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In 1968 (10 November), Lovelace and his collaborators discovered period \(P\approx 33\) ms of the Crab Pulsar.[1][2] As a graduate student working at Arecibo Observatory, Lovelace developed a version of the Fast Fourier transform program [3] [4] which was adapted to run on the Arecibo Observatory's CDC 3200 computer [5]. This program helped to separate the periodic pulsar signal from the noise, and one night he discovered the period of the Crab pulsar, which is approximately 33 ms. [6][7] A few weeks earlier, observers from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory reported about two pulsating sources near the Crab Nebula, with no evident periodicities.[8][9]. Lovelace and collaborators found that one of pulsars (the NP 0532 - the Crab Pulsar) is located in the center of the Crab Nebula (with precision of 10') and found it's period with a high precision: 33.09 ms.[6][10]


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