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  Example of simplified walk

SIMPLIFIED WALK is ascii name for character

X2ECC [1], KanjiRadical, Walk0

SIMPLIFIED WALK can be pronounced Shinnyou (しんにょう) and may refer to street, to walk, to advance.
Character by itself is not so popular, but its image appears as component of more complicated and more usual characters.

Sometimes, term simplified walk is used in the same sense, as SIMPLIFIED WALK.
Term "simplified walk" could refer also to a trail adjusted, simplified for hikers with limited abilities, who cannot climb up serious rocks without stairs shown in the top figure.

Character SIMPLIFIED WALK belongs to set WalkU and is easy to confuse with other characters of this set.

Example of WalkU: Car advances through water


Boston-belle isle marsh.jpg
WalkOne356 1000.jpg

SIMPLIFIED WALK (Walk0) is element of WalkU.

WalkU is set of the following five Unicode characters:

X2ECC [1], KanjiRadical, Walk0, SIMPLIFIED WALK

X2ECD [2], KanjiRadical, Walk1, WALK ONE

X2ECE [3], KanjiRadical, Walk2, WALK TWO

X8FB6 [4], KanjiLiberal, Walk3

XFA66 [5], KanjiConfudal, Walk4

The system of names (Walk0,Walk1,Walk2,Walk3,Walk4) is based on the descriptions [2][3][6] of two of these characters by The Unicode Utilities. The Kanjis of WalkU are numbered in order of increasing of their Unicode numbers.
In word WalkU, the last letter can be interpreted as integer parameter, that can take values 0,1,2,3 or 4.

Characters of WalkU have similar pictures, similar pronunciation (Shinniou, しんにょう) and similar meaning (walk, advance, go on, proceed).


Term SIMPLIFIED WALK is allowed in Tarja, as one of possible translations of character X2ECC from Japanese.

Character by itself is not allowed in Tarja, as it looks similar to other characters of WalkU and causes confusions.

Other possible translations of word SIPPLIED WALK into Tarja are:
Radical 162
Shinnyou or しんにょう (to indicate street, movement, advance)
Shinnyuu or しんにゅう (to indicate entry, penetration, getting in)
Walk0, X2ECC (to distinguish it from other characters of WalkU)


This article is based on the descriptions of character SIMPLIFIED WALK in dictionaries and other sites (rather than on the appearance in the literature or in the causal talking). On the base of the descriptions, the relative images had been searched. Some of them are collected below.

05001view.jpg Boston-belle isle marsh.jpg Snapwire-vw-fit-walking.JPG Walk602.jpg Photo-1623085094152-489328c6e9ca.jpeg WalkOne259185.jpg UnderRain16899529.jpg Mother-1077334 960 720.jpg Old-friends-555527 960 720.jpg Children-run-running-girls-preview.jpg TresMujeresCaminando.jpeg FourPeopleWalking.jpeg Istockphoto1300655319fragment.jpg DLYW-Become-a-member-2-735.jpg 2021.07.21.ChinaRain.jpg


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