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  • [[Conservation of energy-momentum]] is one of the most basic principles of the modern physics. ...respect to translation in [[time]] and [[space]] leads to conservation of energy and momentum.
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  •, the [[Maximov's institute]]) contradict the law of [[conservation of energy-momentum]]. The [[Fukushima disaster]] appeared because it affects the deve
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  • assumption about quick transfer of energy among excited laser levels and among lower laser levels. The McCumber rela
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  • ...ment of a physical object; one may negate the [[law of conservation of the energy-momentum]] or [[mizugadro|negate the axioms of arithmetics]]. However, cont ...en the [[gravitsapa]] (that concept contradicts the law of conservation of energy-momentum) is interpreted as the scientific achievement.
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  • ...G.S.Stanford. Smarter Use of Fast-neutron reactors could extract much more energy from recycled nuclear fuel, minimize the risks of weapons proliferation and
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  • ...G.S.Stanford. Smarter Use of Fast-neutron reactors could extract much more energy from recycled nuclear fuel, minimize the risks of weapons proliferation and
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  • ...rnational Nuclear Safety Center, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Dept of Energy, Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program, United Nations Population Divisi Steven Swinford, Christopher Hope. An official from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in December 2008 that safety rules were out of date and
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  • ...order of \(100\) megaton of the trinitrotholuol equivalent may deliver the energy of order of
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  • ...uclear reactor becomes completely dependent on the external sources of the energy. If they are damaged by the same event that caused the shut–down (earthqu '''Answer'''. The aerial map of contmination by the [[U.S. Department of Energy]]
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  • ...sia's leading research and development institution in the field of nuclear energy - Trans.], which the state has been financing in recent years to the tune • Sochi as a town suffers from a shortage of energy. It currently needs about 300 megawatts. The Olympic venues will eat up abo
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  • ...heat''' ([[Остаточное тепловыделение]]) it thermal energy that is released at the decay, relaxation of unstable isotopes; usually the ...he wreckage of the building, disabling the convectional cooling. Then, the energy released within the next day can be estimated as follows:
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  • and the energy of the detected particle causes the avalanche of electrons. The electric discharge created by a high–energy particle continues during a microsecond, until the charge stored in the cap
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  • W.K.Li, C.Y.Soong, C.H.Liu, and P.Y.Tzeng. Parametric Analysis of Energy Absorption in Micro-particle Photophoresis in Absorbing Gaseous Media.
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  • ...or levi, moves buildings easier than just flood. The wall concentrates the energy of the raising water; the water-fall breaks the nearby buildings. The const
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  • ...alization of the quantum processes that would allow the use of the unclear energy without the chain reaction, without the nuclear pots. Therefore, it is diff ...he administration, that is not compatible with the safe use of the nuclear energy.
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  • ...h a speed 10x the speed of the aircraft (12m/s), i.e. its vertical kinetic energy was increased by 100 xs.
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  • advanced muffler, using nonlinear acoustic effects to withdraw the energy of the sound waves
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  • ...Gravitsapa]]” (see fig.1) in order to violate the law of conservation of energy-momentum, getting a pretext to milk the budget, assigned for development of ..._propulsion .. concept of violation of the physical law of conservation of energy-momentum due to some special redistribution of momentum of some isolated sy
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  • ...ces of the Khrunichev institute, would lead to consumption/release of huge energy. In this sense, the apparatus attributed to the head of that institute [[Va ...pace-time is established with many decimal digits, and the conservation of energy-momentum follows from this symmetry, the internal contradiction in the syst
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  • |title=Energy levels of an oscillator with singular concentrated potential
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  • The energy of deformation is released as sound [[wave]] with low frequency,
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