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Tartaria.Sex (Тартария.Секс) is spoiler from utopia Tartaria.

The preliminary version is loaded below. The critics and questions are welcomed.

View from outside

Since the Bigpuf, in the "Western" world, Tartaria is considered as a barbarian country, populated by cannibals, descendants of killers, murderers, robbers, burglars, thiefs, frauders, corruptioners, former agents of КГБ, propagandists and other malditos, who are guided by the animal instincts; and the only Constitution of Tartaria and other Tartarian Federal laws force them to behave, under certain conditions, as humans.

Consulates, that allow Tartarian citizen to visit civilized countries, are pleased with easiness of getting full information about every second of life of every applicant. Perhaps, this is the main reason why, in the most of cases, the Tartarians still are allowed to visit the civilized countries.

The serious issue is about the slavery in Tartaria. Usually this term apples not only to the tartarians Concentration camps for prisoners, and not only to convicts, who are kept by the civil Tartarians as slaves, but also to the refugees in the Tartarian Truelags; their treat is interpreted as "forced labour" [1]. In addition, in Murka, by default, any children is declared to be property (id est, slave) of his or her mother, until she emits the special "release" that allows her child become citizen of Tartaria. The tax for keeping a slave increases with its age; so, in the most of cases, the child is "released" (and gets the Tartarian citizenship) in the age between two and 8 years.

The custom to fix any movement of any human (and sometimes even movements of the domestic animals) and store it in the libraries in the public access is qualified as explicit and brutal violation of the Right to privacy [2], recognised in all civilised countries.

The "nymous" (instead of anonymous) procedure of election of coordinators and judges, and the Lynch courts (that are not elected at all) are qualified as a proof of very archaic and primitive organisation of the Tartarian society.

Absence of federal prohibition of heavy military equipment (machine guns, tanks, missiles, drones, chemical weapon) in the private hands is considered as a nonsense, that makes Tartaria dangerous for all civilised countries. Yet, there is no evidence, that such a weapon of the Tartarian origin is used by terrorists outside of Tartaria (not in Tartaria), but, as alarmists indicate, after application of the Tartarian chemical weapon, the consideration of the question will have no sense; there would be nobody to consider it.

Especially deep worries are expressed about the Tartarian laws, customs and rituals related to sex and sexual behaviour. Some statements about combination of cannibalism, sadism, ritual murders with sex often appear in reportages about Tartaria. However, they do not refer to the original movies (records from the vigilance cameras), that could confirm their statements, because such movies from Tartaria are prohibited in civilised countries. Even links to these movies are suppressed in the publications. This makes impossible any reasoning: Attempts of some Tartarian in a "Western" country to argue are interpreted as "harassment".

The Tartarians, who visit civilised countries for scientific, educational or business needs, try to avoid any discussions about Tartaria - following the promise they give at the consulate in order to get entry permit. Usually, visitors of Tartaria just confirm: "yes, we are bad, we are barbarians and we are wrong. But what else could you expect from a country that suffered the Bigpuf? After several generations, we expect to reach at least your today's level of morality and civilisation"

TheClever times (Клеветаймс), since its foundation in century 21, pretend to provide clever, deep and honest reportages about events in all country. Some critics, especially in Tartaria (student Gella Ivanov, judge Li Sitsin, engineer-chemist Pesia Zivertov) have opposite opinion about the Clever Times, but Tartarians usually do not publish their opinion in civilised countries. So, the sponsors of the Clever times and its editorial pretend to provide deep point of view to events in Tartaria.

To provide objective, "scientific" point of view, the Editor of Clevertimes employs the scientist from the USA, who is resident at Tartaria, to "present independent and scientific point of view". Thas "scientist" happened to be Ruvim Pechor, "involved into criminal experiments on human, children embroils, adultery, pedophilia, financial frauds, etc., and sentenced for this for 2 years of slave labour in Northern farms of Tartaria". While being a prisoner, Pechor had time to write out his observation; including not only life in th University, but also life in the horrible Tartarian concentration camps. So, as editor concluded, "the reportage by Ruvim Pechor should be especially important".

Ruvim Pechor

Well, my specialty is quantum biology. It does not yet have wide application, as it is supposed to be instrument for the predictive genetics, that is not yet developed sufficiently to use abilities of Quantum genetics. For me, humans are just quantum-mechanical systems, not isolated from the environment. So, I avoid speculation and describe only my observations - those that can be described in therms of classical physics. After to get requests about this reportage, I watched several original movies from the Tartarian Monitoring System. I try to systematise them below.


Historically, the sexial traditions of Tartaria arise from the Murka.MVD (Тартария.МВД). It had nothing to do with the Motor Vehicle division, as one could guess from the abbreviator. It was governmental system of use of all female population of republic as sexworkers. Most of aged people in Murka are sons or daystars of so-called prizyvnitsas, прицывницаs. This mean a yang woman, recruited to the MVD. They were forced to work, in order to get some foreign currency to pay the debts of republic. Id est, to support the luxury of the pahan and administration of republic.

Formally, the Tartarian currency until now is called "Fun", and, historically, it is ticket for the basic service with the governmental sexworkers. Until now, any citizen, resident or even visitor of Tartaria can visit the Main Office of the Murka Bank and get this service just for one fun. The customer will be attended, perhaps, by the prisoners, slaves, as the slavery at Murka is Legal. Almost nobody uses this "basic service", because, for the same price (and better quality) one can get the same at some church, college or university. The University of Galia is not exception.

No any anti-baby are popular in Tartaria, especially at the payed sex. In Tartaria, until now it is considered prestigious, if a woman has at least one child conceived from the payed customer. Well, usually, it is not even called "customer", it is considered just as a norm of the sexial behaviour. After a causal sex, the man gives his girlfriend one fun. May be, excepting the South farms, where are some restrictions on the sexual activity are determined by the Natinal Law. Neither the Constitution of Tartaria nor The Federal Code limit any form of sex.

Child sex and incest

There is no restriction of age. It is postulated, that the woman becomes fertile just at the moment her organism is ready for pregnancy. Boys and girls come to the fertile age with a lot of sexual experience.

Well not only sex; there are no restriction in age for any activity. Child can drive a car, a boat, an aircraft, even a heavy military technics (and of course, the machineguns) as soon as she or he passes the examen at the National Qualification service.

There is no restriction on choose or partners. Often, the yang children gave old partners. There is no prohibition on the incest. Any girl, woman can, may, have right to conceive from her brother, from her father or even grandfather, from her son or even grandson.

The robustness of the of sprig of incest is lower than that of parents from different families. But this is only in the first generation. In the next generation, their of sprig is healthier. This is considered as mechanism to boos the curing of the heavy genetic injury, the Tartaria got at the Bigpuf.

Sexual rituals

Any sermon at a Tartarian churches usually implies some sexual activity. Often, this is causal sex of adepts, assistant the ceremony, with one or even several vestals. They are volunteers, who wants to help God (and the Church) to keep the mental prosperity of the nation. Vestal does not get fee for her participation; one fan, usual fee for the coitus with a vestal, goes to the budget of the church. In some cases, the price can be even lower, symbolic, if the adept is student and his scholarship is not high enough. The discount does not affect the ceremony.

Fiesta of conceiving. The frequent medical observation allow to predict the рuberty of a girl; so, the fiesta is announced previously. This fiesta is called also "single vestal party". The girl, nominated for this party, is called "Princess". She tries to get as many loads to her vagina, as she can. It is question of prestige, if the girl gets pregnant at the conceiving fiesta. The church provides significant support to the princess and her parents; especially at the last months of pregnancy and during the best year (if the child survives).
Fiesta of conceiving is voluntary; girls usually follow recommendations of their parents. If the parents are not religious, the girl may skip the fertilisation by many partners. Even in this case, sometimes, the ceremony still take place, but her duties are performed by one vestal, employed for this role. However, the Mother of the girl assist the vestal as if she would be her daughter. Since that, the vestal is considered as friend and "Guardian angel" of the family.

Consecration. New objects, bought by a rich religious tartarian, or manufactured for some national or federal project, often pass the special ceremony "Consecration". Often are Consecrations of new cars or of new weapons. Application for the ceremony is sent to the pope of the church documentation about the object (for example, car or a machine gun). The pope investigates the documentation and personality of the applicant. If the applicant look serious and religious (it is typical case), the application is accepted, and fee is calculated. The ritual of Consecration include the singing. First, the applicant sign the promise to use this object for good and never for evil. Then, some vestal have coitus with the customer, in order to bring his promise to God. If several vestals participate, they pretend to bring the promise to several Gods (if the religion of the customer implies several gods). Then the pope and the applicant together sing the pray, asking God to help this staff to work well and not to be used for evil.
The applicant may be woman of heterosexual orientation. In this case, she either brings her husband or boyfriend (or both) for the ceremony, or choose anyone in the church for the ritual. In the difficult case (if the woman cannot find a volunteer) this part of ritual is performed by the pope by himself.
The pope is responsible for the good work and good use of the Consecrated object. Is it breaks, or misused (for example a gun is used for aggression, not for defence), the pope pays significant (and specified in the contract) penalty for the poor quality of his pray. In this sense, the Consecration appears as some kind of insurance.

Marriage. Registration of any common property by at least two persons (home, car, business) is considered as "marriage"; it is told that they created a "family", and these persons are qualified as "supposes". Often, the new family is formed from a student boy and a student girl. The registered property usually goes through the ritual of Consecration mentioned above. There are certain differences. First, the first begins at the home of new spouses, and the Consecration at church is only part of the ritual. List of invited people is prepared in advance. All the invited are supposed to have coitus, in any form, with at least one of the spouses. At the end of the fiesta, the invited guests form a line to have coitus with the female spose. Her new male spouse ("husband") is last in the line. By records of the monitoring camera, it is difficult to be sure, that a the end, all the male guests have ejaculated into vagina of the female spouse; the orgasm is not marked with anything special. The only it is seen that one guest ceded the in vagina to another. But often it is seen, that the sperm is dropping from the vagina at the moment when the turn of her new husband comes. In this sense, the ritual seems to be true love, not its imitation. No any contraception seems to be applied during the ceremony. The same applies also to other kinds of Consecration. Ejaculation on the body at the marriage fiesta is sometimes observed, but not so often. The classical sex with penetration into vagina and ejaculation there seems to be dominant.

Genetical selection

In the wild nature, the strongest and most aggressive males get females and bring the "strong" genes to the of sprig. In the human culture similar mechanisms seem to work at least until the Common Era. Then, the mechanisms of the natural genetic selection seem to fail. The most tricky representatives become administrators, dominant males, and overfill the society with bandits, thefts, rappers, military crimes. The dictator and his administrators send their compatriots to wars, or to concentration camps, in order to simplify the raping and fertilisation of their fives, sisters, daughters. This lead to degradation of the nation, collapse of society, where the brutal natural mechanisms dominate. At least, in this way, the history of Humanity of the past century is interpreted in the Tartarian textbooks. Such interpretation is used as base of the sexual ethics of tartarians. This ethic is believed to provide the genetic selection necessary for recovery of genetic variety the Tartarian population seriously damaged at the Bigpuf.

Any Tartarian woman, at seeing somebody to do something well, thinks "I want this" (for my ofsprig). Usually, she say "I want fun". (Articles are often omitted in Tartarian English.) This sentence plays with both meanings of the word. It indicates, that the woman want to get pleasure with this man (and very soon gets it). But this also may indicate that the woman want the man to pay her one fan for the coitus (and again, some later, she gets it). The records by monitoring cameras do not allow to distinguish between these two cases. In any of these cases, such a custom is interpreted as important tool for genetic selection.

In the traditional European meaning, the institute of family in Tartaria does not exist. Terms someone's "suppose", "husband", "wife" means an human, with whom this one has common property. This property can be home, car, industry, even a child, if both supposes agree to consider him or her common. In Tartaria, the pronoun "it" is used to denote a person without to indicate his or her (its) venter. Often the woman, who is spouse of a man, consider him as very good; so, she has coitus with this man more often than that with other men. This is also considered as "normal" and qualified as Genetical selection.

In Tartaria, there are phenomena of racism. This term has here two different meanings.

First meaning is historic, idea of domination of humans of certain race. This kind of racism is prohibited and cause serious punishment. The expression "Блядь черножопая" (bitch with black ass) had been qualified as this kind of racism; the last word (indicating of colour of skin) had been qualified as offence. This offence was the last drop that overfilled the cap of tolerance of judge Li Sitsin, and the offender had been sentences to the "life imprisonment" and forced labour, id est, converted to a zek, slave.

Second kind of racism refers to the voluntary genetical selection. According to the Tartarian common paradigm, there are only 4 basic ("pure") human races: Blacks, Reds, Yellow and Whites. Each of these races is considered as absolutely necessary for development of Humanity. Attempts to exterminate or to suppress any of these four races are observed through the Human history, and each time it leaded the society to a catastrophe. The biggest case had been detected at the beginning of century 20, when the Reds tried to conquest all the worlds and, in particular, to exterminate whites, that formed the majority of population of Russia to year, say 1900. The reds had killed a lot of whites. Then they found, that the industry, science, economics collapse, and the country is converted to the source of primary products. Also, the degradation of the Reds and their descencence is mentioned. The need of whites had been recognised first, but not yet the need in Blacks and Yellows. Then, the Yelow part of the population had been recovered with migration from South. They had filled the region of Siberia, emptied by genocide from side of the red bolsheviks. The black part of population had been recovered later, due to activity of MVD; they forced the yang females to conceive from the rich black customers, performing the sexual service. Perhaps, the goal of administrators of MVD was just money, but at the historic scale, the result happened to be recovery of Black component in the genotype.

The religious sect Puri believe, that Blacks, Reds, Yellows and Whites should be present in country at some "pure blood" ghetto: ghetto of blacks, ghetto of reds, ghetto of yellows, ghetto of blacks. Several such ghettos were created, although, until now, they could not reach pure races. They invite volunteers from central Africa as carriers of the "pure black genotype", those from Japan and China as carriers of "pure yeller genotype", those from the North Scandinavia and Canada ("Pure white genotype") and, of course, from India ("pure red genotype"). They could not get enough volunteers (not so many volunteers agree to travel to a barbarian country). As for the artificial fertilisation, it is considered as "unnatural", "amoral", "evil". The adepts of Puri try to get the "pure rase" with incest and selection - the same the people do with domestic animals during many kiloyears. While mother is considered as owner of her children, and they sell their children if its morgology and genotype correspond to another race. There is special child market, shop called Child Magazine. Indeed the shop issue the beautiful magazine-catalog of children that are for sale. The healthy children are sold quickly. The price of a newborn baby may vary from one fun to some hundred funs and reduces, if the baby is not sold during its first days. Many children appear with genetical defects. If not sold, they are transferred for free to the Univeristy of Galia. Many of them are treated well and can continue at university, either as a technical staff, or even as students. There is serious moral issues delated to the sold children and use of them in experiments at the University; these issues appear each time at the discussion of the case with foreigners.

Many children in Tartaria, on the question "what are you from?", answer with honour: "I was bought in the Magazine!" (Меня купили в магазине!). This implies, that the stepparents of the child were looking for something special, fot the best, and namely this child happen to be exceptional. The child remembers this and tries to fulfil the expectation of his parents who bought him.

THis custom seems to be radical solution of problem of "unwanted children", who may raise with lack of love from side of their family (and, for this reason, be aggressive, dangerous for the society).


Range of term sport in Tartaria is wider, than that in civilised countries. In particular, all kinds of masochism in Tartaria are qualified as "sport". The most sensitive parts of the hunan body are related with reproductive organs: testicles, penis, clitoris, vagina, womb, teats. They become most often objects for the self-torture. The affection on this organs is considered as sport and more popular, than self-torture of other parts of body (leng, lips, anus).

Any big national or federal competition implies awards; the top award usually implies sex with sponsor of the competition (if the process of the competition does not includes sex intrincically).

Raping. Competition between male and female. Male should penetrate his penis into vagina of female and ejaculate inside. Cloth and any technical devices are prohibited. If the male does not succeed penetration within 5 minutes, the female is declared as winner. If the male succeeds penetration, he has 5 minutes more to reach the orgasm and ejaculation. After the beginning of the ejaculation, the male should withdraw penis and demonstrate that he had ejaculated into wagina. Kicks are prohibited for male, but female is allowed to kick the raper.

Blowjob competition. One or several male volunteers from public stand at the stage. The sportswomen, changing each other, make them bowjob. The initial order is determined randomly. Each attempt lasts half minute. If the orgasm of volunteer is not reached after 5 turns of the sportswomen, the volunteer is disqualified and replaced. Sportswoman, collected more loads, is winner.

Buggest load. Sportswomen use the special beds, to keep their vagina up. Their partners and/or volunteers from public have coitus with them, one by one, trying to fill the vagina with ejaculation. Sportswomen may choose volunteers from the waiting line, determining the order of their participation. As soon, as the semen begins to float away from the vagina, and the sportswomen feel, that she cannot collect more, she cries "Bingo!". By this command, the referee with measuring vessel comes, and the Sportswomen seats above the vessel, allowing the sperm to flee into to the vessel. The maximal amount of sperm, collected in this way, determines the winner.

Sinchronous ejaculation. The team consists of one female and several men. The most popular are the Duet (one female two males), Trio (one female, 3 males) and Quartet (one female, 4 males). The female is not counted and considered as captain of the team. The participant are not allowed to wear any clothes, nor use any technical instruments. The time of the performance is limited and announced before competition. By the command, the participants touch each other. Usually, the activity implies penetration of penises into holes of the female. The referees fix the moment of beginning of ejaculation of each partner. The time interval between the first ejaculation and the last one is considered as result. The team with shortest interval wins the competition. The ejaculation cannot be performed into any of holes of the body, as it must be seen by the referee (and public).

Stubbing of teats (Milky brohers). The team consists of one female and two males. The team stubs the tits of the female with knifes from sides–down to the direction of chin, and penetrate the penises into the wounds. The goal is to ejaculate through these holes into moth of female. No any anestesia nor antiseptic are applied during the first part of the performance (although, the partners carefully clean they bodies before the performance.) The female must keep consciousness during the performance, but she may (and usually does) cry of pain. The female may take the penises in the moth, to stimulate the partners, but, at the beginning of the ejaculation, she should take the penis out to show the ejaculation to referees and public. The synchronism of ejaculation is not required, but is considered as bonus and add points at the evaluation of the performance. After 10 seconds since both ejaculations, the first part of the performance is considered as completed. The males withdraw penises, the doctors (which are also members of team) apply the antiseptics and anestesia, inject saline and other medicines into a vein and treat the wounds of the female. Usually, the wounds are converted to fistulas to be used in the competitions on the sinchronous ejaculation above. This medical operation is also shown to the public.

Extension of Genitals. The teats, or penis, or testicules, or labia majores, or labia minors, or clitoris or all this staff of participant are fixed with loop or hook(s) or vacuum tube and pulled away. The distance from the tip pilled to the body is measured. The longest distance determines the winner. Participants may cry of pain, but loss of consciousness causes immediate disqualification. Break of the pulled organ also causes disqualification of the participant.

Lifting of weight by genitals. As above, some hooks or tubes are fixed on genetalies. Weight is supposed to be pulled up by these. The heavies weight determines the winner. Again, any break of the pulled organ causes disqualification of the participant.

Breaking of penis with special didlo incerted into the spongy urethra of the sportsman. The execution is considered as perfect, if the penis breaks simultaneously along all its length. The diameter of the didlo is counted (the bigger, the better), the length of the break, and time it resists with the deeper penetration before to break. The performer should do it by himself, without assistance.

Breaking of vagina with enormous didlo. There are systems of collecting of points, that depend on the diameter of the didlo and the length it is inverted. The participant introduce the certified didlos, the referees measure the depth. As soon as the organ of one of the participants is broken, the competition stops and re referees determine the winner. Typical traumas are break of pelvic bones, and/or tissues of vagina and/or tissues of womb. At the serious competion, the didlo is inverted to the womb, reaching the middle or even top part of the аbdomen of the sportswoman. Appearance of the blud at one of sequential inceptions marks the end of competition. The biggest volume of the part of the didlo, inverted by any of the sportswomen, including that had show the blood, determines the winner.

Sometimes the same applied to rectum or esophagus. The performance continues until the break of the organ of one of participants.

All the "sportive trumas" mentioned above are treated by the doctors immediately; the treatment of the injuries is also part of performance. The curing takes from several days to several months. Some participants repeat the same competition after a year since the total break of the organ affected. The organisers and enthusiasts of this "sport" (I put quotation marks for the Western readers, there this word is applied to the case without quotes) claim, that the number of competition the sportswoman can participates in this way (id est, number of fractures of the pelvic bones and tissues of vagina or womb) is not limited.

The mortal cases (mainly to the heart failure caused the pain choke) are not often, as the doctors are ready to deal with such a case too. amount of fatal cases is small compared, for example, to the motorbike racing or base jumping.

The relation of these barbaric sports to the cancer is difficult to trace due to the observational selection: the inclination to such kinds of "sport" is already strongly correlated with the genetic load.

Bleding. The participants makes himself to herself injuries and blead. The blood is collected. The performance continues until the loss of consciousness of any of participants. The maximal amount of blood collected determines the winner.

There is serious issue about use of prisoners (zeks) as participant of the competitions with torture. Slaves tortured are considered as dangerous for society; usually all the sportsmen and sportswomen in these competitions are citizen or residents of Tartaria.

Un the similar way, there is no age restriction, but usually, the "extremal" sports mentioned abode are practiced vy generation of age above 20 (who are supposed to have already several children each).

The practice of the extreme excursuses is said to be very old, it counts at least 2 centuries, but in the ancient time, id was practiced mainly among zeks, prisoners.

Up to my knowledge, Tartaria is the only country, where such brutal competitions are performed for public.

Other kinds of sports, including the marital arts, are basically the same, as in other countries. (Except the specific kind of awarding, used mainly in Tartaria.)

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