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ThePeoplesCube23.jpg Cannot make revolution in white gloves

You cannot make revolution in white gloves (Revolution cannot be done in white gloves, Революцию нельзя сделать в белых перчатках, Вы не можете совершить революцию в белых перчатках) is concept of use of any methods, including criminal, to achieve goals. The concept (both the idea of mass terror and the euphemism do denote it) is attributed to Vladimir Lenin. [1].

No restriction is applied to the scale of genocide of population with slogan You cannot make revolution in white gloves. Even 90% of population of Russia could be exterminated with such a slogan [2].


The concept assumes, that the criminals, villains, bandits, burglars, con men, looters, who apply concept You cannot make revolution in white gloves, already have identified their God(s), the will of God (Revolution, and this God approves any fraud, robbery, murders, genocide, military crimes against Humanity, while these (not so good, softly speaking) actions are made to achieve the Greatest Goal.

Sentence You cannot make revolution in white gloves cannot be considered as scientific concept, because the range of its validity is not specified; the First of the TORI axioms is not satisfied.

Fanatism of the Soviet fascists, justified their crimes with sentence You cannot make revolution in white gloves, indicates, that the sentence should be qualified as religious.

However, this sentence is refutable. The revolutions in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia around year 1990 brought these countries the independence, but these revolutions happened without mass murders. These revolutions give examples, that refute concept You cannot make revolution in white gloves.

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Vladimir Lenin

Sentence You cannot make revolution in white gloves appears in various sites, and attributed to Vladimir Lenin [1]. The sites do not indicate the source. Perhaps, the original article by V.Lenin with such a quite is already destroyed; this practice is described in the novel Orwell1984.

Lenin searched for the most criminal, amoral, selfish men to form the team, and this style become the Soviet tradition. The sentence You cannot make revolution in white gloves qualify the essence of the life in the USSR: totalli corrupted, criminal leaders and total terror, genocide, poverty of the population.

While the source is not available, the emulation is suggested. It is copypasted below.


Emulation HemulationE (Russian version: HemulationR) reconstructs the context, in which sentence You cannot make revolution in white gloves could be written. This part of the emulation is reproduced below:

We failed..

Obviously, the communistic labour relations do not work. They cause only famine, cannibalism, robbery, banditism and all other kinds of crime. We may plunder the food from farmers once or twice; but then, there will be no farmers, they disappear.

We need to recover, restore the capitalistic commodity-money system. It is only way to save Russia from chaos, that already came and continue progressing. Over-vice, the most of population of the USSR will die..

However, we cannot yet say to our comrades, that we just go back. The restoration of capitalism should be declared as temporary, just to recover the socialistic system of production.. So, it should not be named as capitalism. The new word, euphemism should be invented. For example, "New Economic Policy", why not? It can be abbreviated to NEP, "НЭП".

After to recover some stability, we may think, how to justify it. Perhaps, we should gradually remove from the Central Committee the most brutal functionaries, who consider the terror as the main method of handling of the country. I mean, first of all, Stalin and Trotski. But also Dserjinski, Budenny, Voikov, Frunze.. This require the special care and delicacy. Perhaps, we should use conflict between Stalin and Trotski..

Unfortunately, nobody in the Central Committee can be considered as a honest person. This is unavoidable result of any revolution: You cannot make revolution in white gloves [3].


In 2020, only a century past since the beginning of genocide of nations of the USSR, performed with idea You cannot make revolution in white gloves, and tyranny in Russia is not finished yet. So, it is difficult to guess, how stable is term You cannot make revolution in white gloves.

Perhaps, in future, more suitable terminology will be elaborated, and shorter therm will be used to denote this fenomenon of religious fanatism. While, the historic term You cannot make revolution in white gloves is used in TORI.

Various versions of the English translation appear in the literature:

You cannot make revolution in white gloves [1][4].

You Can’t Make a Revolution Wearing White Gloves [2]


The idea of extermination of the most of population had been realized in Russia during the USSR. The bolshevicks used to kill the honest, brave and creative part of the Russian population, of order of 10^8 citizen. All methods are used by bolshevicks. The chemical weapon, biological weapon, nuclear weapon were used, the mass executions, famine, cannibalism, and the concentration camps of Gulag. With so strong selection, the population had been converted to nation of slaves, "the new human", genetic slave, so-called sovkopitek. Such a conversion is described in the fairy tale "Dragon" and movie Kill Dragon by Evgeny Schvarts. [5][6].

Since "making revolution" in the Ezhov gloves during century 20, the most of creative people had left from Russia. Various authors expect the collapse of RF during century 21. Some predictions, mainly in Russian, are Collected in article Предсказания революций.


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