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of the world–wide history of Humanity.
of the world–wide history of Humanity.
"Top scientist" of the Norga Warm, Ruvim Pechor had been sent to Komi by his boss, Mozdok Tsukerberg. The formal pretext of such an excile is to let him opportunity to test the [[century heater]] (or [[C-heater]], or [[Cheater]]m or "spletnik", [[вечная грекла]] – the name ov the device had not yet established). The "cheater" had been suggested by Ruvim for utilisation of the unstable isotopes, namely, [[Pu-241]] and [[Sm-241]], widely spread over [[Tartaria]] since the [[Bigpuf]].
"Top scientist" of the Norga Warm, Ruvim Pechor had been sent to Komi by his boss, Mozdok Tsukerberg. The formal pretext of such an excile is to let him opportunity to test the [[century heater]] (or [[C-heater]], or [[Cheater]], or "spletnik", [[вечная грекла]] – the name ov the device had not yet established). The "cheater" had been suggested by Ruvim for utilisation of the unstable isotopes, namely, [[Pu-241]] and [[Sm-241]], widely spread over [[Tartaria]] since the [[Bigpuf]].
The C–Heater is designed as a stable source of heat. I was supposed to work during a century, producing one KW of power.
The C–Heater is designed as a stable source of heat. I was supposed to work during a century, producing one KW of power.

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Tartaria.Humanism is spoiler of utopia Tartaria and refers to the textbook of the world–wide history of Humanity.

"Top scientist" of the Norga Warm, Ruvim Pechor had been sent to Komi by his boss, Mozdok Tsukerberg. The formal pretext of such an excile is to let him opportunity to test the century heater (or C-heater, or Cheater, or "spletnik", вечная грекла – the name ov the device had not yet established). The "cheater" had been suggested by Ruvim for utilisation of the unstable isotopes, namely, Pu-241 and Sm-241, widely spread over Tartaria since the Bigpuf.

The C–Heater is designed as a stable source of heat. I was supposed to work during a century, producing one KW of power. Two such C–heaters had been installed at spring at the edge of one swamp of Komi. The goal or the test was tho check, that these heater may work without maintenance during a century. It was important to begin the experiment before the summer: one of concerns about this device was, that it gets overheated during the first summer of its work.

The swamp was supposed to supply the setup with cooloing water while hot weather, as power of the cheaters cannot be reduced (nor increased) during the exploitation.

The technicians of Norga Warm company had installed all the accessories. After series to tests, they returned to Norga, and Ruvim rested alone. During first weeks, Ruvim had been occupied checking the cooling systems and monitoring. There were certain problems with filters (the swamp water, especially if frozen, is not so good for cooling of the two 5meter long c–heaters). The air-generator begun to vibrate at a strong wind, and Ruvim had to arrange the special dumper, dempfer by himself. There were some forests around, and Ruvim had to bring wood for the chimney: two kilowatts of the cheaters were not sufficient for keeping his home and greenhouse warm enough, even at spring.

Ruvim used to plant some vegetables at the greenhouse. The modern species had been delivered shun upon his request from the Gallia University, from the same department he used to work diring few months.

It was still very cold outside, but the permanent 2 kW provided the temperature above zero Celsius in the most of the greenhouse. In addition, some sunshine helped to heat the ground.

After a month of heavy work, Ruvim felt himself as a colonist in exile. Ruvim looked for news about himself and his device. He had found close to nothing.

"The top scientist of Norga Warm tests the wonderful Centurial heater at Komi."

The boom about C–heaters slowed down as fast as it had been raised up two months ago. Colleagues, coworkers, so authors of Rivim shower no interests In him at all.

- "Sic transit gloria mundi" – Rivim said to himself and looked at textbooks of the Uniwersity go Gallia, where he used to work during wew years. In particular, Ruvim loaded the textbook of History. It was called "Humanity". It seemed to be written by dilettantes, very poor both, in historic science and in English.. The Textbook red:


Basic course of University of Galia.

Approved by Junta of University of Galia, 2119.12.25.

Approved by Coordinator of Galia, 2120.01.05.

Recommended by the Federal Junta as general textbook for educational institutes of Tartaria, 2120.02.15.

Dear students!

The goal of textbook is not to substitute the special material on any of topic you want to learn at our University.

The textbook suggests the keywords that the students may use searching the material for their research.

The textbook is to help you to formulate questions you ask from your professors.

The textbook is to help you to formulate your own point of view on the historical events in our beloved Tartaria.

The textbook is to help you to understand history of Tartaria, the errors of our ancestors and not to repeat them.

Knowledge to Humanity, of the Human history should help to avoid such errors. We, as society of races and nations, definitely will make our own errors - the development of any society cannot happen without errors. But, at least, we should not repeat errors, that already had been committed and described in previous centuries.

Never repeat wars. Never repeat inquisition. Never repeat censorship. Never repeat Bigpuf. If you understand well this goal, you got the most important part of the learning of Humanity.

The textbook is to help you in this. To help you to elaborate and to formulate your point of view. To help you to defend your point go view in discussions with your colleagues, with other people in Tartaria - whenever they are Tartarians, residents, guests, tourists or refugees. And, if you visit other countries - to present well our Country, our philosophy, our religions and, in general, all our races and nations.


There was nothing, except God. Any thing to God belonged, and God was the Universal Set.

God had created the Logics and natural numbers.

There was nothing else, even the space-time did not exist. And the only God was everything.

With the logics and the numbers, God created the fields.

For fields, God made the Universe, as absolute vacuum. But the vacuum happened to be not a lowest energy state of the Universe; so, the vacuum exploded, and space-time for the fields appeared.

God made proportionalities and symmetries in the Universe, giving fields to the numbers and numbers to the fields.

Expanding the Universe, God gave sense to the Logics He had created.

The symmetry created by God gave sense to the numbers, and numbers gave sense to the symmetry.

God expanded the Universe, and it become cold, and the fields collapsed to the matter.

Let the matter bend the space, God said, and the matter begun to attract other matter, to slow down the expansion of the Universe.

The matter collapsed to the clusters. The cluster collapsed to galaxies. The galaxies collapsed to stars and planets. The rest space become dark due to the expansion. In such a way, planetary systems were created.

Using this Universe, God created the Life. Let the only life produce the life, God said and it became so.

God gave the life enough room, in such a way, that this life does not meet another life. So, God separated the life from the non-living objects.

Using this life, God created Humanity. God made Man and Woman, giving then some abilities for self–reproduction and thinking.

For the human's need, God had arranged the 10 fundamental symmetries that hold with precision of order of 20 decimal digits, providing the 10 fundamental Conservations. Also, God made many additional symmetries; and God found, that the Human use these symmetries.

The Humanity was not ready to use even a small amount of the symmetries God provided; God had arranged the great reserve for Humanity.

God said to humans: You are workers for my Goals, and both pleasure and pain make your prosperity. Follow my Word, work on yourselves, and the prosperity and happiness will be with you, – God said.

God said to humans: Do not try to be as I am. Only I am Absolute; only I may deal with the Universal set. Those, who invent their own concepts and believe that these concepts are valid at the Universal set, do evil, sin, and such sinners will be punished.

God showed to humans his power enormous, and respected the humans God, and begun to pray for the God, asking the goods from God for themselves, instead of to work for the God's goals.

God said, that the Humans are bad. And God left Humans without God's protection.

Humans begun to invent their own gods, attributing them the properties of the Absolute Set.

Humans used to write down the wrong concepts, and believed that those concepts are true and omnipotent.

Humans used to fight other humans, killing those who did not believe the concepts announced.

The killers believed, that with their activity, they follow the God's advises.

In such a way the things happen since the Creation, and the hopes for the radical changes are not supported with the observations.

This is general overview of the Human history, and now we begin to details it.


Initially, the four races had been created: the black, the white, the yellow and the red races.

According to the God's idea, each race was supposed to make certain part of job, necessary for societies.

The black used to get minerals, to handle the fields and to clean-out the garbage.

The red people used to develop science and astronomy.

The yellow people used to select the plants for agriculture, to investigate chemistry and begun to write-out the History of Humanity.

The black people moved to Africa. The red ones moved to India Some go them cone to north and east, populating the Northern and then South America. The yellow moved to China and Japan.

The white people had been expelled to North, They had problems, they used to die of famine, cold, wild animals, and the tribes, that come to Europe for robbery, plunderin food and other goods from the primary europeans. Most of the first Europeans had been killed. The only three children, Romul, Rem and Mowgly had been saved by wolves. They created city called Roma, and created the Roman civilisation.

Romans made a lot of mechanics. They had invented the metallurgy, the Roman alphabet. It was great achievement of the white race. Romans used to spread over the Europe and they formed the Roman Empery. In order to provide the trade relations between countries of Mediterranean sea, they used to built-up the big boats. So, the white race is very important.

The Red people gave rise to Arabian, Hews and Indians. There had been spread over North of Africa, Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan and India. They invented Algebra, Astronomia, and the Arabian cifers. That was great achievement of the red race. so, the Red race is very important.

The Yellow people had been exploded the Central and Eastern Asia. They had invented the bases gaffsails, missiles and bases of medicine. These were the great achievements of the Yellow race. So, the Yellow race is very important.

The black people moved mainly to Africa. They had invented the selection of species, both animals and plants, that can survive in pretty hard conditions of the central Africa. Also, they had invented the bases of eugenics. The tallest strongest humans come from Africa; they are resistant to strong variations of temperature and high intensity of the solar radiation, not only visible, but also that part of UV, that can penetrate the atmosphere. It is great achievement of the black civilisation. Im addition, representative of black race were invited to other countries to fertilise their women. One of the classic eurasian writer, Aleksanr Piushkin hat black ancestors. So, the Black race is very important.

The civilisations mentioned did not live in peace. Often, some region, some country declared themselves as superior; they used to fight their neighbours converting then to slaves. The segregation by races, by colour of skin, seemed to be not sufficient for the prehistoric humans. They had invented various religions; in the most of cases, each of such religions had declared itself as the only true; that had been used as pretext to suppress representatives of other religions. The main moral remained the same:

If I robe/eat my neighbour, this is good. If my neighbour robes/eats me, this is bad.

There were several attempts to break such a stereotype. One of them is related to Jesus Nasaretsky (Назаретский Исус Иосифович). Jesus used to live at Israel, around year 0 AC to 24 AC. Jesus had promoted the cleaning of both, the body and soul. He tout his followers to swim, and also to clean their body with water. Many deceases he could cure with just cleaning.

Thаt time, dominant church in Jerusalem considered Jesus as dangerous competitor, so, he had been executed by the ritual murder. After few centuries the new church considered him as God; and the new religion, Christianity appeared.

Adepts or that religion did not followed ideas of Jesus; in particular, they used to kill each other in the numerous wars. In addition, the Christians used to execute the researchers, scientists. Such a phenomenon is called Inquisition. That lasted at least during 12 centuries. After that, the Human life is gradually recognised as the absolute value, and the serious reasons are necessary for human to kill another human or, even worse, for one society to fight another society with a war.

Art, Science and Wars

The art and sciences as sources of wisdom had been recognised by the Human civilisations during many kiloyears. But the importance of contribution of the four basic races (black, red, yellow and white) to art and science had been recognised only in century 18, roughly, since year 1700. Importance of the Critical analysis is not yet recognised in some societies even now.

The states, the kings used to suppress the people, in order to give more benefits to their favourites. To make more weapon, in order to fight other people. In such a way, the France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and other European countries had been created.

Since years 1700s, the sciences and technologies in Europe show significant advances.


The boats built in Europe since 1700, could cross the oceans. The American continent, populated with red race, had been invaded with white Europeans. They used to fight, but then found some compromises to leave in peace. They formed the origin of the American nations: Canada, USA and Mexico.

Canada had been colonised mainly by the French people. The main languages there are French and English.

USA had been colonised mainly by the British people. The main language there is almost English.

Mexico had been colonised mainly by the Spainsh people. The main language there is almost Spanish.

In order to work at field, the white Americans used to invite black workers from Africa. America remained the British colony, but, since 1773.05.10, gets independence with main slogan No taxation without representation. As usually, the liberalisation took serious efforts and war to be achieved.

Since that, the slavery in the USA becomes illegal and less and less popular.

In 1941-1945, the USA races used to fight the yellow race at Japan, and won, and forced the Yellow race to collaboration. Since that, many yellow people, come to the USA, and USA pretends to be interracial country: all the four races are represented in the USA. Since century 20, Americans, or "yankees", recognise importance of all the races for the development of the Human civilisation, and from century to century, they get closer and closer realisation of the prudent collaboration between the races.


Suppressed people used to make riots, rebels, that often leaded to revolutions. Often, republic is declared as goal of the revolution. The republic was supposed to substitute the monarchy. Bit the people with slavish mentality cannot defend the republic, and new monarch takes the superior power.

The famous revolution in France in 1790–1800th finished the dynasty of kings Luis, that lasted 16 generations. The 16th Luis happened to be last. The republic had been declared in France. But soon, emperor Napoleon Bounapart took the power; so, the monarchy had been reincarnated. It lasted few generations, and only them had been gradually replaced to republics.


Similar revolution took place a century later in Russia. The monarch Romanov Nikoai had been Russian emperor.

Romanov had committed serious errors, that leaded to war against Japan in 2005 and then the World War I in 2014. Russia lost both wars, and the need of serious reforms become evident.

The king dynasties had been overturned by riot, revolution in 2017 February. But the people were not ready for the freedom. Even the drafts of the new laws were not prepared. Ao, the Russians they did not know how to defend the freedom. The republic did not last long; the same year, the revolutionary achievements were destroyed by attack to the red racists. They had formed the red army, that tried to exterminate all white people. In some places, the red race formed majority; so they called themselves "bolshevicks" (большевики).

Most of Russian farmers were white; so, they had been killed by the red army. That period of history us called "The USSR". It is called also the Soviet Union. The official propaganda declared the country to be "Soviet", meaning, that it is ruled but he council elected by the population. Practically, the Soviet system is bloody dictatorship of red nazi, they obeyed their fuhrer, called gensek. Here is dynasty of the soviet genseks:

  1. Lenin,
  2. Stalin,
  3. Chruschev,
  4. Brezhnev,
  5. Gorbachev.

There were also other virtual genseks, that lasted only few months. Generally, position of gensek in the USSR is permanent; the gensek rules until one successful competitor kills him and becomes the new gensek. Hower, there are two exceptions. Gensek Chruschev survived his position, giving the superior power to Brezhnev. Also, gensek Gorbachev, instead of to be killed, happen to be successful to destroy the USSR; in 1992, the USSR had been collapsed for 15 almost independent republics, fighting each other.

In general, culture of the USSR is that of murdering.

Since the beginning of the USSR, the red commanders used to kill the white farmers. However, the red fighters could not produce food by themselves. The strong famine took place, the cannibalism become popular. Most of population of the USSR had been killed and, sometimes, eaten.

Often, the people of the USSR raised riots against bolshevicks, but each time, the riot had been defeated by the special organisation, KGB, organized by bolshevicks to defend themselves from the people.

Significant part of the population of the USSR were kept in slavery, in so-called Gulag. Due to the total corruption, the Soviet administration could not organise the production of goods in a more civilised way. Any pretext is used by the KGB agents to send the Soviet citizen to Gulag - critical comment about the USSR or KGB, retelling of a joke about gensek, misspelling of name of gensek, or name of any attribute of the Soviet system, wrapping of something into gazette with portrait of gensek, etc.

In general, the corruption in the USSR (as well as in the post-USSR Russia) not only reaches the large scale, but becomes the most usual phenomenon, that determines the whole life of the Soviet officials. It spread from the top administration, from gensek and ministers, to the bottom, to the lowest police officers and workers at a shop.

The top of the Soviet administration is formed with manyatics, who tried to fill with their of-sprig the whole country, killing all other citizen. The Soviet officials have the unofficial income orders of magnitude higher than that of workers. So, they are efficient to pick-up girls, keep them at high level of luxury during few months, and to leave her pregnant with symbolic help, or even without it. In such a way, within one generation, the USSR happened to be populated with decendence of terrorists, totally corrupted vertuhais, propagandists and other fascists.

The sexual domination of the Soviet veterans becomes simpler, if the fathers, brothers, husbands of the abused girls are on the concentration camp, or in the military forces, or already killed. So, the Soviet administration tried to extend the concentration camps and to provoke wars. The biggest of these wars is called the World War II.

The second Soviet fuhrer, Joseph Stalin looked for an appropriate partner in other countries. The German furer Adolf Hitler happened to be food companion for this activity. So, Hitler and Stalin become friends. They planned to invade the European countries, and agreed, who should occupy each country. The agreement had been signed in 1939 and called "The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact". That pact had specified, which European countries should become colonies of USSR, and which countries should become colonies of Germany. The Poland had been divided by two parts: The western part of Poland had been occupied by the German troops, while the Eastern part had been occupied by the Soviet troops. After invasion into Poland, the only 3 countries shown strong resistance to aggressors, the UK, France and Finland. UK and France had declared war against Germany and USSR upon the German invasion into Poland. Finland had declared war against Germany and USSR at very beginning of the Soviet invasion into Finland, that begun 1939.11.30.

In addition to the USSR, the Hitler coalition included two more countries: Italy (handled by Benito Mussolini) and Japan (handled by Tenno Hirohito). This coalition tried to dominate in Mediterranean sea, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific ocean. Adolf Hitler considered himself as fuhrer of that coalition.