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, or : \(4\!\times\!10^6\) $

, or : golden jewelry

, or : drawing [1]

X91D1 () is Unicode character number 37329, KanjiLiberal.

may denote money or gold (Fig.1 and Fig.2).

In Japanese, it is pronounced as "kane" or "kin".

Certain confusion of this character with other Unicode characters takes place:
At least 2 other Kanjis have similar meaning, pronunciation and the the drawing order, shown in Fig.3.


Unicode characters
X2FA6 (),
X91D1 () and
XF90A ()
have similar graphical representations.

The PHP program gold.t below reveals the difference between these three characters,
as it may be difficult to type some of them with a conventional editing routine.
File uni.t should be also loaded for the execution of program gold.t.

include "uni.t";
$a =unichr(0x2fa6); //echo "$a\n";
$a.=unichr(0x91d1); //echo "$a\n";
$a.=unichr(0xf90a); echo "$a\n";

echo "The array has $N bytes; here is its splitting:\n";

printf("%02x ",ord($a[$n]) );
echo "\n";

$b = mb_str_split($a);

printf("Unicode character number %05d id est, x%04X\n",$u,$u);
echo "Picture: $c uses $d bytes. These bytes are:\n";
for($n=0;$n<$d;$n++) printf("x%2X ",ord($c[$n]));
printf("in the hexadecimal representation and\n");
for($n=0;$n<$d;$n++) printf("%3d ",ord($c[$n]));
printf("in the decimal representation\n");

File uni.t should be also uploaded to execute command

php gold.t

The output:

The array has 9 bytes; here is its splitting:
e2 be a6 e9 87 91 ef a4 8a
array(3) {
  string(3) "⾦"
  string(3) "金"
  string(3) "金"

Unicode character number 12198 id est, x2FA6
Picture: ⾦ uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE2 xBE xA6 in the hexadecimal representation and
226 190 166 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 37329 id est, x91D1
Picture: 金 uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE9 x87 x91 in the hexadecimal representation and
233 135 145 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 63754 id est, xF90A
Picture: 金 uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xEF xA4 x8A in the hexadecimal representation and
239 164 138 in the decimal representation


In Chinese and in Japanese languages, kanji (X91D1) may mean "money" or "gold", Au. [2][3]

KanjiRadical X2FA6 () and
KanjiLiberal XF90A ()
may have similar meanings.


In Japanese, kanji X91D1 (&#X91D1l) can be pronounced as

かね (kane) and mean money [4], cash (Fig.1), and
キン (kin), if it means Au [5], (Fig.2).

X2FA6 ()
XF90A ()
have similar meaning and pronunciation.


The graphical representation of character X91D1 looks as overlapping of other unicode characters:


picture of character X3403 at the top and
picture of character X2F74 at the bottom,


picture ^ of character X005E (stretched in horizontal) at the top,
picture of character X3012 and
picture of character X2F74 at the bottom


picture of character X4ED0 at the top,
picture of character X3012 and
picture of character X2F74 at the bottom

As usually, for such an overlapping, the components are slightly deformed and slightly displaced.


(X91D1) and
are easy fo confuse.

This confusion is recognized [6][7][8].

Even some software (including mediawiki) confuses characters X91D1 and XF90A. While this common bug is not corrected, in order to avoid confusions, it may have sense to use notations X2FA6, X91D1 and XF90A instead of , and .

Similar confusion occurs with characters X2F25, X5973 and XF981, that denote woman.
In such a way, the confusions occurs around gold, money and women.

A little bit less confusive, but still similar to , is graphic representation of character X4F59:
in this case, the diagonal bars at the bottom sides have other directions, and the bottom horizontal bar is absent.

In addition, expression () can be confused with graphical representation of character X322E.


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