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#[[Qian Ling]]
#[[Qian Ling]]
#[[Sun Xinyang]]
#[[Sun Xinyang]]
#[[Xi Jinping]] boss, Chinese [[gensek]]
#[[Xi Jinping]], boss, Chinese [[gensek]]
#[[Yan Zhaojun]]
#[[Yan Zhaojun]]

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Zhang Qi 张琦, 2019 [1]

13.5 t. of Au () of Zhang Qi [2]

Zhang Qi (张琦, 1961.03.oo, Shou County, Anhui - ) is Chinese communist, known for collection of record treasure, of order of 13.5 ton of gold and money in amount of order of equivalent of US$10^11 or US$10^14 (dependently on meaning of term billion used by journalists) [2][3]

Reachest Chinese

Zhang Qi seems to be reacher (after his boss Xi Jinping Chinese of centuries 20 and 21.

In addition to gold, Zhang Qi is reported to own RMB268 billion (US$51.7 billion )[3]

In 2019, that treasure is plundered by his criminal partners. This robbery is declared to be a fight against the corruption.

Criminal partners

  1. Ding Shanqing
  2. He Zhongyou
  3. Jiang Sixian
  4. Qian Ling
  5. Sun Xinyang
  6. Xi Jinping, boss, Chinese gensek
  7. Yan Zhaojun


Zhang is reported tojoin the CCP in 1983. [3].

In 2020, Zhang Qi is run out from CPP, although his image seems to correspond well to the general profile of a communist, established since century 20: criminal, liar, hypocrite, briber, corruptionist.


5teachers.jpgStalinMauHitler323388 600.jpgChinese President Xi has launched a tough anti corruption campai-a-1 1570013703984.jpgHaikou-secretary-zhang-qi-corruption.jpg


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