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Kimtaro, jisho[1]

Jisho (辞書, じしょ, Dictionary) is any kind of dictionary that deals with Japanese language.


Term Jisho may refer to the specific site https://jisho.org [2] that provides the online Japanese-English dictionary.

The section "about" mentions the creators of the project:
Kim Ahlström (In TORI, his image is chosen as emblem of Jisho and shown at the top)
Miwa Ahlström
Andrew Plummer
Brian Takumi
Sophian Bensaou




Several sites describe the meanings and pronunciations and encodings of the Japanese words, Japanese kanjis and other unicode characters; these sites also are qualified as jishos:

https://www.nihongomaster.com [3]

https://graphemica.com [4]

https://kotobank.jp/word/ [5]

https://util.unicode.org [6]

https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+2F82B [7]

This site TORI also can be considered as a dictionary, and, in this sense, a jisho. Some articles from the jishos above are cited in TORI; this helps to understand the historical events, that are described in many languages, including Japanese. However, as Japanese dictionary, TORI cannot compete with the sites mentioned.


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