Losharik, 2014 [0]

Fig.1. Six chambers of Losharik AC-31 by [1]

Fig.2. Six cnambers of Losharik AC-12 by [2]

Fig.3. The seven spherical chambers inside the Russian AS-12 nuclear-powered mini sub help create conditions enabling descents to up to 6000m. Picture: Covert ShoresSource:Supplied [4]

Losharik (Лошарик)

Dmitrii Kouznetsov Subitted: 2019.07.04. Language: English

Abstract. Losharik is name of the Russian military bathyscaphe. Losharik is believed to be designed for destruction of the underwater internet cables and installing of the underwater nuclear weapon. Since 2019.06.27, the accident at Losharik is discussed; 14 high rank Russian officials – mariners – are reported to be killed at the wild fire at Losharik. Some opinions about this accident are collected.

1. Purpose

Losharik is designed to participate in the total war and so-called "hybrid war". The goal of Losharik to commit the military crimes, aggression against the cilil population and shantage with nuclear weapon.

One of the most scandalous project of such kind refers to the simultaneous explosion of a thousand of nuclear device of class "Kuskinamat" (Кузькина мать, Царь-бомба, energy of order of 10^20 Joul) along a line at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Such an explosion is supposed to cause the enormous tsunami, that should kill the population of the East part of America and west part of Europe. This project is discussed since the USSR and is mentioned among other similar suggestions in article "Ресталинизация Головашина" (In Russian).

The less pretentious secondary goal of Losharik is believed to be diversions against the global internet, that widely uses the udnerocean cables. These diversions are expected to make difficult distribution of evidences of crime of the KGB agents and other Soviet veterans since the USSR.

According to the goals mentioned, the special batiscaf had been designed, that can operate at the bottom of ocean at deepness of some kilometers. Such a goal and parameters of Losharic are mentioned in publications by KP. [1,2]

Losharik is considered as top secret object. For the conspiracy, the special confidential names are used to denote Losharik. In particular, names "AC-31" (Fig.1) and "AC-12" (Fig.2) are used. The contexts indicate, that all the three names:
"Losharik" ("Лошарик"),
"AC-31" and
may refer to the same underwater vessel shown in figures (although, however, there may be several such vessels).

2. Technical parameters

Losharik is reported to have nuclear power engine. The reactor and the engine are located in the special titanium capsiles, that can resist pressure of hundred atmosphere, that correspond to deepness of some km. Other few similar capsules are designed for crew.

According to publications, Losharik is equipped with manipulators, that are capabe to destroy the underwater communication cables and install the underwater bombs, including nukes.

The Russian official pretend, that Losharik perform scientific research. However, no one concept is suggested, that is supposed to be confirmed or rejected dependently on results of measurements with Losharik. This indicates, that the function of Losharik is military, destructive, not scientific. The problems in internet communicaitons, observed since year 2018, may be attributed to activity of Losharik.

The interpretation above shows good agreemnt with general concept, that corruption in Russia of century 21 not only got the large scale, but become the usual, typical phenomenon, that charactetize the entire live of the Russian officials and the Russian administration.

Losharik is believed to be property or the Russian military base Vh45707 near Peterburg, https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Войсковая_часть_№_45707

There is no unique opinion about number of sections in Losharik. Some authors count six spherical sections, see figures 2 and 3. Some authors indicate, that there are seven [4], see Fig.3.

In such a way, number of watercrafts of class Losharik in not known; perhaps, some of them count 6 sections and some have 7 sections. If there are many submarines of class Losharic, the problems with internet can be attributed to their activity, even after the accident 2019.07.01 mentioned below.

3. Accident 2019.07.01

It is reported, that 2019.07.01, the wild fire happens in some of the 6 capsules of Losharik. The most of crew (14 mariners) had dead. [4,5]

The place is not specified. That could happen near the military city Severomorsk at North of the Kolski peninsula, or even near the Severomorsk, where, finally, the watercraft had been delivered.

No data of measurement of concentration of unstable isotopes in the North sea is available. So, it is difficult to guess, weather the nuclear reactor of Losharik had been destroyed or not.

The list of officials dead in Losharik 2019.07.01 is suggested [8]:
Denis Dolanski, captain 1 rank, the Hero of Russia
Nikolay Filin, captain 1 rank, the Hero of Russia
Mr Abankin, captain of the 1st rank
Andrey Voskresenskiy, captain of the 1st rank
Konstantin Ivanov, captain of the 1st rank
Denis Oparin, captain of the 1st rank
Konstantin Somov, captain of the 1st rank
Alexander Avdonin, captain 2nd rank
Sergey Danilchenko, captain 2nd rank
Dmitri Soloviev, captain 2nd rank
Viktor Kuzmin, captain of the 3rd rank
Vladimir Suhinichev ("Miura Shinichi"), captain of the 3rd rank
Michael Dubkov, captain Lieutenant
Alexander Vasiliev, Colonel of medical service

According to publication, there were at least 13 captains at that wessel, and only few mariners (if at al.)

Pravdorub subbests slightly different list:
Денис Долонский и
Николай Филин,
Владимир Абанкин,
Андрей Воскресенский,
Константин Иванов,
Денис Опарин и
Константин Сомов.
Александр Авдонин,
Сергей Данильченко и
Дмитрий Соловьёв.
Виктор Кузьмин и
Владимир Сухиничев
Александр Васильев и
капитан-лейтенант Михаил Дубков.
Perhaps, "Shinichi" refers to Vladimir Suhinichev (Владимир Сухиничев)

Many authors discuss the observation that at the moment of accident, there were at least 13 captains there, and very few mariners (if at al). The bodies of these captains were buried in conspiracy. Several hypothesis are discussed in the internet to explain this secrecy. One of them implies, that the Russian military criminals try to hide, that these bodies are highly radioactive. Another explanation, that the relative of the captains afraid to show their relation with odious military crimes.

The relatives of mariners, dead at Losharik, either negate their relationship, or keep their personality in secret. This can be interpreted in the following way: The relative of the crew of Losharik expect, that their neighbors consider Losharik as source of problems with internet and may want to perform some revenge, venganza against the crew of Losharik and their families.

5. Discussion

The two reasonable hypothesis about goal of the Losharik had been suggested: it is tool for the military crimes (planting of bombs at the bottom) and a tool agaist the internet communication [6,7].

In particular, no attempts to use apparatus of class "Losharik" had been reported to save mariners from the sank submarine "Kursk".

In this sense, the mentioned goals of "Losharik" can be considered as scientific fact, at least until any other explanation is suggested.

Any other hypothesis left in the "comments" at the bottom, will be considered. Suggesting your hypothesis, please, indicate:
1. Which non-trivial observation you would qualify as confirmation, verification of your hypothesis?
2. Which non-trivial observation you would qualify as negation, refutation of your hypothesis?

6. Conclusion

Interpretation of purpose of Losharik, described above, shows good agreement with the general concept, that corruption in Russia of century 21 not only got the large scale, but become the common, usual phenomenon, that characterizes the entire life of the Russian officials.

7. Gallery

13 captains fight agaist fire, 69.449N 33.116E

Map by Severpost

The role of Russia in the history of century 21 is characterized with the following sentences [9]:
Russia cannot lay a deep-water cable. But can damage it!
Russia cannot built-up a Boeing. But can shut it down.
Russia cannot make a high-quality cheese. But can crush it with traktor.
This country can do nothing but kill, explode, crush and destroy.


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