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  • Let some complex–valued function \(A\) be defined for real values of the argument, id est, Then, function \(B : \mathbb R \mapsto \mathbb C\) can be defined with
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  • where function \(~T~\) is supposed to be given, while constant \(s\) and function\(~g~\) should be constructed. ...hroeder function]]s ) are related to the [[superfunction]]s and the [[Abel function]]s.
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  • [[Zooming equation]] is tentative name for the equation where \(~T~\) is some given function such that \(T(0)\!=\!0\) and \(~K~\) is constant, that depends on \(T\).
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  • [[Regular iterate]] of some function \(T\), referred below as a [[transfer function]], at its [[fixed point]] \(L\) is such [[iterate]] \(T^n\) that is regular ...egular iterate]] \(f=T^{m/n}\) is supposed to be [[fractional iterate]] of function \(T\), id est, for \(z\) in vicinity of point \(L\),
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  • [[Abelpower]] appears [[inverse function]] of the [[superpower]] function. ...lpower]] is [[Abel function]] for the [[power function]], id est, transfer function \(T(z)\!=\!z^a\)
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  • Penetration is Fifth of the [[Ackermann function]]. Pentation is denoted with symbol pen; where \(A_{b,5}\) is Fifth Ackermann function to base \(b\).
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  • of the trigonometric function [[sin]]; id est, solution SuSin of equations As usually, in [[TORI]], the superscript after a name of a function indicates the number of iterations. This notation is borrowed from [[Quantu
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