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  • These equations can be used to construct the quasi-stationary idealization of curl: \(\partial p/\partial r=\frac{\rho}{r} u_\phi^2\), an The Navier-Stokes equations follow from the [[principle of the stationary action]] for the Lagrangian
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  • ...the formal (id est, correct) application of the [[principle of stationary action]] might be a key to the breakthrough in the efficient approximation of the The principle of stationary action is written as follows:
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  • ...some Lagrangian \(L=L(x,u(x),u_\bullet(x))\), realizes the extremum of the action Then, the variation of the action
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  • Assume that the [[action]] (1) Movement of a charged particle in a stationary external field (foe example, electric or/and magnetic).
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  • ...he sat helplessly musing he had also been writing, as though by automatic action. And it was no longer the same cramped, awkward handwriting as before. His ...n South India have won a glorious victory. I am authorized to say that the action we are now reporting may well bring the war within measurable distance of i
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  • ...ousands of small islands scattered in a huge water area. The massive power action against the basis of the foundations of the political system, in the three- ...pilots from firing continuously, and about two hundred participants of the action managed to scatter. In the next half hour, the police, with the support of
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