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(, X2EA3) is Unicode character number 11939 [1].

appears as graphic element of
KanjiRadicals X2FC2, X2FC3 and
KanjiLiberals X5D8C, X70F9, X9B5A, X9CE5

is easy to confuse with


Character , X2EA3 [2] is easy to confuse with
character , X706C [3], KanjiRadical.

In order to distinguish these two characters, some programming is necessary.

PHP program du.t shows the Utf8 encoding of each of these two characters; it can be called with command

php du.t ⺣灬

The output is

The array has 6 bytes; here is its splitting:
e2 ba a3 e7 81 ac
array(2) {
  string(3) "⺣"
  string(3) "灬"

Unicode character number 11939 id est, X2EA3
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE2 xBA xA3 in the hexadecimal representation and
226 186 163 in the decimal representation

Unicode character number 28780 id est, X706C
Picture:  ; uses 3 bytes. These bytes are:
xE7 x81 xAC in the hexadecimal representation and
231 129 172 in the decimal representation


Character appears as four sticks, for example, one slash / (X002F) and three backslashes \ (X005C).

Character appears as graphic composing element of visual representations of various characters:

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 熟 熬 熱 熱 燃 燕 燞 and many other.

Some of KanjiLiberals 龖 龗 龘, .. are not possible to analyze at the standard resolution, pretty sufficient for the Ascii characters; perhaps, the complicated kanji also contain graphics of , as well, as any other symbols, as the complicated characters appears as just shadowed squares, similar to "BlackSquare" by Kasimir Malevich [4]. Looking at these kanji could give him an idea of such a painting; also, the paintings similar to that by Malevich could give the creators of Kanji an idea to make very complicated and unreadable characters, what look just as a "black square".


  1.⺣ ⺣ ナビゲーションに移動検索に移動 部首[編集] 列火、連火、部首「⽕」を脚に用いる場合の書体。 文字情報[編集] 文字コード[編集] Unicode 16進: 2EA3 ⺣ 10進: 11939 ⺣
  2. 2EA3 CJK RADICAL FIRE Han Script id: allowed confuse:
  3. 706C CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-706C Han Script id: restricted confuse:


Japanese, Kanji, Sakana, Sima, Tori, Unicode, X2EA3 , X706C