted); therefore, the history of Russia should be reconstructed from the documents saved in the foreign countries.

The official Soviet concept of history implies such postulates as high efficiency of the Soviet economical model (compared to the capitalistic one), undestructability ("нерушимость") of the USSR and the realization of communism in the century 20. After the crash of the Soviet Union, that concept is refuted, it contradicted the observations.

The historical concept based on the total negation of every statement by the Soviet concept of history is suggested [3](In Russian).

After the crash of the USSSR, the most of the high–rank communists quickly become capitalists; they plunged the national industry and resources and behave as occupants with respect to the the most of Russian population. The creative citizen have to escape, emigrate from the country.

Dying country

The population of Russia is believed to be highly contaminated by the mass terror during the USSR, and the recovery is believed to be impossible [4].

The science in Russia is destroyed. The ministers do not know even the law of conservation of Energy–momentum. The rocket develeped during the USSR are used to deliver the "perpetual motion" machines to the Earth's orbit (see the article Gravitsapa).

The ruiling party submits the notifications about the meetings, dedicated to the terroristic act, few days before the act, see the article Nevsky Express bombing (2009).

The prime minister Vladimir Putin participates in the fabrication of the fake archeological evidences, see the article Amphoras fraud (2010).

The Russianl "Academy of natural sciences" RAEN act as a tread-union of pseudo-scientists. For example, promoting the filter for the cleaning of drinking water from radioactivity (project Clean water), the raenists did not measure the anount of radioactivity their filter can extract from the drinking water. Significant part of the Russian budget is believed to be robbed with pseudo-scientific projects handled by the Raen members.

The official results of the parliamentary election in 2011 have nothing to do with the will of the electorate. The amount of fake ballots is estimated to be of order of half of the number of electors. The most of protocols used by the Central Election Committee are reported to be fake, altered by the frauders (see the article 2011.12.04.Election). The Russian government do not pay attention to the meetings of $10^5$ protesters.

The country is accused in support of the world-wide terrorism. The leader of the ruling party edro, id est, Vladimir Putin is compared to the Italian fascistic leader Mussolini [5]. Also, the slogan Putin is better than Hitler (Путин лучше Гитлера) is disputed.

The lists of the most corrupted Russian officials circulate in the internet; one of such lists, Churov list is under construction at TORI.

The role of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is considered as extremely negative, see the article What 10 Years of Putin Have Brought. The database search for Russia has the world's highest rate of... confirms the pessimistic predictions about the future of Russia.

Rating of Russia in other countries

View of Russia in 2011–2012 is mostly negative and going down [6].

In 2013, the rating seems to decrease. Jailing of artists of group Pussy Riot and the Herod law may be important events that determine the negative opinions.


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