TORI. Submission form

If you want your article to be published in TORI, you may copypast it in the frame below. Please, indicate your name, title of your article, etc. at the top of your copypast.

Your name:
Copypast your arcilce below. Indicate the title, the Author, language used, etc:

Format of manuscript

In principle, you may submit your article as a plain text, expecting, that it is so interesting and important, that the Editor makes all the job on the formatting and classification.

The preferred format is html.
The example of the html article for TORI: example.html.
The source of this example example.txt should be saved as yourname.html and edited, transforming it to your article adopted for TORI.

Pictires may be in the following format:
1. SVG (*.html or *.htm)
2. Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)
3. Latex or C++ code (*.tex or *.cc), that generates the picture in any of the formats above.
Pictures of these kinds can be uploaded throuch the same form above. Indicate in the first line, that they correspond to your article (if uploaded separately).
Other pictures (including *.jpg) shoud be stored at your site, your blog or some external site (Wikimedia, Citizendium, Mirotvorets, etc.) and remain available during a long time; at least during consideration of your article. These pictures will be downloaded to TORI by the Editorial; the source of each picture should be indicated.
The pictires and texts you submit should be copylefted.

The best way to prepare your article:
1. Save example as YourName.html
2. In YourName.html , replace the title, abstract, sections, pics, formulas, references, etc. to that you find suitable.
3. Check that all figures and links you suggest work well.
4. Copypast the content of YourName.html in the form above. Indicate your name in the frame at the top.
5. Press the "Submit.." button once (and only once).
6. You may remind the Editor, that you have uploaded something, through dmitriiKouznetsov(аt)

Please, inform the Editor if any trouble with the submission.