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Historic map of Tartar

Tartaria (Тартария) is Utopia, hypothesis about future of the north, central and east parts of Eurasia. Below is the spoiler.

Tartaria happens to be big, and the host happen to be slow loading it in "one piece". So, the utopia is loaded by parts:

  1. Tartaria01
  2. Tartaria02
  3. Tartaria03
  4. Tartaria04
  5. Tartaria05

In country Tartaria, English is declared as main official language. Russian is considered as alternative language (as not al Tartarians speak well English). The same refers also to the utopia Tartaria, description of country Tartaria.


Tartaria appears after the Bigpuf.

Bigpuf happens because the band of terrorists took the superior power in Russia in century 21; they robe out the most of budget of the country and come to the position no money left (денег нет).

The pahanat dictatorship (вертикаль власти) of fuhrer consists of combatants, who have fake diploma and scientific degrees; so, they cannot not be able to handle the country, even if they should try. So, they just robe the budget with various methods to the money laundering. The Fuhrer indicates to each terrorist, how much money should he or she "wash out" for the fuhrer's off-shores. (see Panama papers). Many authors predict the revolution, crash, collapse of RF (see предсказания революций).

The revolution expected meets serious problems; one of them is that revolutionaries have pretty different concepts about future design of the country and begin to fight each other. So, instead of revolution, the just "puff" happens. This gives name of the historical event, Bigpuf.

At very beginning of the bigpuf the centralised handling of the country collapses. The separated regions come to mutual conflicts and begin to fight each other. The governors of the regions actually become feudals, and each of them claims, that namely he fight agains the total corruption at side of the people. That war cannot be called "civil war", because the most of population do not believe any feudal and just flee to other countries seeking for the political refuge. The feudals afraid, that all the citizen of their lang get out, ant they rest kings without kinsmen. So, they declare the refugees as "betrayers" and try to kill them, to scare other and prevent their escape.

Feudals use all kinds of weapon. The most of population of Central, North and East Eurasia happen to be killed, and the territory happen to be contaminated with unstable isotopes. The fighting tribes at that territory make agreements, and these agreements appear as beginning of Tartaria.


  1. Agent Smit, (Агент Смит), head of the police department of University of Tartaria. Agent is his first name, Th last name Smit appears as transliteration of the Russian "Смит", so, its apelling differs from that of the English word Smith.
  2. Barbara Smit, wife of Agent Smit. Big black woman, responsible for the communication network of University of Tartaria. Sometimes helps to her husband to keep order in the University.
  3. Lesli Landov, head of the department of Biology at the University of Galia. Lesli Landov invites Ruvim Pechor from the USA, but leaves him without help and support as soon as Ruvim meets problems.
  4. Nadia Kiskin, ex–wife of Ruvim Pechor. Comes to Tartaria from the USA to meet her Ruvim Pechor and bring him serious problems.
  5. Gella Ivanov, student at the University of Galia, secretary of Lesli Landov. At the beginning of story, Nadia Kiskin is 9 year old.
  6. Masha Gebistov, professor at the Biologic department of University of Galia. Works together with Ruvim Pechor, but leave him without support as soon as Ruvim meets problems with Nata Kiskin
  7. Ruvim Pechor (Рувим Печор), main personage. Gets education in Russia. Ruvim Pechor (with his wife Nata Kiskin) emigrates to the USA and works there, while the BigPuff happens. At the beginning of story, Ruvim meets problem with his bosses and has to move to Tartaria, which is already established. Ruvim works at University of Galia, which is the top scientific centre of Tartaria. Soon, Nata Kiskin visit Ruvim and brings him serious problems. Ruvim has move from Galia to other farms of Tartaria, learning many new professions.
  8. Ushat Pomoev, professor at the Biologic department of University of Galia. Works together with Ruvim Pechor, but leave him without support as soon as Ruvim meets problems with Nata Kiskin.


At the bigpuf, the cities, industries are destroyed; the new cities, regions appears with geographic names. The most important are:

  1. Galia, the most scientific farm where the University of Galia is created.
  2. Kristovina, only international airport of Tartaria is there.
  3. Murka is farm where the labor of slaves is widely used.
  4. Norga is farm, that claims to be more progressive than Murka (economic slavery is prohibited) but practically zeks are almost the same as slaves.

Other terms specific for Tartaria

  1. Biper is some advanced beeper, combined with Geiger counter, telephone, navigator and spy videocamera. In the cases of slaves and zeks, biper appears as heckle; it is fixed at the neck and cannot be removed; to it brings certain discomfort, especially at winter.
  2. Taburetovka, samogon made from low quality products, that is usually compensated with especially good and precise rectification and then with some dopants (sugar, citric acid and/or juice, carbon dioxide, etc.)