USA bombers above Dresden, 1945 [1]

Hills of cadavres. Dresden, 1945 [2]

Kremlin project, 2014 [3]

Russia, 2014-2019 [4]:
Our missiles do not afraid of sanctions!
Snctions leave our kids without food!

I bombed Dresden is retelling of story by the American pulot, who had destroyed Drezden in January-February 1945. Some historic context is discussed.

There is also Russian version of this text, Я бомбил Дрезден

I bombed Dresden

We had to finish with the enemy. They continued to bomb the British cities and sink our ships. Somewhere they made or stored the pistons and missiles. Somehow they got fuel. Their tanks moved and fired.

We bombed their military factories, but they still had tanks. We bombed the refineries. But somewhere in the basement remained handicraft factories of cartridges and shells. Some artels continued to make fuel. Their tanks were fueleling at the city gas stations.

We urged the residents to force Hitler to surrender. The Germans did not understand. Tons of leaflets were dropped over the city, several leaflets per resident. It was impossible not to see them.. The Germans used our leaflets as toilet paper. In the leaflets, addressed to the peaceful population, it was written, that their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons do terrible things. The Germans did not understand. They made cartridges and shells. They fueled tanks.

Then we dropped leaflets. asking the residents to leave the city. We gave them few days to evacuate. Many have left, but not all. In the city, they had housing. There was work in the city. They could get some food for it..

In addition, German propaganda asked the people not to believe our leaflets..
Then we destroyed the city. We just destroyed it.. There are no surviving buildings left. The whole city was destroyed. And not only Dresden. We bombed all their cities.. After that, finally, their tanks stopped and were silent ..

Now many say that it could have been done in another, more soft way. I do not think that it could be done in other say. Those, who say, that they could have done differently, – they had several years to do it in their way. But they did not. We did it.

We did as we could. That was hard. Incredibly difficult. But we did it. We succeeded.

Dresden is now restored. Take a trip to Dresden and see ..

If this happens again (God, save us from this!) - then, let those who believe that you can act differently against the aggressor, will do better. And I shall be glad to see their success. But now, I still think, that it is impossible.

Thanks for attention.

Historic context

At lease untul year 2019, the questions arise, what for Dresden had been destroyed in 1945 [1,2,5,6,7]. And the same about nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki [8].

It is amaising, that these questions come from the country, where the criminal junta had killed of order of 10^8 people, and this genocides continues in the peaceful time, even without wars. And from the country, which menaces other nations with nuclear weapon [3,4].

From the name of the American pilot, who is condemned for destroying the "peaceful" Dresden, I address to the critics, who claim, that it was not necessary:
If you have some efficient methods to stop aggressor without destroying its cities, it is very good. You may apply these methods to stop the putin world war, to push the aggressors out of Donbass, Crimea, Abhasia, South Ossetia, Kuril Islands and recover the borders, specified in the international agreements. As soon as you do it, your hypothesis gets experimental confirmation and becomes theory. Then, your doubts get some ground and can be considered seriously [11,12].

But before this, it seems, that the country, that shakes its nuclear power at any occasion, is subject of liquidation. And it is not evident, that the liquidation happen as some kind of a peaceful process (as the collapse of the USSR in 1990x).


This article only describes the observed phenomena. The moral aspect of these phenomena should be addressed to artistic consideration [7,8].

The goal of this article is just scientific analysis [9,10].
It should not be considered as justification of application of weapon, promoted by the Russian administration [3], against themselves, nor against their country.


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