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Currently, the only few booka are loaded at Mizugadro, and they are in TORI.

Books in TORI

Bible, base book of the Christian religion.

Orwell1984 English version

Орвелл1984 Russian version

Petushki V.Erofeev. Moscow-petushki. (In Russian) В.Ерофеев. Москва-Петушки

Superfunctions, English version of the book about superfunctions

Суперфункции, Russian version o the book about superfunctions [1]

Созвездие Эректуса Book by Aleksandr Rozov, in Russian.

Нерушимый изнутри, сборник текстов про СССР о том как эта страна воспринималась её жителями.

Books in poetry

Term Book may have several meanings. Some examples are listed below.

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke
wrote a Book;
In that big old monography,
Described the micrography.



With Tim, we gone to Timbuktu;
3 girls approached our tent;
I booked one; Tim booked two:
Black girls were very cheap to rent.




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